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To think wraps are shit?

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Nottalotta Sat 14-Dec-19 17:18:00

That's not to say I don't like them, I do. I just cannot get to grips with making them. Any decent amount of filling and they don't wrap properly, unroll, fall apart. The ones that cone up on a fanjita kit are tiny, capable of holding 2 slivers of chicken and a cm of lettuce.

Am I going wrong, or aibu to think they are shit?

easyandy101 Sat 14-Dec-19 17:18:57

Always better than a baggy though tbf

IHaveBrilloHair Sat 14-Dec-19 17:19:08

I think you are just a bad wrapper.

Whyjustwhy23 Sat 14-Dec-19 17:19:17

Just finished Fajitas (out or a kit) kids favourite meal here.

You are doing it wrong 😀

Whyjustwhy23 Sat 14-Dec-19 17:19:56

Easyandy grin grin

Except if it gets wet!

KilledByHerOwnCardigan Sat 14-Dec-19 17:20:02

You need bigger wraps.

OneDay10 Sat 14-Dec-19 17:20:24

Theres a way to fold them. I recently learnt this, no spilling out.

TheHootiestChristmasOwl Sat 14-Dec-19 17:21:44

DH finds me eating wraps hilarious as I put way too much filling in every time and never learn.

Nottalotta Sat 14-Dec-19 17:22:53

We had fajitas last night. We all enjoyed them, except I kept having to rewrap, reassemble the children's ones. And couldn't get enough filing in mine!

Andysbestadventure Sat 14-Dec-19 17:24:32

Just buy the big wraps confused

Nottalotta Sat 14-Dec-19 17:24:55

@TheHootiestChristmasOwl yes, that's what I do, the "right" amount is paltry!

DrWAnker Sat 14-Dec-19 17:25:13

Yup, you're a bad rapper.
If you put a bit of sour cream or something on the edge it makes it stick.

DeathByPuppy Sat 14-Dec-19 17:26:41

‘Fanjita’ kit


Jeezoh Sat 14-Dec-19 17:27:04

What’s your technique? I always leave an inch gap at the bottom then tuck that up before folding over the sides and they rarely go wrong.

EssentialHummus Sat 14-Dec-19 17:27:54

Where might one find these fanjita kits OP? Asking for a friend.

jaseyraex Sat 14-Dec-19 17:28:39

YABVU. Wraps are the best. You just need to change your wrapping technique and buy bigger wraps.

ClaraThePigeon Sat 14-Dec-19 17:28:55

Buy the soft taco shells. They're much easier to eat.

AllergicToAMop Sat 14-Dec-19 17:29:10

Screw wraps. I could never wrap them up properly too.
And that is why I crepe😂 bit thicker crepe, you can flavour them too and voilà! An easy to use wrap. I am testing whether they freeze well next.

Nottalotta Sat 14-Dec-19 17:30:15

Good God. I picked up the tasty and mild fanjita kit from Sainsbury. grin

kinsss Sat 14-Dec-19 17:31:09

Thought you were referring to the BIG scarf thinngies lol. Had a reply ready in my head but scratch that now!

SnuggyBuggy Sat 14-Dec-19 17:31:30

I always fail to properly wrap the bottom and the filling spills over me

hsegfiugseskufh Sat 14-Dec-19 17:31:59

Put cheese and ham in them and put them in a panini maker. they're amazing and they dont fall apart because the cheese sticks it together.

NoIDontWatchLoveIsland Sat 14-Dec-19 17:32:27

Your technique is lacking.

Take wrap. Place filling in middle. Fold in from right. Fold in from left. The two edges should have a small gap between. Fold up from bottom. Fold down from top (the edges should mostly overlap).


DingDongSchadenfreudeOnHigh Sat 14-Dec-19 17:45:21

You are right!

The ones in the kits hold less than a mouthful. We always buy extra wraps.

And now I fancy fajitas . . . . <mouth waters>

venusandmars Sat 14-Dec-19 17:45:40

But then you've got mostly wrap, and not much filling (which is the tasty bit)

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