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Aibu to ask what this is on my car?

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Unhappyvegan Sun 08-Dec-19 14:38:08

I've no idea. Pic 1 is it in position as found and pic 2 is it on its own. There's no wires or clips to suggest it should be attached!

Is it a tracker? Should I be worried? Is the cat going to explode?

Unhappyvegan Sun 08-Dec-19 14:39:00

Damn it. Pictures

TheChiefJo Sun 08-Dec-19 14:40:10

I'm a bit worried by this exploding cat!

bridgetreilly Sun 08-Dec-19 14:40:49

I think the cat will be fine.

MzPumpkinPie Sun 08-Dec-19 14:42:17

Call 101. I think that's a covert car tracker.
Very worrying.

slipperywhensparticus Sun 08-Dec-19 14:43:12

Is it a new to you car?

vivacian Sun 08-Dec-19 14:45:27

Is any of it magnetic? How long have you had the car?

Unhappyvegan Sun 08-Dec-19 14:45:37

slipperywhensparticus yes, though it was PIL previously (they've had it from new) and they haven't a clue

EskewedBeef Sun 08-Dec-19 14:46:50

Has it been in the garage for anything recently? It might be something belonging to a mechanic that's been left there accidentally.

Sparklybaublefest Sun 08-Dec-19 14:48:14

is it a lid to something?

BabbleBee Sun 08-Dec-19 14:50:49

Wasn’t there a thing a while ago where your insurance was less if your mileage/ speed etc were tracked? Or am I making that up in my imagination??

Unhappyvegan Sun 08-Dec-19 14:51:23

Yes, went to the garage a few weeks ago.

Not a lid, has a hole in the back through which I can see cables.

FAQs Sun 08-Dec-19 14:52:58

Nope cannot see the cat, is it hiding, might be a tad warm in there.

Unhappyvegan Sun 08-Dec-19 14:54:17

BabbleBee you aren't making that up, but pil say they didn't have one of those

steff13 Sun 08-Dec-19 14:54:59

Can you remove it?

vivacian Sun 08-Dec-19 14:56:44

Is there any kind of branding on it?

Jumpi Sun 08-Dec-19 14:57:38

Is it loose and you’ve moved it in those photos?

diddl Sun 08-Dec-19 14:57:58

Smoke detector??!!

flouncyfanny Sun 08-Dec-19 15:00:46

if it's not attached just take it off?

IdiotInDisguise Sun 08-Dec-19 15:01:15

Is it heavy?

Unhappyvegan Sun 08-Dec-19 15:02:05

steff13 yep. It's completely detached, no suggestion it was ever attached. No clips or glue residue etc, no wires sticking out and not a lid. No obvious branding.

MollyHuaCha Sun 08-Dec-19 15:02:27

Is it possible that someone wants to track your movements?

flouncyfanny Sun 08-Dec-19 15:03:04

DH said it's a flying saucer for very tiny martians hmm
Sorry, that's not v helpful blush

steff13 Sun 08-Dec-19 15:04:07

Is the red dot a light? If you can move it could you take it to an auto parts store and see if they recognize it?

Unhappyvegan Sun 08-Dec-19 15:04:09

flouncyfanny but should it be there? Should it be attached?

IdiotInDisguise heavier than I'd expect from its size.

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