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AIBU to be embarrassed by my bra size?

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babooshcar Sun 17-Nov-19 15:16:15

For the past few years I've been a 32 f. Unfortunately, my breasts have always been disproportionate to the rest of my body which makes shopping for clothes tricky (I'm also convinced big boobs has given me slight lordosis).

However, I've recently gained some weight (.5 stone) and I was shocked to discover I am now a 32 H! I had to give my measurements to a friend (for a bridesmaids dress) and I was so embarrassed. Not really sure why.


Stegosaurus1990 Sun 17-Nov-19 15:17:19

I paid for my 32F boobs so I think you’re lucky! Case of wanting what you haven’t got.

WagtailRobin Sun 17-Nov-19 15:19:01

Oh here @babooshcar don't be embarrassed at all, there's a whole industry thriving on women who want bigger breasts.

You have nothing to be embarrassed about!

babooshcar Sun 17-Nov-19 15:20:03

They look awful without a bra.

GlamGiraffe Sun 17-Nov-19 15:24:27

Were all different. I naturally have the most bizarre proportions. I was very flat chested then one day it
Magically changed. I went from size 6 to 8 with an a/b cup to suddenly being a 28f but have no idea why. I look bizarre and absolutely hate it clearly everyone thinks they are fake. People look shocked when I tell them my size because it just sounds wrong, apart from the fact you can hardly get 28s but to ge honest I find it as weird as everyone else. It's not a big deal to me we are all different sizes and shapes and it has no bearing on anything else about us.

Northsidemammy Sun 17-Nov-19 15:27:34

Hi. No advice really other than to let you know you're not alone!! I'm also a 32f and agree with you, they're not nice without a bra. Especially after they've fed a few kids grin

At the same time i don't think I'd like much smaller ones. But I'd love a bit of a lift. And not to have to spend a fortune on a bra!

Iamclearlyamug Sun 17-Nov-19 15:30:15

Agree with you OP, I'm a 34GG and I hate them, they look terrible without a bra and make any form of cardio very difficult if not impossible. I'd love to have a reduction but could never afford the 7k+ it would cost 🙈

Bluntness100 Sun 17-Nov-19 15:32:09

Op have you been proffessjonally measured? It seems unlikely you would gain five stone and remain a 32 band as you were five stone lighter. I would suspect you're wearing the wrong bra size.

Kamma89 Sun 17-Nov-19 15:33:43

How did you put on 5 stone & not go up a band size? Not body shaming but that's a huge weight increase regardless of height/build etc. Gains like that from either muscle or fat would increase your measurements no? Are you sure you're wearing the right size now?

babooshcar Sun 17-Nov-19 15:34:50

I was measured on Friday at both Bravissimo and John Lewis.


Bluntness100 Sun 17-Nov-19 15:36:37

You've gained seven pounds and went up two bra sizes?

babooshcar Sun 17-Nov-19 15:39:17


Yes, potentially 10lbs now if I'm being honest with myself.

purpleme12 Sun 17-Nov-19 15:39:37

Why would you be embarrassed? I'm a bigger bra size than that and a smaller back size. I'm not embarrassed.. I wouldn't swap it. The only downside is only being able to get bras from one shop and even then one brand will fit

NarNooNarNoo Sun 17-Nov-19 15:40:13

I feel the same, although am 5ft2 and 32JJ! Currently breastfeeding my newborn and they've gone (even more) massive! No help, but I feel your pain! Bravissimo has been my saviour over the years..

SlipYarnPurlwise Sun 17-Nov-19 15:43:03

Some people gain weight in different areas of their body. I'm 32F too and half a stone wouldn't make enough difference to my band size to go up to a 34 but it would make a big difference to my hips and waist!

ProseccoandPizza Sun 17-Nov-19 15:47:27

Yup 5”5 and a 32 G/H here. Losing 5 stone took me to 32H from a 36H/J

Branleuse Sun 17-Nov-19 15:49:54

why is that embarassing?

Dudewheresmyvan Sun 17-Nov-19 15:51:43

YABU to be embarrassed, yes - but I can see where it comes from. We hardly live in a society which is neutral about breasts.

Elle7rose Sun 17-Nov-19 15:53:00

I'm an F cup size and quite happy about it! For some reason I was a G when I was younger and have got smaller. My back size is too big though, I'd love to get back to a 32.

I don't think you should be embarrassed but imagine people at either extreme (e.g. AA, H/J) are more likely to feel embarrassed just because they're a less common size.

bluebeck Sun 17-Nov-19 15:53:11

I think OP meant half a stone - 0.5 ?

I am 32GG and it is so hard to buy clothes that fit properly. I can never wear blouses or shirts as if they are correctly fitting across the back they cannot be buttoned or they gap.

I feel your pain OP but I don't think you need to be embarrassed.

isabellerossignol Sun 17-Nov-19 15:54:47

I'm a similar size and have always been horribly embarassed by it. There is not another person alive who knows my bra size, I just find it too upsetting.

ScreamingLadySutch Sun 17-Nov-19 15:56:58

Bravissimo is your friend

Elbeagle Sun 17-Nov-19 16:01:36

I’m a 32J. Used to be 30J but back broadened with my third pregnancy.
I hate it.

fascinated Sun 17-Nov-19 16:01:38

Off topic slightly but just want to plug a fab company that deserves it:

Try bounteous website for crisp white shirts. Those who need such things... They are fabulous quality, much much better than bravissimo. It’s a lady who does it somewhere in England, her measuring instructions are spot on and the shirt is a dream ... revelation!

NotTonightJosepheen Sun 17-Nov-19 16:02:08

YABU. It's your bra size not a moral judgement.

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