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For all of you disappoimted voters

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Leaannb Fri 13-Dec-19 01:25:45

Just remember it could always be worse.....We still have Trump and will still have Trump in 2020. So eigjt years of a complete arsehole

So feel to point fingers and laugh your asses at your American cousins from across the pond

Fatasfooook Fri 13-Dec-19 01:26:48


Leaannb Fri 13-Dec-19 01:26:58

I swear I can spell....Eight

Leaannb Fri 13-Dec-19 01:28:00

Just be thankful you arent having to deal with Trump for 8 years

AlunWynsKnee Fri 13-Dec-19 01:37:43

We're in our 9th year of a Conservative led government. Boris Johnson is more of the same.

ThePants999 Fri 13-Dec-19 01:41:16

OP does have a point. Yes, we're going to have at least 14 years of Tories, and BJ is a mini-Trump, but Cameron and May were nothing like Trump.

Tookseveralnamechanges Fri 13-Dec-19 01:43:12

He even looks like trump.
It could be worse. We could be allowed guns :-/ that scares the shit out of me

Frozenfan2019 Fri 13-Dec-19 01:47:33

YABU you can vote him out next year. We have 5 years of this.

I feel sick

confusedandemployed Fri 13-Dec-19 01:47:42

I'm clinging to the theory that in modern times the US has led socio- political change and that Trump will be dumped out of office. Hopefully via impeachment then arrested, but I'll take an election loss.

If not, yeah. We're fucked until a modern day Truman or Attlee rocks up.

safariboot Fri 13-Dec-19 01:51:32

You get midterms and a separate Congress though. We're looking at one party virtually guaranteed the executive and the legislature for the next 5 years.

HuggedTrees Fri 13-Dec-19 01:53:58

Agree with the OP. At least we get health care and can access objections here and our politicians aren’t rewarded for coming out against gay marriage!
Under his eye.

rhubarbcrumbles Fri 13-Dec-19 02:16:24

Trump and Johnson are as bad as each other.

PurpleDaisies Fri 13-Dec-19 02:19:40

Boris is what you get if you send Trump to Eton.

VanyaHargreeves Fri 13-Dec-19 02:20:30

Biden stands a chance

Also Trump is getting impeached

Meanwhile Britain is potentially heading for total chaos when we leave the EU

Politically it's the worst and most extreme we've ever had it. Right Wing Extremism has become the norm and the Current Left is a waste of space lacking a decent leader now OR a decent heir apparent when he goes. So effectively there is no opposition

ThumbWitchesAbroad Fri 13-Dec-19 03:07:55

It's not a consolation that you have Trump, that my home country is going to end up with another thatched fucker for the next 5 years, and that my adopted home country has just such another one in charge who is currently acting like fucking Nero while the country burns.

It is no consolation in the slightest that 3 of the wealthiest, most powerful countries in the world are heading more and more towards plutocracy - increasing the financial divisions within the populations, rewarding the wealthy with tax cuts and more money while taking as much as possible from the poorest and most vulnerable.

It makes me sick to my stomach that this has happened yet again. I will not be laughing when the NHS dies and is sold off piecemeal to the hounds of the health insurance companies - I will be crying, because no one outside of America wants the American health system, yet that's what both the UK and Australia are heading towards.

Who benefits? Only rich people. Poor people can go fuck themselves or die of starvation or illnesses they can't afford treatment for.

It's just disgusting.

ilovesooty Fri 13-Dec-19 03:36:48

Oh well. My disappointment is being tempered by watching Raab squirming while trying to explain his reduced majority.

ILearnedItFromABook Fri 13-Dec-19 03:40:45


PurpleDaisies Fri 13-Dec-19 03:41:21

Oh, if only he’d been beaten by someone called Count Binface.

ilovesooty Fri 13-Dec-19 03:45:10

And Swinson has lost her seat.

Mummyoflittledragon Fri 13-Dec-19 04:35:42

What??? Dfod. At least trump will go and you’re not brexiting anywhere or seeing the potential break up of your country.

IJumpedAboardAPirateShip Fri 13-Dec-19 04:39:15

I’m a Brit who lives in the US.

The impeachment process will do nothing except ignite his base and guarantee him another term. Boris is terrible but the impact globally of Trump staying in doesn’t bear thinking about

itwaseverthus Fri 13-Dec-19 04:43:53

I love winning! Called Brexit, Trump and tonight. The world is not mumsnet thank god.

MiniGuinness Fri 13-Dec-19 04:47:13

How is it a consolation? Right now Brexit and austerity measures (UC etc) and all the rest are ensuring that the U.K. is massively fucked. The US has always been far more divided/racist/misogynistic. How is it that different since Trump came in?
I live in the US btw.

Prevegen4U Fri 13-Dec-19 04:48:10

Trump will be reelected in 2020 and he will be putting at least one more Justice on the SCOTUS and those are lifetime appointments. He's doing a great job and we are ignited! Good times.

user764329056 Fri 13-Dec-19 05:06:53

ThumbWitch, you’re right

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