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To worry I’ve made a huge mistake - hysterectomy

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TheQueensCorgi Fri 15-Nov-19 22:38:09

So, amongst other medical issues I have a weak pelvic floor as well as late onset ablation failure.

Consultant advised due to issues with ablation to have a hysterectomy, which I did a few days ago, including removal of cervix and a cuff made at the top of vagina (yuck).

When I woke up from surgery immediately I felt I needed to urinate, despite having a catheter, which was removed about 7pm that night. Problem is I still needed to urinate and now 4 days on I still have this pressure in my bladder and it’s quite frankly sending me crazy.

When I left hospital I had no infection, however now I do have a UTI, saw consultant today who said that the pressure feeling (and only tricking urine) was related to the said infection, despite the fact I told him it was present when I woke up.

My fear is this is my life now and i have developed some kind of overactive bladder issue.

Has anyone had a hysterectomy and the symptoms have gone after a period of time? I could cope with pain - take meds but nothing is relieving the feeling of needing to go - not even buscopan. I’m now on antibiotics which will clear the infection but maybe not the ‘pressure’. I’m actually crying writing this in frustration as I can’t sleep, concentrate or anything, spending my days sitting on the loo but the minute I leave the loo (bladder empty) the pressure is still there.

Hospital haven’t been overly helpful to be honest and say it’s the infection, and if I had only developed this a few days in I would agree but I woke up in pain with my bladder pressure so it’s clearly been there right after the op.

Any advice/ support/ suggestions welcomed - at the moment I wish I had never had it done as I can’t see how I can live like this if it doesn’t stop! Thank you!

clogher Fri 15-Nov-19 22:42:47

yes I had this problem post hysterectomy- it gradually improved and by a week or so, was only an odd twinge here and there for another few days and then was gone. a hot water bottle helped. it will get better

TheQueensCorgi Fri 15-Nov-19 22:44:59

Thank you! To just have one person say they had it too is a huge relief! Haven’t been able to find any posts online from anyone who had the same issue (from recovery) most say started a few days in due to infection. You have made me feel better already!

dinello Fri 15-Nov-19 22:49:24

I was talking with my auntie just today about her hysterectomy, she had about 5 years ago. She also said she had this and it lasted a few days but then subsided. Hope you're feeling better soon!

paintedfences Fri 15-Nov-19 22:52:44

I wonder if it's a bit of internal swelling or bruising from the op? Could be why it was there when you woke up, and maybe the infection has meant it's not gone down just yet. I'm sure it's not permanent, your body will be healing and adjusting - try not to worry and give it a bit more time, but do go back to the consultant if it's not resolved in say 3 weeks. thanks

clogher Fri 15-Nov-19 22:53:52

be kind to yourself, it's a tough op and I think your systems and organs all need to recover and settle back down. lots of fluid, good veggie soups for fibre ( constipation is not your friend) and stay warm. Rest as much as you can, and when you get more active, try and stop before you get tired, I found over-doing things ( a fortnight later) would trigger a few twinges in my bladder but as I got stronger they just stopped. it was horrible originally like spasms and the urge to "go" constantly so I do remember the despair. But, it will pass x

EachandEveryone Fri 15-Nov-19 22:56:03

Yes it goes. I came home with a catheter and it was the strangest feeling when it came out. Please take it easy as i have developed the biggest hernia and have to go back for more surgery.

TheQueensCorgi Fri 15-Nov-19 22:57:17

Thank you, really helpful advise and has made me feel better about the whole thing. I must say I think I was quite optimistic about recovery, I will be fine in a few weeks etc but actually it’s a major operation and I need a major recovery. I think my mind has been going into overdrive, I will be monitoring and consultant said if not eased in a week when tablets finished to call and discuss. I think the point about swelling is important as things are probably bigger than they were at the moment and lots of squashing going on. Thank you so much ladies you have been a tremendous help just when I needed it xxx

TheQueensCorgi Fri 15-Nov-19 22:58:40

@EachandEveryone sorry to hear that, I hope you get sorted soon! Us poor women eh! Honestly we have so many more issues than the opposite sex to contend with!

