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to be miffed with solicitor i have been temping for

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forsale Thu 23-Aug-07 12:13:27

Ive been doing the odd bit of temping for a firm of solicitors I know. I said i couldnt do anything this week for them but they called yesterday just in case i had changed my mind. I explained i couldnt come in as we were going away and i had loads to catch up with etc. but i did say i could do some work from home if it helped. The lady i spoke with was v grateful and said that she was desperate and had loads that needed to get done. We agreed i would collect from her yesterday evening when she called and I would do it overnight as it was urgent. I duly got a phone call at 9pm! I went and collected what in the end amounted to an hours worth of work! She told me she hadnt got it all finished and could i get some more for the morning and get it back to her by lunchtime. I said I would. I did it and emailed it to her. She called me at 8am and said she would have some more and give me a call in an 1-1.5 hours to collect. She has not yet called! I have loads to do and cannot afford to be hanging around all day waiting for work which is possibly not important as she thought it was yesterday

Michelle020774 Thu 23-Aug-07 12:16:32

You probably shouldn't have agreed to do it in the first place if you already told them you weren't available! She will take advantage of your good nature!

Michelle020774 Thu 23-Aug-07 12:18:02

Meant to add .. why didn't they contact the temp agency to cover you for the time you are away?

forsale Thu 23-Aug-07 12:29:27

i freelance so they come to me direct

forsale Fri 24-Aug-07 00:54:02

she called at 12.30 and told me she'd have work ready for me by close of business - she'd call me when its ready to collect/deliver. She didnt call! grrr so waited around and couldnt plan all day

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