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Advent calendars aren’t gifts?

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pingoose Sun 08-Dec-19 17:31:24

MIL has just dropped off an advent calendar for DD (halfway through advent but never mind). I’d already bought her one weeks ago, so now she has two which seems unnecessary.

AIBU to think you don’t usually give them to other people as gifts? They’re the kind of thing I enjoy buying and was looking forward to doing once I had kids!

TidyDancer Sun 08-Dec-19 17:32:15

YABU imo, it's just weird that it's part way through the month. Nothing wrong with a grandparent buying one though.

FuzzyPuffling Sun 08-Dec-19 17:34:52

Our friends have given us a Cheese Advent Calendar. It is an awesome gift.

TinklyLittleLaugh Sun 08-Dec-19 17:35:38

No you are right OP, how dare she bring your DD something nice. What an absolute old bitch. When will these controlling old hags realise that only the mother is allowed to do something nice for their own child? She’s had her chance to love a small child. You put her in her place if she dares to love yours. I’d be going no contact if I were you.

MordredsOrrery Sun 08-Dec-19 17:36:53

Even the voting buttons think you're being unreasonable fgrin

ChessieFL Sun 08-Dec-19 17:38:26

I buy my DD one but so does my mum. What’s the problem with them having two? The chocolate pieces are so small they’re hardly going to overdose on sugar.

CrowBones Sun 08-Dec-19 17:38:48

It's only a third of the way through Advent

Knicknamehistory Sun 08-Dec-19 17:38:48

I think there is more to this than just you wanting to buy the advent calendars. They are selling them all off now and I was tempted today to buy my kids a second one for 49p! You obviously just hate the woman and she cant do anything right. I do understand that though as I feel that way about my MIL. However she wouldnt be thoughtful enough to buy my kids advent calendars...

I8toys Sun 08-Dec-19 17:39:01

I love advent calendars personally and always buy them for my mum, husband, kids and cats.

itsmecathycomehome Sun 08-Dec-19 17:39:49

I buy one for dp, all four dc, both nieces and the dog.

If anyone already has one then they now have two!

You really are sulking about nothing.

SnorkMaiden81 Sun 08-Dec-19 17:40:28

It was a thoughtful, kind thing to do!

Your resentment of her runs deeper, I feel.

Lunde Sun 08-Dec-19 17:41:18

I have always bought advent calendars as gifts for the whole family - even though the "kids" and working/at Uni.

The "kids" got Lindt ones this year - but DH was more difficult as he is diabetic so I got him a pork scratchings one!

pingoose Sun 08-Dec-19 17:41:31

Wow TinklyLittleLaugh, is it because I said it was my MIL? I actually love her, and DD was obviously very appreciative. I just realised I’d never been given one as a gift before, and wondered if it was more common than I thought.

charm8ed Sun 08-Dec-19 17:42:17

I’d happily accept one as a gift and would be happy to scoff the first 8 chocolates today.

Aragog Sun 08-Dec-19 17:42:19

Totally normal here for grandparents to buy their grandchild an advent calendar sometimes. My parents have always gotten dd a chocolate calendar - she's 17y now and still loves the extra one! Though we had to postpone our visit to see them on the 1st due to a medical issue, so she gets hers next weekend - and will no doubt eat all the 'gone days' in one go!

EskewedBeef Sun 08-Dec-19 17:42:43

I think they were sent as little presents, (possibly in Victorian times) like a special greetings cards. I vaguely remember listening to that TV historian Ruth something talking about it.

Notsurehowtofixit Sun 08-Dec-19 17:42:44

I think you didn't use to, but now they come full of toys and stuff, and we've been getting them as presents. Just the last few years.

AHippoNamedBooBooButt Sun 08-Dec-19 17:43:17

My dh does home help for an elderly lady (he started off doing weeding and odd jobs then started taking her shopping and cooking once a week...) and as a thank you she bought each of our dc an advent calendar which I thought was a lovely gift. So yes they now have 2 each as well but that's ok, just double the chocolate.
So yabu, it was a lovely gift give your mil a break

EskewedBeef Sun 08-Dec-19 17:43:57

Anyway, yes it's still normal to give them to other people smile

MrsAJ27 Sun 08-Dec-19 17:43:59

I always buy one for my niece and nephew, so do their parents and sometimes grandparents

BanginChoons Sun 08-Dec-19 17:45:27

My elderly next door neighbours buy my kids advent calendars every year. I think it is very kind of them.

DecemberSnow Sun 08-Dec-19 17:46:23

I know people who give these all the time.

My uncle bought them for the kids next door , white chocolate ones, and he was told by the mother 'Oh they prefer milk chocolate to white chocolate" cheeky fucker!!!

abouttime2 Sun 08-Dec-19 17:47:35

My friend bought my children a Lego advent calendar instead of a Christmas present to open on Christmas Day this year. I though it was a great idea. Didn't find it strange atall, I actually think it was really thoughtful.

abouttime2 Sun 08-Dec-19 17:48:12

Although I agree it should have been given before December 1st

Tonii1985 Sun 08-Dec-19 17:48:46

It seems to be a thing among the 20 somethings I work with for their boyfriends to spend £100-200 on an advent calender as a gift for them. Expensive department store or make up brand ones.

My DH last bought be a £1.50 Cadbury one maybe 5 years ago. I'm very jealous.

If I were you I would eat the one from your MIL all to yourself 😂

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