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Picture of Bozza and girlfriend wearing sari visiting a Hindu temple.

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longwayoff Sat 07-Dec-19 23:53:18

Carrie Symonds is wearing a sari. Is this cultural appropriation and unreasonable? Or is it showing politeness to your hosts and therefore reasonable? Which?

longwayoff Sat 07-Dec-19 23:55:32

Bugger. I didn't put a vote on here but its got one anyway. Hey ho. Cultural appropriation yes? Or no? then.

ChazsBrilliantAttitude Sun 08-Dec-19 00:01:01

Boris was wearing a sari?

WorraLiberty Sun 08-Dec-19 00:03:25

Shopping in Sainsbos - Cultural appropriation

Visiting a Hindu temple - Polite gesture

I would absolutely love to see Boris in a sari. Do you have a link?

Pipandmum Sun 08-Dec-19 00:04:29

A sari doesn't have any religious associations and I think they would be happy she is sharing in the culture in this way.

ChazsBrilliantAttitude Sun 08-Dec-19 00:10:47

It was respectful dress in a religious building.
DS2 covered his hair in a gurdwara
I wore a scarf in a mosque.

EnthusiasmIsDisturbed Sun 08-Dec-19 00:13:10

I think depends on how she wore it

Very sexily and revealing a no no more modestly I would have thought many would be impressed

Mollypolly2610 Sun 08-Dec-19 00:14:53

Kate wore Pakistani national dress.
I wore Salmar Kameez when I lived in India and went out for lunch with local ladies
It’s polite

PerpendicularVincent Sun 08-Dec-19 00:15:06

I don't think it's cultural appropriation at all, she's not receiving any 'advantage' wearing it. It seems like appropriate dress for visiting a temple.

Life would be pretty dull if we could never wear anything we admired from a different culture.

honeyytoast Sun 08-Dec-19 01:15:25

I think if it’s a sign of respect for the culture you are interacting with then it’s fine. Eg covering your head in a mosque.

MinervaSaidThat Sun 08-Dec-19 01:48:17

Not cultural appropriation at all but totally unnecessary.

She looks gaudy compared to elegant Kate.

HeIenaDove Sun 08-Dec-19 03:20:53

"Bugger. I didn't put a vote on here but its got one anyway"

Same thing happened when i started the Phil and Holly thread.

HuloBeraal Sun 08-Dec-19 03:35:52

Not going to vote for BJ. As anti Tory as humanly possible. But no it’s not cultural appropriation. It’s respectful. Although as an Indian I will say that that is not a nice saree at all. We have so many beautiful silk sarees and styles- why do people who want to wear it as a gesture of respect select the gaudiest ones?

Bluerussian Sun 08-Dec-19 05:03:05

I thought Carrie and BoJo had split up - obviously not.

She looks well in a sari, it's very pretty and flattering.

FenellaMaxwell Sun 08-Dec-19 05:10:28

Much as I hate to defend that fucker over anything, it’s polite. I’ve been to a lot of Asian weddings and family celebrations, and it’s always appreciated if you make the effort.

Nicolastuffedone Sun 08-Dec-19 05:29:24

Thought she looked lovely! Scottish friends of ours travelled to India for a colleagues wedding, they wore saris and looked gorgeous!! Don’t see the problem.......

ConfessionsOfTeenageDramaQueen Sun 08-Dec-19 05:39:58

Cherie Blair always wears saris at appropriate events. Duchess Kate wore one recently in India.

Nokeysnoentry Sun 08-Dec-19 05:47:21

Seriously? No, it’s not cultural appropriation. What annoys me is that it is often just the women that change the way they are dressed and not the men. Does that bother anyone else?

Nicolastuffedone Sun 08-Dec-19 05:54:01

Don’t the men usually wear an orange head scarf.....?

AugustL Sun 08-Dec-19 05:54:18

I thought based on OP and certain responses that she was wearing a head covering required in a religious building, but no, just googled, she's wearing a full on outfit, no head covering.

First link I saw:

I wouldn't think that would be required wearing to visit a temple. So no I don't think it's politeness or respect for a religion, unless they require women to wear those to enter the temple, which I very much doubt, but I'm not 100%. It's playing dress-up. Hmmm.. possible cultural appropriate, or possible appreciating beautiful style of clothing which people there may appreciate. Was this an event, a dinner...? Or just popping in for press and votes? If a proper event/dinner probably ok. If not, not really comfortable with it tbh. But I'm not a Hindu, or Indian. I would consult with them.

GiveHerHellFromUs Sun 08-Dec-19 05:59:17

Cultural appropriation? We're really clutching at straws now...

No - it's respectful to the culture.

Fr0g Sun 08-Dec-19 07:02:15

Do you consider it cultural appropriation if you see an asian person wearing jeans?

GrumpyHoonMain Sun 08-Dec-19 07:06:22

She wore a cheap sari to a UK temple where most religious Hindus wear western, indo-western, or North Indian style punjabi / anarkali dresses. I would say this was a publicity stunt less about pleasing UK born / resident Indians and more about pleasing the Hindu Council’s masters in India (the BJP / Far Right).

GrumpyHoonMain Sun 08-Dec-19 07:09:26

Stunts like this make me furious. Hindus aren’t like the other religions - we have no hard and fast rules about the ‘right’ things to wear in a temple - but if the BJP / Indian far right had it’s way all Hindu women would be wearing ugly sarees like the one BJ’s girlfriend wore as a uniform to the temple

SymphonyofShadows Sun 08-Dec-19 07:10:43

I don’t know if it cultural appropriation or not, but I can’t stand this blatant touting around of his OW, moving her into Downing St and his bravado about his sleazy life in general.

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