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Im a celebrity should be banned.

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malificent7 Fri 22-Nov-19 14:58:07

I just don't get how anyone can watch this glorified animal abuse. If you enjoy watching celebs eating pig uterus and insects etc then i think you are tacky and judge you. Sorry.

recrudesence Fri 22-Nov-19 15:00:30

Presumably the uterus is from an already slaughtered pig so no more immoral than bacon in that respect. I believe they have stopped the consumption of live insects.

Disfordarkchocolate Fri 22-Nov-19 15:01:40

It's one of the reasons I don't want it. Why anyone ever thought it was acceptable to eat live insects I don't know, it's cruel. And the other trials often include putting animals in situations that will be unfamiliar and stressful, not funny to me. I have other reservations too, it's just not for me.

Howyiz Fri 22-Nov-19 15:03:29

Eh... How is it any worse than eating any other meat?

Bluntness100 Fri 22-Nov-19 15:03:41

I'm not sure it is animal abuse. They don't eat live insects, and a pigs uterus is no different from the other parts of the pig that humans eat.

And I understand when live animals are involved there are animal welfare specialists in hand to ensure they are unharmed.

Thestrangestthing Fri 22-Nov-19 15:03:45

Completely agree. Don't know why they were and still are allowed to use live animals.

Biancadelrioisback Fri 22-Nov-19 15:47:31

Was it last year or the year before when someone had to eat a whole, live spider?

Sparklingbrook Fri 22-Nov-19 15:53:24

I think I read somewhere that there will be no more live insects used.

As for the other stuff the animal wouldn't have been killed specifically for it's anus/uterus.

Luckily TVs come with a remote control and off switch.

Spied Fri 22-Nov-19 15:57:46

I don't know about being banned but it should definitely cut the swearing and be on tv at an earlier hour.
My DC hear about it and want to watch it ( apparently even the teachers at school talk about it with the pupils) but it doesn't finish until after 10pm!!!

Sagradafamiliar Fri 22-Nov-19 15:59:19

I thought I read they'd changed the rules regarding animal tasks? I haven't watched as it's boring.

coconuttelegraph Fri 22-Nov-19 16:00:46

Have you just got a TV? This has been going on for years and probably will be for many more

PristineCondition Fri 22-Nov-19 16:13:39

then i think you are tacky and judge you. Sorry.

I'm devastated....oh wait

Chickychoccyegg Fri 22-Nov-19 16:19:29

oh well, judge away...hmm .

isseywith4vampirecats Fri 22-Nov-19 16:22:32

ive never watched it if enough people switched channels and viewing numbers dropped enough they would take it off air but sadly too many people like to watch trash TV

FirstTicket Fri 22-Nov-19 16:24:00

I'm a vegetarian/attempting vegan and i think YABU.

I was hysterical (over-reaction but i get too empathetic) the other year when someone had to eat a live spider, and hadn't been able to watch it until this year (hadn't watched previous years due to live crickets, worms and grubs being eaten).

There is no more consumption of live animals/insects. The animals that are used for food are already dead AND they utilise parts of the meat that are normally thrown away. They had crocodile feet for tea the other night.

Everyone has the right to eat meat, so even if you don't agree with it YABU, just don't watch it.

Far2go46 Fri 22-Nov-19 16:29:33

Can we keep celebrity vs crocodile?

SoupDragon Fri 22-Nov-19 16:31:02

I would also like to know how this is any different from eating a bacon sandwich.

Do you also object to Masterchef?

PortiaCastis Fri 22-Nov-19 16:41:17

Bacon butties are my favourite breakfast at the weekend, the bacon comes from a slaughtered pig and so does the uterus on the programme
I think you are tacky and judge you
Oh really well I never!

runoutofideasnow Fri 22-Nov-19 16:43:35

Imagine being so desperate for fame or money that you'd actually eat a whole, live, spider.
No money in the world would convince me to do that.
The people on it are desperados.

Magnificentme Fri 22-Nov-19 16:44:27

Oh I love it come judge me 9pm I'm cleb here I come grin

TechnicalSergeantGarp Fri 22-Nov-19 16:46:51

I won't watch this, the tasks with live animals and insects should be banned. It might be a very fine line for some between entertainment and food but for me it's a hard pass.

Spamantha Fri 22-Nov-19 16:50:37

They've recently announced they won't be featuring the eating-live-insects tasks any more.

KittenLedWeaning Fri 22-Nov-19 16:51:15

I've never watched it but I saw a news article the other day saying they'd no longer be eating live insects, for the very reasons you suggest.

marshmallowss Fri 22-Nov-19 16:52:16

Judge away. I absolutely love it!

KittenLedWeaning Fri 22-Nov-19 16:52:39

Link -

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