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Dentures101 Sat 23-Nov-19 20:31:40

Hi all. So I am in need of a talk down. I am so worried about my teeth. I have had 4 kids in, eldest is 6.5 years. Youngest 7 months. Each pregnancy has resulted in awful sickness up to 12 times a day for the ENTIRE pregnancies. It was awful. Anyway. The last 2 pregnancies really ruined my teeth. I finally found an NHS dentist so went for a check up. Was told I need 5 teeth removed and 4 fillings. I burst into tears. Accepted it and made an appointment. Said appointment was cancelled 8 times by the dental practice.

Gave up went to a private dentist who said no we can do root canals but they are 400 each and a couple of fillings at 100 each! Can't afford that.

So found another NHS dentist! So lucky and going for a check up next week. Am I being unreasonable in thinking they can just take them out and then maybe I could have some partial dentures. I'm still young. Only 27. But I have been in pain for 6 months and no dentist I have seen has actually helped! I don't want to keep going back for root canals that may or may not work as I can't get the child care for the two younger ones. Aged 2 and 7 months. So I would rather pull them and get dentures sorted. Or would this be stupid?


nitgel Sat 23-Nov-19 20:34:29

You dont want teeth removed unless you really need to ! See what the dentist says and try to be positive

Dentures101 Sat 23-Nov-19 20:37:21

That's the thing NHS dentist wanted to pull them. Private wanted to do root canals. Which I can't afford. Not sure about this other NHS dentist...

Dentures101 Sat 23-Nov-19 20:40:02

The strange thing is they have decayed on the inside not the outside. They didn't realise how bad they were until they did x-rays

Dentures101 Sat 23-Nov-19 20:40:17

I had no pain until then either

KateFoster Sat 23-Nov-19 20:41:02

I'm a dental nurse/ you DO NOT want denture unless there your only option!! Please don't. Have th root canal. Take the kids it's encouraged actually cos it makes kids less scared of the dentist when they see their parents going

Dentures101 Sat 23-Nov-19 20:43:11

Ok. If the NHS dentist offers them I will. But I can't afford 1 root canal on private. Do you think the vomiting in the pregnancies ruined my teeth?

SexlessBoulderBelly Sat 23-Nov-19 20:43:50

Can you afford a payment plan with the private dentist?

Dental nurse here, I think keeping your natural teeth as long as possible is always the ideal outcome. But I totally understand that it’s not always affordable.

However, if you have teeth removed now and replaced with dentures, if you’re thinking of implant in the future you need to be aware that after having teeth removed your bone will reduce over the years in that area. So if you have dentures for years then decide you want implants to replace the teeth you lost there may not be enough bone volume to have the treatment.

That said, if you do go for partial dentures I highly suggest having partial cobalt chrome dentures, the metal frame is very very thin, can be made so that it’s not covering the majority of your palate so minimal disruption to taste and heat sensory, and they can provide much better retention.

I hope you figure out a way to resolve the issue OP, you’re still so young it would be a shame to lose your teeth now. flowers

SexlessBoulderBelly Sat 23-Nov-19 20:46:08

Vomiting brings up acid which can cause erosion on the teeth, so yes it could have done some damage no doubt. especially as all you want after being sick is to brush your teeth and freshen up your mouth, brushing on top of immediate acid contact is a double whammy on the erosion/attrition side of things.

Dentures101 Sat 23-Nov-19 20:50:13

Thank you sexless. I will speak to the dentist and ask. The private dentist near me doesn't do payment plans if you can believe it! Thank you for the advice. I asked the dentist about the sickness and she just said no. Only gum problems are an issue in pregnancy... So I need to sort out my oral hygiene. The thing is I am very good at brushing and flossing!

So you have made me feel better about that. Thank you. And yes I would immediately brush my teeth after being sick!

Reallynowdear Sat 23-Nov-19 20:50:49

Oh, you poor thing, this is distressing.

However, please look into this carefully. As pp said, do not go down the denture route yet, there are alternatives.

Always ask for more opinions

Dentures101 Sat 23-Nov-19 20:52:49

Thank you really. I have cried over this so much. The thing is I never had pain until I went to the first dentist and she 'cleaned' my teeth. I got home and saw a hole in my tooth. So it was obviously going to happen but she must have dislodged it some how. I was then in pain for weeks. Until I got an emergency appointment. Had a temporary filling for about 5 months now and it is killing me

nitgel Sat 23-Nov-19 20:56:47

Isnt dental treatment free if you have a child under 1 ?

SexlessBoulderBelly Sat 23-Nov-19 21:00:07

It’s an awful situation to be in. I’ve seen many patient who have come in after years of not visiting for one reason or another, and when they learn of the damage done it is a shock to the system. It’s natural to think of something isn’t painful then it can’t be serious. It’s only when the problem is pointed out you realise what’s happened so I totally feel for you.

