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Anyone who does this is weird

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NonUrinatInVentum Sun 17-Nov-19 19:15:17

Reading the thread where the OP ate a 200g bar of chocolate and I was clutching my pearls shocked at the amount of weirdos Mnetters who keep their chocolate in the FRIDGE!!! It's teeth breakingly hard to bite and doesn't melt into deliciousness as easily. Why the fridge???!!!!!!!

Takeitonthechin Sun 17-Nov-19 19:23:53

I like the chocolate colder and it lasts a little longer, I just don't like room temperature chocolate.... I don't mind being weird if this is weird smile

aLilNonnyMouse Sun 17-Nov-19 19:25:03

You are going to hate me then! I keep my snickers in the freezer.

Makes it last for ages and it melts into a gooey mess grin

MamaWeasel Sun 17-Nov-19 19:25:04

Yanbu. I adore chocolate but my teeth object if it's been refrigerated.....

Meruem Sun 17-Nov-19 19:26:00

I hate melted chocolate. Just the sight of a chocolate fountain makes me feel sick! So while I do like the taste of chocolate sometimes (though I don’t eat much if it) I don’t want it “melting” in my mouth. So it needs to be fresh out of the fridge for me to eat it. It’s funny though, I remember my DD saying that she didn’t learn until her 20s that chocolate doesn’t need to be in the fridge! As she was so used to that from her childhood. Turns out she prefers it from the cupboard but my DS is the same as me.

slipperywhensparticus Sun 17-Nov-19 19:26:27

It tastes like COLD NOTHING

Spied Sun 17-Nov-19 19:27:43

Not keen on chocolate straight out of the fridge but love chocolate spread made hard in the fridge so it's no longer 'spread'.

SomeoneInTheLaaaaaounge Sun 17-Nov-19 19:28:25

Mine is in the FREEZER! I can’t eat warm chocholate

Tunnocks34 Sun 17-Nov-19 19:28:55

I microwave my chocolate too it’s like soup and eat with a spoon!

Hangingwithmygnomies Sun 17-Nov-19 19:29:29

Firm fridge keeper here. Nothing better then fridge cold Dairy Milk 😋

AGnu Sun 17-Nov-19 19:30:29

Standard chocolate bars go in the cupboard here but Mars & Snickers go in the fridge & then I cut them into slices when hard. Dark chocolate digestives must go in the freezer.

DramaAlpaca Sun 17-Nov-19 19:30:30

I only like chocolate if it's been kept in the fridge.

Getoffmylilo Sun 17-Nov-19 19:30:52

But there's not enough clagging if it's been in the fridge. it has to be claggy.

MashedSpud Sun 17-Nov-19 19:31:30

I prefer it from the fridge. Even after eight mints. 🤤

SugarNyx Sun 17-Nov-19 19:31:34

Chocolate absolutely belongs in a fridge!

BossAssBitch Sun 17-Nov-19 19:31:42

Twix have to be refrigerated its the law

Babybel90 Sun 17-Nov-19 19:38:17

It tastes better from the fridge, but I’m not picky, I’ll eat it room temperature if that’s what’s available grin

Staffy1 Sun 17-Nov-19 19:39:15

I agree, it's the weirdest of weirdness.

CactusAndCacti Sun 17-Nov-19 19:39:46

YANBU chocolate should never be in the fridge, ever. It is a deal breaker in a friendship, no way do I want to associate with fridge chocolate eaters, the next thing they would be telling me is that they don't tip when eating a corner yoghurt.

NonUrinatInVentum Sun 17-Nov-19 19:40:21

FREEZER?????? (faints) grin

icantfind Sun 17-Nov-19 19:40:23

I break it into squares in the packet then put it in the fridge. Eat each square individually, sucking each piece so it melts in my mouth- mmmmm

malfoylovespotter Sun 17-Nov-19 19:41:48

It's slimey when it's been in the fridge.

Only time it's ok to put it in fridge is during a heatwave!

GrumpyHoonMain Sun 17-Nov-19 19:41:54

Love cold chocolate. Tastes better

Thatsenoughjuststopit Sun 17-Nov-19 19:43:29

Room temperature at worst, starting to go gooey preferred. Even diet coke has to be room temperature, can't stand that chilled either.

stitchwitch85 Sun 17-Nov-19 19:44:52

Oh god my DH does this and it's just WRONG!!! We now have separate bars so he can turn his into an ice cold bar of snapping nastiness while I can enjoy mine at the correct and proper temperature 😆

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