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To think that if a neighbour takes a parcel in for you...

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Pinkbonbon Sat 14-Dec-19 06:57:06

You go round and get it from them as soon as you are home? Or at least within a day?

I took in a parcel for my neighbours (flats) about a year back and a few days later I took another one in for them and over a week went by and they didn't come round for them. I went round with them a couple of times over the course of this time and they would come to the door, but not answer it. So I ended up leaving them a note (the person delivering had already done so) and it was another couple of days still till they came round for the parcels.

Anyway, 3 days ago I get a buzz at the door again - 'Very' delivery. I would have said no but I assumed it was for one of the closer neighbours and also the poor delivery women looked a bit frazzled. It's for them again. She put a note through their door to say where their parcel was. I knocked at their door last night (8ish) and again I think I heard someone but they never answered.

It's weird right? I mean I know it isn't a big deal but I often sleep days atm so if they come round during the day, they may be waking me up. Feel like just leaving the damn bag on their door handle haha. I wouldn't though obviously. Will stick a note through their door if they don't come/answer tomorrow.

But am I right in thinking that if a neighbour takes in a parcel for you, the norm is that you collect it asap?

Pinkbonbon Sat 14-Dec-19 06:59:54

Sorry I realise ive asked it in two different ways so take it as:

AIBU to say that if you take in a neighbours parcel, they should collect it asap?

(no) Im not being unfair, that is normal.
(yes) im being unfair, they can collect it whenever

Pinkbonbon Sat 14-Dec-19 07:00:59

Lol oops nevermind it's not a yes no answer anyway.

Tobebythesea Sat 14-Dec-19 07:04:15

My neighbours partner does this. He’s in but doesn’t answer the door. Weird.

I would give it a day and then if no luck put it on their door. I would then totally refuse any more deliveries.

I’m on mat leave at the minute and my neighbours know this. One of my neighbours keeps on getting a massive heavy box of dog food delivered on a monthly contract but are never in so it always goes to me. They never pick it up and I’ve had to drag it round. I refused it last month.

CocoLoco87 Sat 14-Dec-19 07:05:15

YANBU especially if the delivery person left a note. We've taken in parcels for neighbours but they haven't always had a note to say this. We are on good terms though so always drop parcels round when we see the other person is in.

Pinkbonbon Sat 14-Dec-19 07:08:29

Sometimes I don't answer the door myself haha (usually as I'm not dressed) but never if it is someone I'm expecting. I mean, they know I have it so (and probably heard me going back to my flat)'d think they could have just came round as soon as they were decent.

I have noticed that there is someone who comes and goes from the building who always whistles when he chaps a door. I think it might be them. Maybe they only answer the door if they hear the whistling. Hmmm....Criminals ...or social anxiety? Lol

Taddda Sat 14-Dec-19 07:10:49

I could have written this! I did the same last year for a neighbour, 5 times over 3 days I knocked to deliver, left two notes, one on her actual door, still then she would collect her parcel (had two under two so like you needed to catch sleep at anytime so really just wanted her to collect the bloody thing).
It wasn't until my OH spotted her on her way out that we handed it to her- her response? 'How long have you had it, did they only deliver the one'? Not a thank you or an apology, even after explaining how many times we'd tried to deliver, left notes-
When asked now I just say I can't

halloumi2019 Sat 14-Dec-19 07:11:48

Going forward, you’ll have to decline to accept parcels for neighbours (or at the very least refuse this neighbour’s address) - regardless of how flustered the courier is!

I wouldn’t go round, either wait for them to pick it up or if it’s an inconvenience thing to keep in your house just leave it on their doorstep when you know they’re in.

MsAwesomeDragon Sat 14-Dec-19 07:12:12

Occasionally it's not that easy. I had a parcel delivered the other day to a neighbour (despite the fact that the delivery label also identified a safe space to leave it!) And the card through my door didn't tell me which neighbour it was with, they'd put MY address on the card. I did then go round several neighbours looking for it, they were all very nice and wished me luck in finding it, but it would have been easier if I'd not had to disturb them at all (it was with the one set of neighbours that were out when I was knocking).