But try not to dwell on it, there are so so many options available to you, you’re far from hitting a dead end even on a budget there are options. Shop around, get second opinions and you’ll know what the right thing for you is.

Dentures101 Sat 23-Nov-19 21:06:00

Thank you. Yes it's free on the NHS if under 1. Hence why she just wanted to pull them all out. It was easier for her. That and I never got my exemption certificate. I sent it off and never received it. Midwife wouldn't give me Mother form.... Not having much luck amongst other things this year

Dentures101 Sat 23-Nov-19 21:12:20

Also how long does a root canal take? And can they do more than one at a time? I always take the kids with me. But my 2 year old climbs on me which isn't helpful which is why I need to find child care which is near enough impossible on a good day

Dentures101 Sat 23-Nov-19 21:12:41

Or I wait until January when she starts a couple of hours of nursery

StCharlotte Sat 23-Nov-19 21:31:10

Could your other half take some annual or parental leave to look after the DC?

DianaT1969 Sat 23-Nov-19 21:35:06

Keep your DC strapped in the pushchair. Try to tire them out beforehand at the park. Bottle of milk and her favourite toy. If she cries, she cries. But you need to put yourself first for a few hours.
Push for root canals on NHS OP. Get that exemption cert somehow. I believe they do one at a time as they don't want a risk of bleeding from several teeth. Plus, the appointments are never long enough for more than 1 or 2.

Notcontent Sat 23-Nov-19 21:40:34

NO - do not get dentures under any circumstances. As consequences are greater than you might expect.

Dentures101 Sat 23-Nov-19 21:53:39

Ok thanks all. My friend might have my 2 year old. She doesn't nap, go in a pram or drink a bottle any more! She's very independent unlike her brothers

Defenbaker Sat 23-Nov-19 23:02:51

OP, you have my sympathies. I've had many teeth problems over the years, due to a mixture of bad luck and eating too many sweets as a teenager, so I've had a lot of dental work and know how daunting it is to face that amount of dental work, let alone find the money to pay for it.

Here are some points to consider.

1) There are worse things than having some gaps in your mouth - throbbing dental pain, for one. It can be excruciating and reach the stage where no painkiller works - don't let it get that bad.
2) Root canal work is expensive and tricky to do, especially on the back teeth, which have 3 or sometimes 4 roots. Sometimes the roots are curly - this makes it more tricky. I had a root canal on a molar which failed and got infected, so it then had to be removed anyway - worst of both worlds. I've also had a root canal on a front tooth, which succeeded. I think because there is only a single root to drill out, plus access is easier for the dentist, root canals on front teeth are more likely to succeed. Private dentist will be happy to try root canals, because they make lots of money doing them, then if they fail they charge more money for the extractions - it's a win win situation for them, with you taking the gamble and enduring hours in the chair (45-60 mins for each one). They don't give refunds for failed root canals.
3) You say you've been in pain for months - it will only get worse. Delaying treatment could cost you more money and might mean that you lose the choice of saving some of those teeth.
4) Extractions are strange to experience, but usually painless a lot quicker than root canal work. Once the hole heals the pink healthy gum is a lot nicer than a rotten, painful tooth.
5) I have 3 gaps, and wear a partial denture which covers 2 gaps near the front of my mouth. It's comfortable and nobody knows I have it.
6) I've had several crowns, and they've been brilliant, much sturdier than my own teeth (weak enamel). I recommend them, as mine have lasted over 20 years.

If you are entitled to free dentist treatment and money is tight, I think your best bet is to push for the form you need and use the NHS dentist to sort out the worst of the issues now. If some of the badly decayed teeth are near the back (and they often are), you may find that one or two gaps won't be too visible and don't affect your chewing ability too much. You need not commit to getting all 9 teeth sorted now, but you need to get the worst issues sorted and take lots of care of your teeth going forward, to preserve them.

I can't imagine looking after young children while enduring dental treatment - you would not be able to supervise them while you are laying in the chair with your mouth pinned open. You need to arrange childcare somehow.

I hope that helps. Good luck OP. smile

Dentures101 Sun 24-Nov-19 06:34:01

Ok thank you everyone. I have a check up on Tuesday. Going to see if I can get an emergency appointment instead tomorrow to sort my bottom tooth out first with the temp filling. That's what's making everything else hurt at the moment then try and make a plan of action for the others .

Dentures101 Sun 24-Nov-19 06:34:56

And yes my back molars at the top. All of them. Plus one tooth next to my canine. And a couple of fillings at the bottom

SquashedFlyBiscuit Sun 24-Nov-19 06:39:21

What are these "consequences" of having dentures everyone keeps mentioning? Compelte side issue but myself, and my children, will have to have dentures young due to dental conditions (hence clicking on the thread.)

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