TheQueensCorgi Fri 15-Nov-19 22:59:37

@clogher the husband has been making lovely vegetable soup, I’ve been eating better than I have in years, keeping up with the fibre too to keep the bowels going!

Tillymintsmama Fri 15-Nov-19 23:02:20

don't ever think that this is how it's going to be forever just a few days after surgery!! it'll improve.

StillMedusa Fri 15-Nov-19 23:13:41

I had this too... and also the same dragging sensation that I had before the op and I thought that was it... discomfort forever.

But it passed... it takes a while, after all its a major operation and all your insides will be bruised and swollen. Also... for a lot of people, the anaesthetic alters your bladder function temporarily. I have had three general anaesthetics and each time I felt desperate to wee, and unable to 'go' ..very uncomfortable, but it gradually resolves over a few days.

EvenMoreFuriousVexation Fri 15-Nov-19 23:20:46

Also... for a lot of people, the anaesthetic alters your bladder function temporarily. I have had three general anaesthetics and each time I felt desperate to wee, and unable to 'go' ..very uncomfortable, but it gradually resolves over a few days.

OMG! I had never heard this but experienced the same after abdominal surgery. It was incredibly uncomfortable.

OP I'm sorry you're feeling so poorly and hope things improve for you soon. It sounds like at least you have got some reassurance from this thread, which is all good smile

Esspee Fri 15-Nov-19 23:37:23

You said you had a hysterectomy, did you have your ovaries removed too? If so you really need to consider HRT.
My surgeon put me on it and I felt amazingly well afterwards.
Take it easy.

Hotwaterbottle01 Fri 15-Nov-19 23:41:41

I had full hysterectomy and 13 weeks ago and still a little worse for wear. Like you Op the virginal cuff thing.... 🤮🤮it really mentally got to me and I went through a phase of wishing for weeks on end I had my cervix. I still do! It’s honestly left me so scare of sex incase the man made one decides to give way!!

I wish I would have stood my ground on this!

I can also recall feeling like I needed to go to the loo a lot! Everything is so swollen so just give it a little time. 💝

I feel abnormal in my recover as I still take pains and twinges most days. Also struggling with tiredness. I had a huge fibroid removed it was 25cm! I was told it would be a long recovery, I also found myself back in hospital a few weeks later so I think this has made things seem longer.

Just go with your gut instinct if you feel something is wrong but swelling pain and pressure I think is all normal! Xx

Twiggy71 Sat 16-Nov-19 00:00:03

Hi Op i am 5 weeks today post op after having my hysterectomy.
I felt exactly the same after my op as you did, with how my bladder felt.
After i left the hospital i felt like i had a uti so my Dr gave me antibiotics. After 4 weeks i felt like i had a uti again ( it was probably still the same one not cleared up) so i have now had a week of antibiotics.
My bladder just dosen't feel right still it feels like its over active and it can be painful when it's full up.
I feel the infection has held back my recovery and hopefully my bladder returns to some sort of normality.
I don't think i've helped you any op but just didn't want you to think your on your own.
Hope you have a good recovery flowers

Jenny70 Sat 16-Nov-19 00:12:41

I would say your bladder is in shock/distress as a result of the actual abdmoninal surgery. Once the swelling has gone down, and everything has settled into a new position hopefully you will be feeling much better.

Hysterectomy is major surgery, the uterus is attached to lots of muscle groups (including pelvic flood), so everything will be displaced in your abdomen - the bladder is very sensitive to pressure (hence our need to wee when it expands). If another organ, or stitch is resting on it, it would give this sensation - but as the stitch dissolves, and everything gets to new normal, it will ease.

Personally, whilst uncomfortable, I would try to limit bathroom visits, to encourage the bladder to expand normally.... drink lots of water and try to hold it for an hour or two. whilst the irritation is hopefully temporary, the habit of going to the loo each 15mins might cause longer term problems. (maybe wear pad to reduce panic that you might leak/go whilst "busting", even though bladder is not full.

Jenny70 Sat 16-Nov-19 00:15:31

And adults can do bladder training to increase their holding capacity, so if all else fails keep that in the back of your mind.

