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the most ridiculous thing you’ve read on here?

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Itsemily Sun 01-Dec-19 18:54:00

I’ve been on MN since September so still fairly new but I’m obsessed . I am always reading AIBU’s but I’m hooked on the chat section, and I have read some funny stuff over the last few months . Just wanting a laugh really so if you’ve been on here a while , are there any particular threads that have stuck with you ?

NoProblem123 Sun 01-Dec-19 18:57:37

I’m also pretty new but still giggling at the thread last week about the naked man in the communal charging room at the pool that a poor lady was posting about, and then the one from the naked man moaning about the lady in the men’s charging room.
I don’t know the outcome and don’t want to 😁

Aquamarine1029 Sun 01-Dec-19 18:58:46


Echobelly Sun 01-Dec-19 19:00:12

Hahah, @Aquamarine1029 , I knew that one had to make an appearance!

OopsISnappedAndFarted Sun 01-Dec-19 19:01:00

@noproblem123 the naked man moaning about the lady in the communal changing room was a parody of a thread. The original thread was a woman posting about a man being naked in the men’s changing room and her worrying that he may accidentally have a child walk into his wang... she appeared to have no grasp of the fact that she shouldn’t have been in the men’s room in the first place! Had me giggling 😂

PositiveVibez Sun 01-Dec-19 19:03:16

The one where the OP shouted at MIL that she was the carcass 😂😂. Makes me laugh whenever I think about it.

OopsISnappedAndFarted Sun 01-Dec-19 19:03:32

@Aquamarine1029 noooooo 😂😂😂😂 that’s tonight’s entertainment by the looks of it 👌🏻

Itsemily Sun 01-Dec-19 19:04:24

@NoProblem123 that had me creasing it was so funny! @OopsISnappedAndFarted child walk into his wang I am so done haha

SquareAsABlock Sun 01-Dec-19 19:04:50

Theres a Classics section for most of the bullshit well liked threads on MN. The one above is an example, not sure if the utterly ridiculous Snapped and Farted saga got saved. There was much mirth and namechanges over that one.

The only genuinely fun nonsense poster here was Beanie. She was actually (unintentionally) funny, started several threads about her imagined very rich life, many threads about how to spend her millions and Norland nanny hiring. I'm sure she was the one who wanted to marry in Maui as well.

cheeseislife8 Sun 01-Dec-19 19:05:26

The penis beaker is definitely my favourite! Have a nosy in classics OP, some brilliant ones in there

PositiveVibez Sun 01-Dec-19 19:05:59

I'm having a read myself again grin

Itsemily Sun 01-Dec-19 19:06:53

@Aquamarine1029 Screaming at the MichaelAngelo LOL

@cheeseislife8 thank you I'll take a look, I actually didn't realise there was a whole dedicated thread, I'm still working my way around (I love your name, cheese is definitely life)

RiftGibbon Sun 01-Dec-19 19:07:13

A really old one, it's buried in classics, about Sharon, wine and a wasp.
The same poster did a few other threads (T-rexing in Asda) but then disappeared.

takeittogo Sun 01-Dec-19 19:10:28

Artamdco was hilarious as well, square grin

attillathenun Sun 01-Dec-19 19:11:55

The thread about the woman having a breakdown in the Sistine chapel because she was so overwhelmed is hands down the best thing I’ve ever read on here, had me absolutely crying with laughter 😂 the comments are comedy gold -

Enjoy OP if you haven’t already read it!

Aquamarine1029 Sun 01-Dec-19 19:12:00


It's the best thread ever. The op is known as the Sistine Screamer. 😂😂😂😂

Selfsettling3 Sun 01-Dec-19 19:12:22

You need to search for mumsnet classic threads.

CAG12 Sun 01-Dec-19 19:14:21

I saw one a while ago where a poster started a thread, then answered her own question. That makes me lol.

I personally enjoy all the over reactions. I read one a while ago where someones son had been hit at soft play by some other boys (all were about 3 years old) and someone suggested calling the police. I lolled.

Itsemily Sun 01-Dec-19 19:17:38

@CAG12 I love the over reacting ones, they make me really chuckle!

@attillathenun I am not exaggerating when I say I am reading this for the third time in 5 minutes and it gets funnier and funnier each time . DH is just shaking his head at me in disbelief

DotForShort Sun 01-Dec-19 19:22:24

So many trolls. hmm Where to begin?

Itsemily Sun 01-Dec-19 19:26:52

@DotForShort I have a question actually, how do you know if someone is a troll? I have seen some idiot comments but never know if someone is an actual troll or just an idiot?

purpleturtle25 Sun 01-Dec-19 19:28:12

Thanks @Aquamarine1029 I'm currently trying to put DS to sleep and I just burst into uncontrollable laughter 😂

JorisBonson Sun 01-Dec-19 19:28:46

The one where someone husband was coming back from Asda with his shirt untucked so naturally he'd been getting blow jobs in the car park from hookers whilst doing the big shop.

MintyMabel Sun 01-Dec-19 19:30:10

So many trolls. hmm Where to begin?

Cheer up. This thread will drag them all out again so people can proclaim absolute hilarity guaranteed to wake the baby.

As an added bonus, it will encourage new posters to come along and aim for a place in Mumsnet troll graveyard classics

carly2803 Sun 01-Dec-19 19:30:38

lemon drizzle and the PTA

fucking amazing. (marmalate twatkins???)

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