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to have shed a tear at this exit poll?

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toastlover100 Thu 12-Dec-19 22:25:17

I feel utterly in despair. How can people not care about the NHS, the planet, the homeless.... etc etc etc...

KatnissNeverdone Thu 12-Dec-19 22:27:57

Nope I feel the same. I have a disabled son. I feel like he's just been punched in the face right in front of me.

slothgirl00 Thu 12-Dec-19 22:29:09

Utterly depressed also. They’ll get Brexit, but I hope they don’t need education, healthcare, a stable climate or any financial support.

Ihatemyseleffordoingthis Thu 12-Dec-19 22:30:04

I don't know how people sleep at night.
Actually, I do, most Tories are oblivious.

Lougle Thu 12-Dec-19 22:32:06

It's democracy. My parents and I disagree politically. I still would have cast their Conservative votes for them in a proxy if they asked me to, because people died for them to have that right.

snowybaubles Thu 12-Dec-19 22:32:47

Gutted. Was reading a ‘who did you vote for’ thread earlier and the amount of people who said ‘conservative’ was shocking. I just can’t understand why anyone would

ilovetinsel Thu 12-Dec-19 22:32:48

Racist fuckwitts.
No more NHS.
Jeeze it's SO depressing 😞

maddy68 Thu 12-Dec-19 22:33:38

What's wrong with people that they think a serial liar is electable? It's all beyond me

Ineedaweeinpeace Thu 12-Dec-19 22:34:42

Yup so upset

notmuchtooffer Thu 12-Dec-19 22:35:41

They’ll get Brexit, but I hope they don’t need education, healthcare, a stable climate or any financial support.

And Brexit itself is going to make us all poorer ☹️.

ThebishopofBanterbury Thu 12-Dec-19 22:35:44

It is sad. People are obsessed by Brexit. That's why this has happened.

Iggly Thu 12-Dec-19 22:36:32

No one has given me a credible reason why they want boris, that awful man, in power.

coatlessinspokane Thu 12-Dec-19 22:36:45


JacquesHammer Thu 12-Dec-19 22:37:03

because people died for them to have that right

And the tragic thing is people will die, because they have that right.

PlomBear Thu 12-Dec-19 22:37:30

Who are they going to blame after Brexit when it all goes wrong? Immigrants? The Remainers for “not believing enough.”

When there’s no free NHS at the point of use and the working class Tory voters can not afford healthcare - who will they blame?


MostIneptThatEverStepped Thu 12-Dec-19 22:37:39

No, it was totally gutting. So so disappointing. Who are these millions and millions of people making this awful decision?

30to50FeralHogs Thu 12-Dec-19 22:38:13

No one has given me a credible reason why they want boris, that awful man, in power

For most it came down to asking themselves do they want Boris or Jezza in power and they chose the one they thought would be the least awful. Labour need to take a long hard look at themselves after this.

SilverySurfer Thu 12-Dec-19 22:40:11

I'm thrilled, so much so that I've just opened the bottle of champagne that I had bought for Christmas Lunch grin

LaurieMarlow Thu 12-Dec-19 22:41:26

The UK will get what it voted for. Brexit, the demise of the NHS, the breakup of the United Kingdom.

I can’t fathom it myself, but the majority has spoken.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Thu 12-Dec-19 22:41:49

From now on I’m not helping anyone at all.
I’m going to refuse to contribute to food banks etc etc. People had their chance to vote out this Muppet but decided to keep him in.
You can’t moan about poverty and be voting for toffs.

Babyroobs Thu 12-Dec-19 22:42:36

Lets face it, none of the choices were very appealing.

BlueEyedBengal Thu 12-Dec-19 22:42:49

I would have voted labour if there was a different leader other than J C. It's him that's split the Labour Party apart, no one can trust the man there's no answer from him about anything. So if the Labour Party want to win elections then choose a man/ woman that people can trust to put U K first. Sad thing is B J is a better choice than J C, Labour has to make a better choice of leader in the future as people dreaded going back to the 70s.

Doobydoo Thu 12-Dec-19 22:43:09

Devastating Exit Poll..having seen ex miners,people in food banks etc and working with people on min wage who are voting Tory..I am not surprised but I am surprised.....a lot to do with Brexit I think...I feel very very sad

JacquesHammer Thu 12-Dec-19 22:43:22

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

HotSince82 Thu 12-Dec-19 22:44:08


Are you living in Liverpool by any chance?

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