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To support the Duke of York

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LadyLanka Sat 16-Nov-19 21:42:01

Just that.
Although he is being asked the wrong questions.

CodenameVillanelle Sat 16-Nov-19 21:42:37

Support him in what?!

Solihooley Sat 16-Nov-19 21:42:49

I think you’re on your own mate.

ThePrioryGhost Sat 16-Nov-19 21:43:34


He is an over entitled arrogant useless disgusting waste of skin.

Orf with his head!

PotatoesPastaAndBread Sat 16-Nov-19 21:43:45

Yes, yabu

Badabingbadabum Sat 16-Nov-19 21:43:48

Are you the Duke of York, OP? Or his lawyer?

Elodie2019 Sat 16-Nov-19 21:44:09

Support what exactly?
He's not come across well at all.

YouTheCat Sat 16-Nov-19 21:44:28

Support a man who has a massively privileged background? A man who is deeply involved in some really unpleasant and illegal activities?

No thanks.

isabellerossignol Sat 16-Nov-19 21:44:49

Didn't know the Queen was a mumsnetter.

beckyvardy Sat 16-Nov-19 21:44:54

Is this a reverse?

JoanieCash Sat 16-Nov-19 21:45:08

oP, what questions do you think he should be asked?

IfIShouldFallFromGraceWithGod Sat 16-Nov-19 21:45:11

Yabu to not put a vote on

Elodie2019 Sat 16-Nov-19 21:45:18

The priory
Harsh (but true).

SmileEachDay Sat 16-Nov-19 21:45:30

“A convenient place to stay”


PsychosonicCindy Sat 16-Nov-19 21:45:34

Have a word with yourself!!

isabellerossignol Sat 16-Nov-19 21:45:40

I'm wondering what the right questions would be...

Inspiralcarpetry Sat 16-Nov-19 21:45:43

Yabu. NO.
I do not recollect. I do not remember. I couldn't have. I don't know.
He doth protest too much.

goodtoseeyou Sat 16-Nov-19 21:45:44

Hello Elizabeth, as his mum you’re entitled to come on mumsnet and defend your waste of space son.

PinkiOcelot Sat 16-Nov-19 21:45:57

YABU!! Why would you support him?!!!

Iamthewombat Sat 16-Nov-19 21:46:26

I’m watching him now. He is using the same facial expressions that my nephews and nieces use when denying doing something that I already know they have done. The young family members are under ten. Prince Randy Andy is over 60.

Disfordarkchocolate Sat 16-Nov-19 21:46:52

Hello Sarah

saltysally Sat 16-Nov-19 21:47:18

Is that you Fergie?

TSSDNCOP Sat 16-Nov-19 21:47:23

Is that you Fergie?

VanyaHargreeves Sat 16-Nov-19 21:47:34

YABU Jesus Christ your standards are low. Bollocks he knew NOTHING of the mans proclivities, as if.

ghostyslovesheets Sat 16-Nov-19 21:47:40

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