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Not AIBU!! But OMG!

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Partimers Sat 14-Dec-19 11:08:48

I was clearing out an old handbag and I found an old bank card for an account I don’t use anymore!! Thought I would check it out...turned out it had over £800 in it!!! OMG!! It’s like a little Christmas bonus from myself!! Yippee!!

LoseLooseLucy Sat 14-Dec-19 11:10:13

Whoop whoop!

Merry bloody Christmas fgrin

Cherrysoup Sat 14-Dec-19 11:10:52

How lovely! Treat yourself!

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Sat 14-Dec-19 11:11:48

Oh wow! That’s fab Partimers. I felt like I was winning when I found a tenner in an old coat pocket.

Partimers Sat 14-Dec-19 11:12:25

The question is do I tell DH?? 🤣🤣...joke...I will of course tell him and then treat myself!!

Lovelylugs Sat 14-Dec-19 11:12:49

Brilliant! That's the best. Enjoy.fsmile

PizzaExpressWoking Sat 14-Dec-19 11:14:33

Wow!! Congratulations! fsmile

Raffles1981 Sat 14-Dec-19 11:15:30

That's fantastic! Have a great Christmas fgrin

Tiredandgrumpytonight Sat 14-Dec-19 11:16:31


YouRemindMeOfTheBabelfish Sat 14-Dec-19 11:18:41

It's really heartening to hear something positive has happened to someone after all the vitriol and fighting recently.

No idea of (and don't want to know) which 'side' you were on, am just pleased to hear something happy.

We could certainly do with this right now, I do have an account I don't use either and it's with a separate bank to the one I have an app on my phone for. But it most likely only has 1 or 2p in it due to past interest accrued.

If I check it and discover I'm wrong, I'll come back to the thread grin

Partimers Sat 14-Dec-19 11:22:12

@YouRemindMeOfTheBabelfish thank you!! finger crossed 🤞 for you!

Branster Sat 14-Dec-19 11:23:54

Well done!! That’s a very nice surprise indeed.

CupoTeap Sat 14-Dec-19 11:25:00


Foxyloxy1plus1 Sat 14-Dec-19 11:31:42

Yes, mine was like that YouRemindMe

I trotted along to the bank, with a pass book that looked as though it had something in it. Nope!

Still, I never had it, so I can’t miss it.

PlasticPatty Sat 14-Dec-19 11:36:40


BHouse19 Sat 14-Dec-19 11:38:45

Ah so jealous! Merry Christmas fgrin

81Byerley Sat 14-Dec-19 11:44:01

OOOH! Now where are all my old handbags? Probably only find a few pennies in mine!

lovemenorca Sat 14-Dec-19 11:45:33

Oh brill!

I did that with PayPal. Realised I had no idea, literally no idea, how much I had in there.


burntpinky Sat 14-Dec-19 11:45:35

Nice one!

user1496701154 Sat 14-Dec-19 11:48:01

Wooop wopp

Partimers Sat 14-Dec-19 11:48:18

@lovemenorca wow weeeee!! NICE!!!! it’s a great feeling for sure!!

DryHeaving Sat 14-Dec-19 11:48:27

How lovely, enjoy it !

AlrightyyThen Sat 14-Dec-19 11:50:14

So happy for you OP! Have a nice xmas fgrin

lovemenorca Sat 14-Dec-19 11:50:20

I was gob smacked!

Paid for beautiful new carpets - that give me pleasure very day.

Enjoy yours!

VQ1970 Sat 14-Dec-19 11:50:26

Enjoy spending it, that's a nice unexpected bonus smile

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