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Kids not wrapped up in this cold weather!

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bluesteakandcheese Sat 14-Dec-19 15:06:10

I know it is nothing to do with me how others see fit to dress their children. But it really gets to me when I'm walking round town and see young kids and babies with no gloves or hat on.
Why do parents not think it is appropriate to wrap their children up against the cold? I just don't understand it!

myself2020 Mon 16-Dec-19 13:29:09

@longestlurkerever thank you!
yes, you might feel
cold, so wrap up warm if you do! But it is not dangerously cold outside and full wintergear is not necessary to survive (although it might be comfortable for some - or boiling hot for others)

LolaSmiles Mon 16-Dec-19 13:01:32

I don't think the person saying that she doesn't find it cold in the UK was saying anyone else was bu for wanting to wear a coat. Just that it was not objectively cold enough to start tutting about how other people dress their kids for the weather. In any event, the fact that it can get cold in the UK and may do in Jan/Feb is not the same thing as saying everyone should be wearing scarves and gloves now
That's how I understood it.
Right now it's chilly and probably coat weather of different thicknesses depending on how you feel the cold.

It's not (as some have suggested) bloody freezing and at the point where it's reasonable to tut when some kids aren't wrapped up for an expedition to the north pole.

Newbie1981 Mon 16-Dec-19 12:44:21

Hahahaha try getting my kid to keep them on. Judgemental or what!!!

longestlurkerever Mon 16-Dec-19 12:42:45

I don't think the person saying that she doesn't find it cold in the UK was saying anyone else was bu for wanting to wear a coat. Just that it was not objectively cold enough to start tutting about how other people dress their kids for the weather. In any event, the fact that it can get cold in the UK and may do in Jan/Feb is not the same thing as saying everyone should be wearing scarves and gloves now. It has been a very mild winter temperature wise so far in the South East

Ginfordinner Mon 16-Dec-19 11:02:02

The majority of the uk isn’t cold for anybody used to proper winters cold starts at -10 for me, below -20 its getting uncomfortable.

That isn't particularly helpful for people who feel the cold at temperatures less than 10 degrees, which would be coat weather for me.

I only use my winter coats when i visit my parents

Bully for you hmm
I think you are overlooking the fact that in many places that have much colder weather than we do tend to enjoy a dry cold whereas it is usually damp here. It was 2 degrees and sleeting here on Saturday and it felt very unpleasant indeed. When we went to Finland it was -10 and sunny, but felt very pleasant.

myself2020 Mon 16-Dec-19 10:51:17

The majority of the uk isn’t cold for anybody used to proper winters smile cold starts at -10 for me, below -20 its getting uncomfortable.
i only use my winter coats when i visit my parents

LolaSmiles Mon 16-Dec-19 10:15:26

I'm the same. I see the frost on the ground some mornings so put a scarf on with my winter coat. By 10ish I'm really got and the scarf feels stuffy and sometimes I'm wishing I put a lighter coat on / fewer layers.
It's hardly surprising kids feel the same, especially if they're running around.

It's a bit chilly but certainly not freezing. Today I've come out wearing strap top, thick winter jumper, gillet, scarf and aren't too cold. If I look around, most people have a coat on, half the women have a scarf on but not men and almost nobody is in full wrapped up winter gear.

raspberryk Mon 16-Dec-19 09:58:29

Those that are saying it's not that cold in the UK, where exactly in the UK do you live please? It's bloody freezing in the UK! Some days are colder than others. It will only get colder towards January

Really mild in the Midlands, we've had a few frosty mornings but it's 6 here this morning and due highs of 11 at the end of the week so far from freezing. The bloody rain though!

Our coats were on but open this morning, we overheated in hats last night on a stroll.
My fingers feel the cold at times and my ears if it's windy but the weather recently hasn't been cold just miserably wet.

NoIDontWatchLoveIsland Sun 15-Dec-19 14:46:43

Ha. Try keeping mittens on a baby determined to suck their thumb/fingers.

I've never struggled keeping hats on mine but mittens are another story. And before you say she should be im a snowsuit etc - a) its not always that cold
B) she was prem & small for gestational age. So she is the tiniest 4 month old you've ever seen, a newborn size snowsuit has arms too long. She's strong tho, not like a newborn, so can push or kick off blankets etc. I try and put her in a sling to keep her warm if it's very cold but the reality is it's really not often that cold in the south of UK.

Celebelly Sun 15-Dec-19 14:35:13

10mo DD just takes them off, but our Starsnug is good for her hands at least as she can't get her hands out of it yet! And the hood sometimes stays up.

ChanklyBore Sun 15-Dec-19 14:32:48

Honestly I have so many lovely scarves, hats, gloves. I put them on with good intentions but after a few minutes I feel like the scarf is choking me (and scarf, not just winter ones, and high necklines too come to that, it has to be a v or scoop neck) gloves, they come off the minute I need my hands for something (often that means I put them on and then take them off again to lock the front door and in my bag they go! Hats, just don’t suit me, feel itchy, aren’t useful with lots of hair styles and just generally fail with them.

