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Fricking election. Corbyn being thrown under the bus.

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Lololololola Fri 13-Dec-19 00:07:32

I did not vote Labour. But I didn't choose not to vote Labour based on one man. I am watching the BBC (so many issues with this tonight!!) and they are all saying it is Corbyn's fault. He is not my favourite person, but FML, how bloody awful that they can be behind him for years and the minute it goes pear shaped, they throw him under the bus. Collective responsibility, people!!

Moooooooooooooooooo Fri 13-Dec-19 00:08:33

That’s politics for you

Mayorquimby2 Fri 13-Dec-19 00:13:51

Tbf I don't think it's a group of people being what after the fact.
He was earmarked as a barrier to success long before tonight and traditional supporters of his party voiced their own concerns fairly publicly.

As an outsider and not a labour supporter it seemed like utter hubris to continue having already lost an election.
He's not the sole reason they lost, but he is a large reason why the UK haven't had an effective opposition party at one of the most crucial points in its history.

It doesn't make him a bad person, but it does show him up to be lacking in a bit of self awareness.

Lumene Fri 13-Dec-19 00:15:46

I would have loved to vote for Labour but can’t vote for Corbyn’s party. Sounds from a lot of MPs many on the doorsteps felt the same, particularly in Labour heartlands.

Time for him to go.

donquixotedelamancha Fri 13-Dec-19 00:16:11

how bloody awful that they can be behind him for years and the minute it goes pear shaped, they throw him under the bus.

You don't really follow the minutiae of politics, do you OP?

Lololololola Fri 13-Dec-19 00:17:06

In what way, Don??

BudgieHammockBananaSmuggler Fri 13-Dec-19 00:17:30

But it pretty much is his fault and all his cronies

velocitykate Fri 13-Dec-19 00:17:37

Actually, I think Corbyn has thrown himself under a bus

VolcanionSteamArtillery Fri 13-Dec-19 00:19:23

The mps have tried to get rid of him twice i think. Labour's selection process has kept him in. The MPs haven't ever supported him, momentum has

madcatladyforever Fri 13-Dec-19 00:19:45

I didn't realise he was that unpopular.

Lololololola Fri 13-Dec-19 00:20:30

He was their leader. I dont like him, but he is nothing to do with me. I find it most bewildering that a party, who genuinely thought they could win, now are going out in force to say that they absolutely could not because of their leader.

DeeZastris Fri 13-Dec-19 00:21:07

I really have no time for him. Get someone capable in and I’ll start voting for labour again.

PrimalLass Fri 13-Dec-19 00:21:29

They knew they couldn't win because of corbyn and momentum.

donquixotedelamancha Fri 13-Dec-19 00:21:41

In what way, Don?

Well, there have been one or two little criticisms of Corbyn before this defeat. I think 'behind him for years' might be a tad inaccurate.

HuloBeraal Fri 13-Dec-19 00:23:46

The party never thought it could win. I have been working with grassroots Labour for a while and neither the grassroots nor Labour MPs thought they would win.
It’s been a mega failure of leadership. Through much of 2019 he looked like he was bored of politics. He had no position on Brexit. This is not a popular PM. This is not a popular govt. A leader who cannot get his message across, a leader who handled the anti Semitism crisis with downright ineptitude is a bad leader, period. Who else are we going to blame?
You can’t blame Brexit! We all knew it was going to be the central election issue.
You can’t blame the media. The media was shite. So you need a better media strategy instead of waffling and appearing cantankerous.

Lololololola Fri 13-Dec-19 00:26:12

As a non labour-ite, the minutiae of their politics of not my bag. There have been lots of criticisms of him, both quiet and loud, but yet, here he is at a GE leading the party to defeat and while I do not support him, I find it quite appalling that people can publicly state that he is the reason that Labour failed (if they do). If I were him, politics aside, I would be feeling pretty isolated tonight.

Lololololola Fri 13-Dec-19 00:27:46

hulo that is v interesting, thank you for your insight.

DeeZastris Fri 13-Dec-19 00:28:24

I’ve always felt that he was a leaver but momentum are pro remain and that’s why he had this ludicrous stance on Brexit.

Cyoilo Fri 13-Dec-19 00:28:30

I don't see why it's appalling he is a huge part of why Labour has failed, it would be weird to ignore the giant elephant in the room.

BerwickLad Fri 13-Dec-19 00:28:42

He lost in 2017, albeit not as badly.

But when someone says something to you, and you don't listen, they'll repeat themselves more loudly.

TooleyVanDooley Fri 13-Dec-19 00:29:12

Wtf have you been watching/reading? He took a running jump under the bus himself. He’s very clearly the reason labour will lose so spectacularly.

Whyjustwhy23 Fri 13-Dec-19 00:30:41

But it’s true. The Tories are such idiots at the moment Labour had the chance to take it back.

But he is hated so not with him at the helm.

And that’s from a lifelong Tory voter who I would have seriously considered going Labour if there was a moderate reasonable person as lead. As would my sister and some friends.

Every one couldn’t do it because of him.

BrickTop999 Fri 13-Dec-19 00:31:33

Him and Abbot

randomsabreuse Fri 13-Dec-19 00:31:34

More of a "told you so" than a backstabbing...

Lololololola Fri 13-Dec-19 00:32:10

The policies of the party are the reasons I choose not to vote for them, not the figurehead. This is also the reason I choose not to vote for the Tory buffoon.

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