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To have kept my mouth shut?

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starshine1926 Fri 06-Dec-19 11:28:06

I went into my local shop this morning and the female shop assistant was wearing a Xmas jumper. Not unusual for the time of year you might think. A black jumper with pretty red and green sparkly bits including bells.
But underneath the design were the words in big gold letters, 'Gingle Bells'.
I said nothing because I know the woman and didn't want to spoil her day. But really, this is right up there with redundant apostrophes and other language crimes.
Still wish I'd said something now fconfused.

GinDaddy Fri 06-Dec-19 11:29:09

What would you have said to her if you had spoken to her? hmm

SnowWhitesRestingBitchFace Fri 06-Dec-19 11:30:00

Not sure if this is supposed to be a joke or not so I'll answer as if it's serious. I'm assuming the wording was a play on the word 'Gin'.

QforCucumber Fri 06-Dec-19 11:30:14

I've seen these in asda, the picture is a bottle of Gin - hence the GINgle bells. It's a play on words.

Lollypalooza Fri 06-Dec-19 11:31:08

What was the problem?

veeboo Fri 06-Dec-19 11:31:33


starshine1926 Fri 06-Dec-19 11:32:50

I would have made a joke and told her the spelling was wrong. But I doubt that she would care.

Goodnightjude1 Fri 06-Dec-19 11:33:04


Lollypalooza Fri 06-Dec-19 11:33:46

Ah I was looking for an apostrophe after you mentioned those. Were you thinking “gingle” was a misspelling of “jingle”? Yes as others have said, it’s a pun on gin.

TheLightSideOfTheMoon Fri 06-Dec-19 11:34:30

Meh, language is contantly evolving.

And it's probably a Gin gin related word-play thingy.

GinDaddy Fri 06-Dec-19 11:35:01


Do you think it would matter to her in any way if you made the joke or you didn't?

Do you expect her to blush in embarrassment and immediately peel off said top in shame, having been admonished by you on its (completely intentional) spelling?

This feels like a sense of humour bypass here, or more likely a weird desire to shame and tell off individuals who are going about their merry business causing no harm to you.


pasturesgreen Fri 06-Dec-19 11:37:15

And...? Good idea you didn't say anything, as other have pointed out it's a pun.

TheReluctantCountess Fri 06-Dec-19 11:47:29

Gin is the big thing at the moment.

ballsdeep Fri 06-Dec-19 11:49:21

The spelling isn't wrong. You would have looked like a tit.
It's a play on words for gin, I'm surprised you haven't seen them before as they are everywhere.

SlightlyStaleCocoPops Fri 06-Dec-19 11:52:41


eenymeenyminyme Fri 06-Dec-19 11:53:48

Good job you did keep your mouth shut, you'd have felt a bit silly when she pointed out you'd missed the 'joke' gin

calmama Fri 06-Dec-19 11:54:18

While everyone else’s first thought was a drink pun mine was to query the colour of the assistant’s hair 🤦🏻‍♀️

(There is no face-palming redhead option on my phone).

EveryFlightBeginsWithAFall Fri 06-Dec-19 11:55:16

I have a hat with gingle bells on it with a picture of a bottle of gin

LifeSpectator Fri 06-Dec-19 12:01:58

some thing like this was it?]]

WobblyLady Fri 06-Dec-19 12:02:05

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt. fgrin

SickNotes Fri 06-Dec-19 12:05:27

Do you often miss puns, OP?

RedGlitterBall Fri 06-Dec-19 12:05:30

Bloody good job you kept quiet,
You would of felt like a tit grin

Beveren Fri 06-Dec-19 12:05:57

There are lots of Gingle bells jumpers around - it's entirely intentional

Beveren Fri 06-Dec-19 12:07:04

Well, probably less of a tit than if she'd written "would of", RedGlitterBall. grin

TotalRecall Fri 06-Dec-19 12:09:02

Hahahahaha hahaha thanks OP I needed the laugh! Imagine what a dick you would have looked like if you had said anything to her! 😂

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