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AIBU: A CF neighbour thread

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perplexedneighbour Wed 04-Dec-19 22:36:49

OK, so this is a light-hearted(ish) AIBU – but I’d love some interesting advice on this very CF problem. With diagrams, of course.

We were cross, but we’ve decided to take a less stressful attitude. So, please consult my not-to-scale picture. We (US on map) – share the private lane with our other neighbours. None of us owns it, all of us have access rights in our deeds. We are the only people who use the North Exit. And we mostly use South as it’s easier. But North is better for large vans/ building equipment etc.

A couple of months ago, the tree (in bold) next to ‘A’ fell across the ‘A’ road. At the time, the ‘B’ option didn’t exist. CF cut the tree in bits, placed it completely over ‘A’, and strimmed/ dug / pulled out plants to create route B. (CF never uses A or B access.) A is easier than B for big vehicles, and we needed some deliveries, so we moved the tree branches so we could use A again. Next day, CF has put them back, with a sign saying it’s not our tree and we shouldn’t move it. (It’s not CF’s tree either.) We move the sign, and put the tree back – this goes on for several days, CF and us moving this tree every day. (We haven’t spoken to him for a variety of essentially sensible reasons. This is a silent row.) Then we get there one day, and the tree is where we left it, but he has gone and got a tractor, and placed an extremely heavy concrete block on the lane, completely blocking A.

We were pissed off and wondering how to move this block. But as it was making us cross, and he is a proper cunt according to other neighbours, we are thinking that actually, we’ll use his concrete block as a barrier, and build some sort of structure there. That means we effectively claim that whole corner – it’s not ours, but it now can’t be usefully used by anyone else. And it comes with the massive benefit of messing with CF’s head. We can’t let him think he’s won.

Any other suggestions? We are considering any kind of humorous/ passive-aggressive / non-violent protest, which preferably doesn’t involve us talking to him, which we know through experience would do no good and potentially some harm,( ie another concrete block which cuts us off from all access).

Daisydoola Wed 04-Dec-19 22:39:36

How weird of him. I'd just use B I think.

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Wed 04-Dec-19 22:42:48

How quickly could you build a car port of some sort? Then you could use that area for your own parking and free up some space in your front garden.

JasonPollack Wed 04-Dec-19 22:44:59

Put some nice planters around it? Set up a bbq and have a noisy winter-bq. Invite other neighbours.
Oo paint a mural on it!

Mattelio Wed 04-Dec-19 22:45:04

Giant inflatable Santa on top of the block?

TheSandgroper Wed 04-Dec-19 22:45:22

A decent tent, a fire pit, lanterns, food, wine, lots of mates and a 1980’s boombox. Brunches, lunches, Sunday sessions, end of term windup, Saturday nights etc?

NobJobWinker Wed 04-Dec-19 22:45:42

How bizarre

Has anyone spoken to him to find out why he wants everyone to use B rather than A

I'm guessing there must be some logic to his thinking and I would want to know his motive!

Apileofballyhoo Wed 04-Dec-19 22:47:04

How did CF build a road in a day?

Alicealicewhothe Wed 04-Dec-19 22:47:59

I dont understand why cf wants to keep A blocked. How does it affect them?

Oilyoilyoilgob Wed 04-Dec-19 22:48:01

Put some tinsel on it? In all seriousness though, is everyone sure that none of you have ownership/rights over it?

We live off a private road and from moving in a few years ago were told that one of the other four houses off it has the ‘rights’ of the road.
Not sure if this is true (!) or who decided (our house was actually built first many years ago) but I’m happy leaving as is as they have to deal with contacting us and the other two houses regarding anything to do with it-so glad I don’t have any of that to do!

I’d just use B and ignore him to be honest, I hate drama 🤷🏻‍♀️

perplexedneighbour Wed 04-Dec-19 22:50:38

Love the suggestions! Xmas decorations are a great initial idea!

I do want to know his motives, but the general consensus is that he's done it to annoy another neighbour, that he hates, who he thinks uses that entrance (but doesn't.)

QueenOfOversharing Wed 04-Dec-19 22:53:29

Where was that thread where the OP put out a little scene with characters in front a stupid sign her neighbour had put up? That OP was very creative. Fraud I'm not.

BonnesVacances Wed 04-Dec-19 22:55:29

Put a Christmas tree up by the concrete block, or on it, if you want to be really PA. grin

Singlebutmarried Wed 04-Dec-19 22:58:08

In the dead of night sprays it to look like a giant Rubik’s cube

Whathewhatnow Wed 04-Dec-19 22:58:26

I was going to say put an elaborate ramp over it but I think ignoring or decorating is better actually. What a wally.

Canadianpancake Wed 04-Dec-19 22:59:05

I'd put the bits of tree on top of it.

RB68 Wed 04-Dec-19 23:01:41

He shouldn't be blocking a right of way, but is it possible he does own it?

He may have bought it off whoever?

Seems odd that it is not owned by someone - we have a private lane and each of us owns the piece in front of the house and a slice of the entrance way (there are 7 of us)

LifeofClimb Wed 04-Dec-19 23:02:14

Why can’t you just take the tree to the dump? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Then he won’t have anything to block you with!

AdobeWanKenobi Wed 04-Dec-19 23:09:03

Why can’t you just take the tree to the dump? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Then he won’t have anything to block you with

And the concrete block?

Bunnybaubles Wed 04-Dec-19 23:09:08

Well, with it being close to Christmas you should build a santa's grotto. All neighbours welcome except CF. Santa is cross with him.

IvyWinters Wed 04-Dec-19 23:11:06

I would get a cheap one man tent and put it neatly in the new blocked off corner with some cushions and a cheapie Ikea throw. I would also get a disposable BBQ, and actually set it up on the concrete block. Make it really homey, complete with a few charcoal smears.

I would also tie a washing line from the tent to the fallen tree and hang some pants and socks on there.

katewhinesalot Wed 04-Dec-19 23:31:46

Like the pants and socks idea.

I take it the other neighbours are on board with your activities or are they silently cursing you as well as him?

Campurp Wed 04-Dec-19 23:38:07

No ideas, I just want to know why on Earth he’s adamant that his new road should be used!

LifeofClimb Wed 04-Dec-19 23:44:16


Well if the tree has gone then she would be justified in asking CF to move the bloody concrete block they put there! There's no reason for it...

perplexedneighbour Wed 04-Dec-19 23:52:13

Think I might go for the washing line & Xmas theme, maybe a string of santa pants ...

We are pretty sure he doesn't own it - I reckon he'd have told everyone, and started being even odder.

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