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Here for traffic... AIBU to think we should be sent a Party Wall Notice?

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Dunkling Tue 03-Dec-19 08:30:29

Neighbours put in planning application, we have no objection.

BUT, between 3 houses we have a shared drive. Sweeps up and around a corner leading off to each houses privately owned parking area and garage. Title deeds and agreement when we bought shows the shared part to belong to each house equally, as in, no split down the middle or closest to house shenanigins, but all 3 houses own and are equally liable to share costs when maintenance needed.

Neighbours are tw@ts. Constantly park on shared part blocking it. Put a skip on it once without mention. Park in our turning area using it as their private space when house 3 is on holiday and don't need access. Constantly squeeze 2 cars on their space for 1 overhanging shared part and blocking access. Have had several polite words but it always slips back to as before.

SO... Where the extension will be, will be right up to the boundary of their garden and the shared drive. Plans show foundations going a bit under drive.

As we share ownership of this drive, should they have served us a party wall notice? Or not as they also own it? Much googling makes it confusing as it talks of walls and foundations under buildings.

Interested as although we don't object to the building itself, a party wall notice would give us a chance to agree in writing our claim on the land and to raise our lack of agreement to what we know will happen.... constant skips, builders trucks parking not just unloading, storing of materials, on the shared area. They are also not the most on point with maintenance and should a skip, or the foundations damage it, they'd agree to make good but it wouldn't necessarily BE good or be done in a timely manner. Verbal just won't cut it with these people. Lovely, but inconsiderate to others. Planning application comments apparently don't take things like this into consideration.

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