It doesn’t surprise me when kids are the same!

grisen Sun 15-Dec-19 13:02:27

The ones that think you need gloves and a hat outside. You’d have a cow, my son slept in a nappy alone (I tried PJs but they went straight off) and no cover and the heating wasn’t on but the window open. He still woke up much warmer than me.

Wishforsnow Sun 15-Dec-19 10:47:40

It rarely gets cold enough to need hats, gloves in England. My dd is always very warm and I would just laugh if someone interfered and mentioned lack of hat etc to me.

DeadButDelicious Sun 15-Dec-19 10:39:19

I put the hat and gloves on, they stay on for all of, oh let's say a minute, before she takes them off stating 'my don't like it!!' I could create a stand off with her where I keep on putting them on and she keeps taking them off and us both getting frustrated or I could accept that we live in the north of England, not Antarctica and she is unlikely to get frostbite from a couple of hours outside with no hat/gloves on. She has a vest, a top, usually a cardigan and a coat (with a hood which she seems to prefer to a hat) on as well as socks and her winter boots. That'll do.

LadyFlumpalot Sun 15-Dec-19 10:16:35

Because my son with sensory issues and autism absolutely refuses to wear jumpers or anything on his hands. He also lacks the critical thinking skills to know that he will get cold eventually. He just knows that he is warm in the house/car so he doesn't need them.

What you won't see if you spot us around town is the spare jumper and gloves shoved into my bag for when he does get cold enough to tolerate it. Which is usually within 10 minutes or so.

Jjbay Sun 15-Dec-19 09:26:08

Yesterday 15:09 MaidenMotherCrone

Have you ever tried to keep hats, scarves, gloves or coats on a child who doesn't want them on?

Rain covers were also not an option with my son as he hated it and screamed when I put it over him, he could take it of himself and I tried everything I could to keep it on him. Daughter will wear everything except socks and shoes which she constantly takes off and throws at any given opportunity.

UABVU and judgemental.

Sashkin Sun 15-Dec-19 00:00:05

My 9 month old is a right monkey and whenever I put her hat on, she takes it off. Trying to find a hat that she will keep on

If you are somewhere where she really needs a hat (ie actually below freezing and not 10-12 degrees like it has been in London recently), we found trapper-style hats with neck straps worked really well (he couldn’t work out how to unfasten the velcro), plus the flaps stayed put over his ears.

runninguphills Sat 14-Dec-19 23:51:25

This is my youngest son at the moment! He's 8 and has only worn shorts for the last 3 years. He'll literally cry if I put trousers on him. We went out today and he came down dressed in shorts, a thin t shirt and his crocs. The only things he relented on were to wear trainers and put on a thin fleece.

He always says he is hot and he does feel warm to touch at all times (I do check often!).

Sashkin Sat 14-Dec-19 23:48:06

My DM used to feel exactly the same as you OP. She used to tut about mothers taking their children out with no gloves, when they were wearing gloves themselves. Let’s just say taking a few walks with DS2 has made her reconsider her position.

Interestingly he will happily accept snowpants, ski jackets, snow boots, hats, neck warmers and elbow-length ski gloves when it is actually cold outside (Canadian cold, so -10 or worse). Will accept a hat in UK currently, but may discard it. Gloves only in exceptional circumstances (like sitting in the stroller for a long time). His hands are usually pretty hot, so he may genuinely not need them.

As a baby he was either in a snowsuit with mitts, or zipped into a bunting bag (like a foot muff but covers everything but the face) in the stroller, so hands toasty warm. It wasn’t until he was almost 2 that he was in a position to resist gloves.

Rachelfromfriends1 Sat 14-Dec-19 23:45:43

You know what, thinking back to my childhood I was never a coat/scarves/gloves etc child either. I was definitely one of those kids that got hot easily and would start removing gloves etc! I can’t even remember wearing a coat until about 12/13blush

whyamidoingthis Sat 14-Dec-19 23:37:05

My dd would feel nauseous, and even faint, if she over heated. As a small child, she generally looked neglected when out as she rarely wore a coat or warm clothes. Not everyone needs to be wrapped up all the time.

I'm the same. I hate being hot and rarely wear a jumper or similar. The heat is usually turned quite low in our house.

Emmapeeler1 Sat 14-Dec-19 23:35:51

My son when little pulled off all socks, shoes, winter hats, sun hats, wellies...

fligglepige Sat 14-Dec-19 23:34:06

It's rare for it to get so cold here that you need hat gloves and scarves for nipping in and out of the shops. If out for a long walk or half an hour in the playground then yes I'd insist on a hat but not gloves or scarf necessarily. A vest, top and coat is plenty to keep most children warm.

snowball28 Sat 14-Dec-19 23:30:37

I hate it when you see baby in the cold with bare hands that have usually turned a reddish colour

*Mine uses his teeth to bite his gloves off.
What do you suggest I do to keep them on?*

Well glue them on obviously @Elbeagle you terrible parent 😂😂

snowball28 Sat 14-Dec-19 23:28:50

Mine won’t keep a hat, gloves or scarf on. Good luck making her wear it she’ll tantrum so bad you’ll want the ground to swallow you up 😂 she also won’t have the rain cover on in the rain.

She is a proper pest.

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