Yanbu as it is normal to collect your parcels promptly. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances, but it doesn't sound as if your neighbours have much of an excuse (they might do though, we just don't know)

Pinkbonbon Sat 14-Dec-19 07:14:36

Yeah it's friggin weird. Also it's a 'very' delivery so they would have known when it was due, perhaps even chosen the day/timeslot.

Thinking on it my buzzer goes on occasion too and no one ever comes to the door but often I hear nearby knocking so I wonder if they just don't answer their buzzer either.

Icecreambaby Sat 14-Dec-19 07:16:14

Odd that they do not answer the door. However, sometimes the carrier does not even leave a card to let the recipient knows where the parcel is. I once ordered something heavy from overseas. Been waiting and don't know when it will arrive. Only when our neighbour saw us one day to tell us he has our parcel did we know it has arrived already. No card from carrier whatsoever.

KamikazeIdiot Sat 14-Dec-19 07:17:02

The neighbours are probably mumsnetters, so they won't answer the door unless you've made an appointment.

Pinkbonbon Sat 14-Dec-19 07:18:05

Yeah, the carrier definitely said she would leave a note this time so...
guessing they just don't care :/

BlackCatSleeping Sat 14-Dec-19 07:18:08

I don’t think it’s a big deal. Just leave it in your hall and give it to them when they come round for it, unless it is huge. My neighbor keeps quite different working hours from me, so it’s hard to see him.

Pinkbonbon Sat 14-Dec-19 07:20:03

It's not a big deal but it is still irksome to go to bed not knowing if they are going to knock the door to wake me. Especially considering the postie is already possibly going to wake me at some point.

Aridane Sat 14-Dec-19 07:26:33

My neighbours partner does this. He’s in but doesn’t answer the door. Weird.

Ah - a mumsnetter!

NaughtyLittleElf Sat 14-Dec-19 07:29:19

I would refuse them and maybe leave a note on your door saying the same if you're in bed. I was once forced out of my sick bed by someone banging on my door making the dog bark for a neighbours parcel I was very unimpressed and declined it because they also don't answer the door when DD takes their parcels over.

PixieDustt Sat 14-Dec-19 07:34:10

Omg our old NDN's used to do this. Got to the point where I just refused to take anymore parcels for them.

queenqueenqueen Sat 14-Dec-19 07:35:05

Leave them on the doorstep and in future say no if it's for them. Sorry but that's so rude

ivykaty44 Sat 14-Dec-19 07:37:56

Just pop a note through the door advising you don’t mind taking in parcels but object to then bring it round and clearly someone’s is in but won’t answer the door to take the parcel

ShippingNews Sat 14-Dec-19 07:37:59

Instead of going over and knocking on their door, I'd go and leave the parcel outside their door , knock, and leave.

Toomboom Sat 14-Dec-19 07:39:12

I used to take parcels for a neighbour, and they were just like yours, they never came to collect it. In the end I refused to take in anymore.

Sondor Sat 14-Dec-19 07:40:47

I would just leave it at their door. Particularly as you've already knocked on and they haven't answered.

Pinkbonbon Sat 14-Dec-19 07:46:47

I would leave it at their door but it is a flat and at the top of the first flight of stairs, with 4 more flights above it so anyone coming and going has to walk past it and might be tempted to lift it. And I don't want them coming round like 'where's my parcel?' and having to say I left it so someone else must have taken it.

There is a drying close I could leave it in and leave them a note to tell them, but it isn't my drying close so if someone locks the door for a change they wont be able to get it out. Still might do this though.

historyismything Sat 14-Dec-19 07:50:34

We have had this! We have got a parcel for the people over the road (it isn't big, but that's not the point) we have knocked on but no answer. I'm sick of the sight of it so if they don't answer this time I will send it back. The worse thing is I have seen the partner, she works locally, so they know we are in.

I just find it odd because I always go and fetch our parcels if they are handed to a neighbour and apologise for the inconvenience

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