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Help. DH has broken out in this (pics)

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catgirl1976 Sat 14-Dec-19 22:03:32

He feels fine in himself didn’t even know he had it till I saw it. No itching, no known allergies no other symptoms can anyone say what this might be or what we should do?

catgirl1976 Sat 14-Dec-19 22:04:20

Picture doesn’t really do it justice his whole body is bright red

catgirl1976 Sat 14-Dec-19 22:05:09

I didn’t mean to enable voting

Bunnybigears Sat 14-Dec-19 22:05:54

Has he taken some antihistamines?

OhTheRoses Sat 14-Dec-19 22:05:57


catgirl1976 Sat 14-Dec-19 22:06:08

Another photo

ChristmasFete Sat 14-Dec-19 22:06:48

My husband had this happen three times. We eventually worked out he's allergic to ground ginger.

bigchris Sat 14-Dec-19 22:06:51

Heat rash?

catgirl1976 Sat 14-Dec-19 22:07:08

Photo don’t post - digging out anti histamines now

SpunBodgeSquarepants Sat 14-Dec-19 22:07:10

Has he been drinking? I get this with wine.

Puta Sat 14-Dec-19 22:07:21

Has he been drinking?

rosy71 Sat 14-Dec-19 22:07:22

Red wine allergic reaction?

catgirl1976 Sat 14-Dec-19 22:07:36

He has been drinking wine but we often do and he’s never done this before

catgirl1976 Sat 14-Dec-19 22:07:49

White wine not red

Marleyisme Sat 14-Dec-19 22:07:55

My exh got that when he drank tonic water. Turned out he was allergic to quinine.

CustardySergeant Sat 14-Dec-19 22:08:19

Are the red areas hot?

Marleyisme Sat 14-Dec-19 22:08:24

Is it a new wine he hasnt had before

Likethebattle Sat 14-Dec-19 22:08:29

Happened to DH once. He went right red, I actually thought he’d been for a sunbed (unlikely)

TheClausSeason Sat 14-Dec-19 22:08:37

Scarlet fever? Is his tongue bright red?

Onebrokentoe Sat 14-Dec-19 22:09:06

Looks like urticaria.

dementedma Sat 14-Dec-19 22:09:12

I also suspect an allergy. Some multivitamins can cause did with me.

Tolleshunt Sat 14-Dec-19 22:09:35

Has he taken any medication? Looks like a medication allergy to me.

catgirl1976 Sat 14-Dec-19 22:10:03

No meds. Areas are hot

flopsytheflatcat Sat 14-Dec-19 22:10:08

Looks like urticaria (hives). I get EXACTLY like this with stress.

rosy71 Sat 14-Dec-19 22:10:27

Was the wine one you haven't had before? Could be an allergy to a particular type.

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