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to think that she should get out more?

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emkana Tue 21-Aug-07 22:24:30

Caitlin Moran that is.


But then my children haven't really taken to Charlie and Lola, so I'm biased...

Carmenere Tue 21-Aug-07 22:27:21

Oh she is well behind, we were talking about this on mn at least a year ago. she is obviously a crap mner

mummymagic Tue 21-Aug-07 22:40:57

Am I missing something? Its exactly like the one in Private Eye with all its !!!! and CAPITALS!!!

Or is it a pisstake?

paulaplumpbottom Tue 21-Aug-07 22:42:38

Who is Charlie and Lola?

SpeccieSeccie Tue 21-Aug-07 22:44:59

Bizarre. Is all journalism this easy?

moljam Tue 21-Aug-07 22:45:01

paulaplumpbottom are you serious?

paulaplumpbottom Tue 21-Aug-07 22:58:41

Never heard of them, my daughter is 4 maybe she is too young for it?

mollymawk Tue 21-Aug-07 23:03:52

Ah, yes, paulapb I have a DS aged just 4 and I have only just recently heard of Charlie and Lola.

ColdPenguin Tue 21-Aug-07 23:46:31

I cannot believe there are people here who have not heard of Charlie and Lola.

Are you really for real?

sugarmatches Wed 22-Aug-07 00:02:31

Soren Lorenson is Lola's imaginary friend (who happens to look and speak just like her older brother Charlie).
My dd absolutely love C&L. Got her first book years ago and she has everything now. She is almost 7 and does not seem to be wavering in her love. But I did also catch her watching Tweenies the other day.
I think it is sweet. Maybe she will stay my baby a bit longer.
But actual fictional character gossip...that is a bit

ColdPenguin Wed 22-Aug-07 00:14:04

The gossip bit is not about the fictional characters!

Have you read the link in the original post?

It's great. I never knew that and I am just off to tell my husband. He will love it too.

lemonaid Wed 22-Aug-07 00:16:15

DS is 2.7 and he recognises C&L at 20 paces... (and claims all other Lauren Child books are also C&L)

madamez Wed 22-Aug-07 01:03:37

I bet reading that will make Lauren Thingy feel really great about herself and her work, won't it. WHatever you and your DCs think about Charlie and Lola, it's a bit rough on any author to have fatuous self-obsessed journos speculating about one's unborn children.

Carmenere Wed 22-Aug-07 09:05:26

Ouch that's a bit personal Madamez! AFAIK Lauren Child doesn't have any children so will probably not come across it anyway. And as I said it has been out there in the public fora for quite a while and is hardly a secret.

LoveAngel Wed 22-Aug-07 09:25:17

Only confirms (once again) for me what a load of utter shite alphamummy is.

lucyellensmum Wed 22-Aug-07 09:31:08

i NEVER want to be an alpha mummy

Dropdeadfred Wed 22-Aug-07 09:31:25

Message withdrawn

littlelapin Wed 22-Aug-07 09:36:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dropdeadfred Wed 22-Aug-07 09:38:34

yes LL my horror at the other comments almost made me forget that...I hate people who are so gleeful about other peoples' sadness

littlelapin Wed 22-Aug-07 09:41:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dropdeadfred Wed 22-Aug-07 09:45:43

she should be so ashamed...what on earth efect would that article ave on that poor man's family...I am actually getting more angry....where can i complain about that?

alycat Wed 22-Aug-07 09:46:54

Carmenere, quite likely she has a PR and cuttings service that lifts every mention of her name from the press/web and sends it to her.

So chances are she will see it.

littlelapin Wed 22-Aug-07 09:48:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dropdeadfred Wed 22-Aug-07 09:49:06

Message withdrawn

Dropdeadfred Wed 22-Aug-07 09:56:23

Thanks LL - I have commented.

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