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Small chocolate bar

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SoapOperaFamily Sun 17-Nov-19 14:43:18

Who is BU here? We have a houseful of family today. DD went to the shops and offered to buy everyone a packet of sweets. Person A asked for a small chocolate bar, Person B said they didn’t want anything. DD got home and handed out the sweets. Person B asked Person A if they could break their bar of chocolate into 2 and give them a piece. Person A said they would like to eat this particular bar themselves, but there was more chocolate in the cupboard. Person B said they wanted a piece of Person A’s chocolate in particular. Person B was told they could have ordered their own bar if they wanted one, but Person B wanted a piece of Person A’s chocolate because they didn’t want a whole bar. Words were exchanged on both sides. Should Person A have shared, or should Person B have ordered their own bar?

Cataline Sun 17-Nov-19 14:44:01

Person B sounds like a dick!

JonSlow Sun 17-Nov-19 14:44:28

Person B is in the wrong.

firawla Sun 17-Nov-19 14:46:23

B is wrong and sounds like a pain in the arse

coconutpie Sun 17-Nov-19 14:47:12

Person B is a dick!!

ClaraThePigeon Sun 17-Nov-19 14:48:15

B is a dick. I hate people who do that.

BlobbyTheLump Sun 17-Nov-19 14:48:47

Person B is an idiot.

(I bet B is Male too.)

DaveCoachesgavemetheclap Sun 17-Nov-19 14:49:45

B is BU.

Sexnotgender Sun 17-Nov-19 14:50:02

Person B is the arsehole who orders a salad then eats all your chips!
Don’t be person B.

ThePants999 Sun 17-Nov-19 14:52:18

To all the person Bs out there: bloody stop it.

krankykittykat Sun 17-Nov-19 14:52:57

Are you person A or B?

peanutbutterkid Sun 17-Nov-19 14:53:18

Is Person B a 4yr old?

Elle7rose Sun 17-Nov-19 14:54:03

B clearly is being unreasonable, particularly if there's more chocolate in the cupboard!

FungusTheToegyman Sun 17-Nov-19 14:54:22

Person B is definitely being unreasonable! They had the option to have a bar, didn't want one but think they then have the right to demand some of person A's chocolate? Definitely a CF

crispysausagerolls Sun 17-Nov-19 14:56:07


I would like a chocolate bar now

fascinated Sun 17-Nov-19 14:56:28

Unless B is under 5, B is unreasonable. And even if B was under 5, the adults should have foreseen this problem and bought some extra just in case !

Aroundtheworldin80moves Sun 17-Nov-19 14:58:27

Person B unreasonable. If they didn't want a whole bar they could have saved some for another time.

Josette77 Sun 17-Nov-19 15:05:05

I wouldn't share.

marvellousnightforamooncup Sun 17-Nov-19 15:14:14

B didn't want anything so doesn't get anything.

PurpleDaisies Sun 17-Nov-19 15:17:31

B was clearly in the wrong.

Groovinpeanut Sun 17-Nov-19 15:18:11

Person B!
If they chose not to have anything then that's their problem. Even if they didn't want a whole chocolate at the time, they could have brought one and saved the other half for later.

Ladyratterley Sun 17-Nov-19 15:18:44

Person B is a twat.
I had this with an ex once when I was driving & popped into the petrol station. I asked if he wanted a chocolate bar & he said no. I bought myself a snickers. When I got in the car he ripped it open & shoved half of it in his gob. I went nuts. He said I was crazy and had issues with food.
Still makes me mad when I think about it now. The only issues I have with food are when greedy people eat a treat I was anticipating eating by myself!

Ladyratterley Sun 17-Nov-19 15:19:35

I also bet you are A & that B is male!

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Sun 17-Nov-19 15:19:42

I'll bet Pa is a child and Pb is a PITA relative.

Pinkblanket Sun 17-Nov-19 15:19:45

B is an idiot

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