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broceaulys Sun 17-Nov-19 16:18:42

We had lunch in Morrisons cafe today (toddler DD’s fave ‘restaurant’) after doing weekly shop. I had a jacket pot, DD had a kids pasta, DSs are only 11mo so shared a kids’ lunchbox and DH ordered their ‘Big Daddy’ breakfast with extra toast, extra black pudding, an extra egg on top of 3 of everything.

Came home and started getting the roast dinner on and DH says “surely you’re not cooking a roast after my HUGE lunch!” I reminded him there are 4 other people in the house who haven’t had what he’s had and said he could just have a bit if he wasn’t hungry. He said it’s a waste of time because we should all have had a big lunch and a smaller tea. I’m annoyed but not sure why!

IHaveBrilloHair Sun 17-Nov-19 16:43:37

I'll have his share that he won't want grin

Shoxfordian Sun 17-Nov-19 16:44:04

Don't toddlers go through phases when they think they're the only ones in the world? Seems like your husband never moved on from that stage

Apileofballyhoo Sun 17-Nov-19 16:44:51

Sounds delicious, OP. Are you making apple sauce?

Your DH is just annoyed because he wants to have the roast dinner on a day he can eat loads of it.

Poppinjay Sun 17-Nov-19 16:46:12

Why on earth didn't you say we're having a big roast this evening so you may not want to have a huge lunch?

Presumably the DH had participated in the weekly shop they had just done and was aware of the impending roast.

It does sound as if the Sunday roast is the usual routine for their family too and the DH is an adult and perfectly capable of taking that into account unprompted.

dottiedodah Sun 17-Nov-19 16:46:24

Surely he would have known a large roast might be available on a cold winters Sunday!

stucknoue Sun 17-Nov-19 16:46:24

I would cook it tomorrow and have cheese on toast instead, save yourself some work

Aridane Sun 17-Nov-19 16:46:42


Witchofzog Sun 17-Nov-19 16:48:21

I cooked a roast for me and the dog yesterday. He isn't the only person in the house and if you and or the rest of you want one then you should have one

Lipz Sun 17-Nov-19 16:51:37

My dh eats loads before meals lol it sometimes annoys me but he's able to eat his dinner too. I'd go ahead and cook it if I was looking forward to it myself and give your dh some hot meat on bread, my dh does this, I do it myself sometimes If not starving, I'll stick some roast beef and stuffing on fresh bread.

transformandriseup Sun 17-Nov-19 16:52:37

If I'd had what he had had I wouldn't want a roast later but he could have just said "none for me thanks"

JusticeForSandra Sun 17-Nov-19 16:57:12

He's an idiot.

Any normal human being is able to eat a small or reasonable portion if they are not hungry, having a roast doesn't mean "stuffing yourself". A small slice of meat and some vegetables, what on earth is wrong with that. A roast is not a huge meal, no one has to eat a lot of everything hmm

If he is unable not to over-eat, he is a terrible example for his kids, and an idiot.

Kindlethefourth Sun 17-Nov-19 17:02:00

Going against the consensus here but I have a very healthy appetite but couldn't eat a jacket potato or a huge all day breakfast at lunchtime and then a roast dinner. For my family eating out at lunchtime has the huge bonus for me of being followed by a 'snacky tea'. I am with DH

PurpleDaisies Sun 17-Nov-19 17:02:57

A jacket potato wouldn’t count as a huge lunch for me.

loubieloo4 Sun 17-Nov-19 17:05:08

I want a roast now, but having no meat in 🤬

Ellie56 Sun 17-Nov-19 17:07:24

Just because he ate three/four times as much as everyone else at lunch time and doesn't want a roast dinner doesn't mean no one else does. Crack on with it.

BirdandSparrow Sun 17-Nov-19 17:09:36

I'm really not one of those people who does that "ooh how can you eat that much" faux nonsense, because I like my food and I'm a bit overweight truth be told....but isn't a jacket potato and then a big roast dinner masses of food?

speakout Sun 17-Nov-19 17:10:34

What do you want OP? Seems a lot of work.
If you have your heart set in a Sunday roast and the kids will eat it then bugger him.
I would be happy with someting simpler, but I am not a fan of Sunday roast.

BirdandSparrow Sun 17-Nov-19 17:11:01

I live abroad and maybe my eating habits are different now but last time we were in the UK and I had a jacket potato (can't get them here) I was totally stuffed, it was soooo filling.

BirdandSparrow Sun 17-Nov-19 17:11:38

But I do love (and sometimes quite miss) roast dinner. Especially the gravy.....

Tistheseason17 Sun 17-Nov-19 17:11:39

I can always make room for a roast - he can just have himself a smaller portion - why should everyone else miss out?!

MustardScreams Sun 17-Nov-19 17:12:29

I’ve cooked a roast after having a roast out for lunch once. I’m yet to find an inappropriate time for a roast.

PurpleDaisies Sun 17-Nov-19 17:12:45

isn't a jacket potato and then a big roast dinner masses of food?

Depends on filling and extras. Jacket and beans is about 400 calories. That’s the same (or less) than a lot of supermarket sandwiches.

Spacerader Sun 17-Nov-19 17:13:40

I couldn’t have eaten a meal then had a roast. When I do a roast it’s generally the only mela of the day (asides from breakfast and then dessert later in the evening),

I would personally go with a smaller evening meal if I had eaten out. So I’m with your husband.

BirdandSparrow Sun 17-Nov-19 17:21:47

Depends on filling and extras. Jacket and beans is about 400 calories. That’s the same (or less) than a lot of supermarket sandwiches I didn't mean calories really, I meant in terms of being filling.
Last time I was in the UK I had ajcket potato cheese and beans and it was delicious but I was also really full after. I couldn't have had a roast dinner for tea. And I'm someone who likes food and could do with losing a stone if truth be told.

LellyMcKelly Sun 17-Nov-19 17:21:53

Bet you he still eats it.

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