You will need at least 6-8 weeks to recover from surgery, and friends said they felt much more energised at around 3months, before that they weren't in pain, but were tired and felt "under". Now they feel amazing, said it was the best thing they did - whilst hard at the time, 12 months + down the track they don't regret it at all.

Give yourself time to recover, take it easy and hope you're feeling better soon.

Spidey66 Sat 16-Nov-19 00:47:19

I had a hysterectomy about 4 years back. I was discharged 2 days post op....i felt it was too soon tbh. I think, and still do, that because I'm a (mental health) nurse that the hospital assumed I had enough skills/knowledge etc to know who to contact and when if there was a problem.

2 days post discharge, so 4 days post op, I was seeing an OOHs GP with a UTI.

I'm not criticising anyone, I'm employed by the NHS so fully understand the pressure on beds, and in a way understand that they felt someone in my circumstances was able to negotiate the system.

UTIs are, unfortunately, par for the course after such an operation due to catheterization and the nature of the op. It's a well known risk.

Hysterectomies are major operations and they do take a lot out of you initially. I certainly wasn't expecting exactly how much. It took me 3 months before I was able to return to work, and was then on a phased return. However 4 years on ive never regretted it and it did improve my health. I had an enormous fibroid which caused a lot of distressing symptoms which have resolved since the OP.

Take care of yourself and you will get there xxx

aurynne Sat 16-Nov-19 00:58:23

Midwife, what you are experiencing is very common in any woman who has had an indwelling urinary catheter for more than 2 hours. Initially your symptoms would be due to the irritation of the catheter, and later compounded by the infection. Most likely the symptoms will disappear in some days. Big hugs!

Nat6999 Sat 16-Nov-19 01:07:33

I had a laparoscopic supercervical hysterectomy, I kept my cervix but lost my remaining ovary. I had this done almost 9 years ago, went to theatre at 6.00pm, was back in bed watching soaps just after 8.00pm, had my catheter & drain out at 5.30am the morning after & was home before 9.30am. For anyone who is thinking about a hysterectomy, if you are a suitable candidate, I would recommend this method, I only had 4 tiny scars, one on my belly button, a slightly larger one along my Csection scar ( no longer than 5cm) & two tiny ones, one on each side of my lower stomach. I had very little pain, didn't need any pain relief when I got home, was driving again within a week & other than lifting, I was back to normal within 2 weeks.

Pasithea Sat 16-Nov-19 01:13:35

I ad a full H at 25. I remember this feeling well lasted about 10 days. Good luck.

TheQueensCorgi Sat 16-Nov-19 07:31:30

Thank you so much ladies, seems that a number of you have had a similar problem. I didn’t have ovaries taken out, they were in good condition but everything else went! I think my main issue is just being uncomfortable rather than ‘in pain’. I think I will try and go longer between toilet visits and see if helps, after all I am only trickling so my bladder isn’t full at all. I’m an 2 days into the antibiotics so the infection is probably not reducing as yet.

I am 5dpo today and up again at 6am, went to loo at 2, 4 and 6 so I am getting some sleep but not for long bursts. Today is another day so maybe today it may start to ease (here’s hoping)! Thank you so much for your posts and for sharing, helping me through this! So appreciated x

TheQueensCorgi Sat 16-Nov-19 07:34:04

And on the point of hospital stays, the nurses were not great, ignorant and stressed is how I would describe, they wanted us all out quickly as needed beds and I couldn’t get any after care (said no beds must go to A and E) which annoyed the A and E doctors. It felt like a production line. I got blood thinners to take away but no information at all about recovery, handout, advice etc. This has probably contributed to the way I have felt. Our poor NHS is so broken sad

PookieDo Sat 16-Nov-19 07:45:18

I had a Bladder problem after ablation (mine also failed). I retained 200ml of urine and it increased over 2-3 days , I could let some trickle out but not empty completely. Apparently the bladder is so close it can react to the surgery 🤷🏻‍♀️
They put a catheter in and drained it all out, they said it was in spasm. It did improve

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