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To give these as Xmas presents?

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AliBear90 Mon 09-Dec-19 01:10:20

So to make this as quick as possible, I have a 6 month old baby and now worrying that I’m in full pfb mode and that people won’t want these. I have had a professional photo shoot done of my baby and have got double photo frames and 2 of the photos printed for my parents, my partners parents, mine and my partners grandparents and my partners sister. Will these close family members actually want these or am I just too obsessed with my baby? I think I’d have appreciated a nice framed photo of my niece or nephew. All of them will get other presents too and I have receipt so can return frames if it’s a weird gift to give. So Aibu to give these as Xmas gifts?

Starrynights86 Mon 09-Dec-19 01:11:56

I love being given framed photos of family

DramaAlpaca Mon 09-Dec-19 01:12:36

Go for it. I think grandparents, great grandparents and devoted aunties would love it.

Beeziekn33ze Mon 09-Dec-19 01:12:51

Lovely present!

DeathStare Mon 09-Dec-19 01:13:12

Is this after the necklace thread?

I think photos are lovely Christmas gifts for close family. For the person you sit next to at work, or a casual friend, not so much grin

AliBear90 Mon 09-Dec-19 01:14:39

@deathstare yes, I’ve just finished reading the necklace thread blush. Yes wouldn’t be giving them to anyone other than close family.

Newmumatlast Mon 09-Dec-19 01:24:34

Personally I would always give photo gifts as an extra rather than the only gift, for the very reason that you are giving the person a photo of a child that isnt theirs and arguably family should be given photos anyway if they want them to display and the photo shoot is really for the parents' benefit. I would see it as the frame being the gift really. That's just me. Unless they specifically asked of course.

Ermmmmname Mon 09-Dec-19 01:45:23

We get ours done on coasters so if the close family doesn’t like it at least they have a handy coaster fgrin

Creepster Mon 09-Dec-19 01:47:42

Be warned that once you start the tradition you will be roasted if you fail to produce the annual photo every year.

1300cakes Mon 09-Dec-19 01:49:45

I think it's a great idea for the parents and grandparents. The sister is borderline though imo.

MrsEricBana Mon 09-Dec-19 02:01:09

It's ok, this is not like the necklace debacle!

StoppinBy Mon 09-Dec-19 02:04:21

Parents and Grandparents - yes.
Sister - No.

I think it would be great to pop something else in their present bundles though and if the sister is very close then yes as long as you give something else. I am sure that your little one will be spoiled and it would be nice to return the favour.

wafflyversatile Mon 09-Dec-19 02:04:43

I agree that sister is borderline. Does ds have family photos on display currently?

Pinktop Mon 09-Dec-19 02:33:09

Grand parents yes but that’s about it is say.

Pilot12 Mon 09-Dec-19 02:40:59

Why is everyone saying no to the partners sister? My DP's sister would be livid if she didn't get children's annual photo! She has them all framed and on her wall. She's going to be cross this year as I only got 8x6 due to having a tight budget, she's used to getting bigger.

dontgobaconmyheart Mon 09-Dec-19 02:42:20

Congratulations on your little one OP!

As the only gift? I think that's a bit iffy but as a supplement to grandparents it's fine. Whether the recipients would want the photos is really dependent on their tastes OP, if you go round their houses and the wall is covered with similar on proud display, yes absolutely- otherwise probably not.

Personally I wouldn't want them. I'd be more inclined to do gifts as normal and add them on or have just said in the first place to those individuals 'am having photos done of the baby, let me know if you'd like one and I can order you a copy' or similar.

Even if I wanted the photo I'd want to get my own frame to match my own decor too.

Probably sound like a right grinch but it's just not to my taste, we get them of our Dniece and nephew yearly and don't always keep them. I kept a baby one, a nice one of us together with them when they were younger and that's it. Just in a memory box though, not the wall/mantle etc.

WatchingTheMoon Mon 09-Dec-19 02:44:23

Surely it depends. We're not the type that have tons of photos of family everywhere so my family would be a bit nonplussed and honestly I would be a bit whatever about it myself.

But if they're the type that have photos up, it's a great present.

dreichXmas Mon 09-Dec-19 02:46:00

* Parents and Grandparents - yes.
Sister - No.*

At least it wouldn't be the only present I got my sister, that would be a little odd.

PolPotNoodle Mon 09-Dec-19 02:46:12

I personally wouldn't want them if it were one of my sisters children. I don't particularly like professional photo shoots for a start, and would prefer to take my own picture and choose the frame etc to suit my tastes. That said, I don't really display pictures either so it would be double wasted on me.

If your family members are the opposite however, it would make a nice supplementary present!

Notajogger Mon 09-Dec-19 02:54:34

I agree perhaps it's a bit much for the sister. Depends if any of them tend to display lots of photos too.
Personally I wouldn't want said photos.

Bluerussian Mon 09-Dec-19 03:32:56

They sound like lovely presents.

Toomanygerbils Mon 09-Dec-19 03:36:35

If my brother/sister gave me this I’d be a bit annoyed tbh. A picture isn’t a present, I could take one myself. Depends what they get you in return, but if it’s not a family pic then YABU

Littlebean0506 Mon 09-Dec-19 03:40:27

We've taken "professional" Christmas photos of our 6 month old to give out to grandparents and parents. We also made salt dough decorations and handmade cards. My nan asked for a photo of little one to go with the ones of her grandchildren (was already planning on pictures beforehand) and I remember growing up my mum would give out school photos to my grandparents as one of their presents each year. It's a lovely idea and theyre only this age once smile

Toomanygerbils Mon 09-Dec-19 03:42:19

I can see it’s something nice to give to close family, like school pics, but not as a gift

TotalRecall Mon 09-Dec-19 03:55:31

I personally don’t display photos of our nieces and nephews. I realise that makes me a bit of a bitch though! DH put some up of his niece and nephew last year and I’ll admit I find it a bit awkward. I can’t articulate why other than we aren’t very close to them.

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