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... to not want to watch Children In Need

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NewName73 Fri 15-Nov-19 20:46:06

... and be quite annoyed that HIGFY is not on in its usual slot?

orangeisnotmycolour Fri 15-Nov-19 20:46:37

No ur not, I can't stand it

Ohyesiam Fri 15-Nov-19 20:48:08

I’ve never watched it. It has a silly big bear.
When is HIGNFY on? I often like to catch up with it on a Saturday night.

Miljea Fri 15-Nov-19 20:48:53

Me, too. I find it cringeworthy.

Thesearmsofmine Fri 15-Nov-19 20:49:40

I just said the same thing.

NewName73 Fri 15-Nov-19 20:50:57

Oh good. I was expecting a flaming, but it seems some people agree with me!

NewName73 Fri 15-Nov-19 20:51:55

HIGNFY normally on at 9 pm on Friday. Followed by Would I Lie to You which is usually also very funny.

Looobyloo Fri 15-Nov-19 20:52:47

I've always called it 'celebrities in need' can't be doing with it and where does all the money go?

AnneLovesGilbert Fri 15-Nov-19 20:53:44

Oh god, it’s awful. Don’t blame you at all.

elliejjtiny Fri 15-Nov-19 20:54:19

YABU. It's one night a year and my dc have been helped massively by children in need.

Cuddlysnowleopard Fri 15-Nov-19 20:54:56

Not watching here either. I can't stand it.

stoplickingthetelly Fri 15-Nov-19 20:55:15

I don’t like it either, but it does a lot of good work. I’ve made a donation via dcs school, but won’t be watching it.

SinglePringle Fri 15-Nov-19 20:56:06

Ah, I’m of the ‘it doesn’t matter if you like it or not - it raises a good amount of money for a good amount of projects’.

I can’t hate it for that reason.

Donate or don’t. But don’t hate on a decent charity.

LolaSmiles Fri 15-Nov-19 20:56:07

Nope not at all.

It used to be quite a nice general entertainment evening, comedy, music, sketches etc with some charity slots.
Now it seems to be 80% celebs begging and flying themselves to Somalia to tell people with less money to give money.

MarilynMorose Fri 15-Nov-19 20:56:27


NewName73 Fri 15-Nov-19 20:56:32

happy to donate but don't want to watch it.

Would probably donate more if I could watch HIGNFY.

AnneLovesGilbert Fri 15-Nov-19 20:57:48

I don’t watch or donate. Feel fine about it.

Howlovely Fri 15-Nov-19 20:58:07

Definitely not being unreasonable. I can't stand it. I hate to be a bore but I don't like that, as licence payers, it is decided for us the the BBC will support CIN when there are so many small charities that could benefit from such exposure and fundraising. I'd like to see a vote for which charities would be this year's focus, e.g. Winston's Wish, children's hospices etc.
Still, at least the charities get £30,000 more of the money raised as Terry Wogan (who was always terrible and out of place on it) is no longer presenting it.

EoinMcLovesCakeJumper Fri 15-Nov-19 20:58:15

I don't mind that it's on the telly for one evening a year. I can just watch Netflix or read a book. All the peripheral stuff on the BBC radio channels annoys me, though. It seems to go on for a good fortnight before the actual day, and it's always dismally unfunny.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Fri 15-Nov-19 20:58:24

It may give money to ‘good’ causes but also to some ‘bad’ ones. I’d rather choose who to give to myself.

Loveislandaddict Fri 15-Nov-19 20:59:50

I’m watching it tonight. I think the celebs going to Somalia is more Comic Relief.

It’s actually better tonight, better than previous shows. It’s featuring on the children, and the projects that CIN have helped.

RedRec Fri 15-Nov-19 21:01:19

I have broken the habit of a lifetime (feels like it) and am watching it tonight. It is actually quite good. Have just recorded the other things I would normally watch - Corrie, Mastermind and Google box - will enjoy them tomorrow instead.

Toporama Fri 15-Nov-19 21:02:47


I really hate Children in fucking Need.

Pudsey can piss off as well, the furry bastard.

GiveHerHellFromUs Fri 15-Nov-19 21:02:54

I wanted to watch Eastenders.

Then I thought "oh well, I'll leave CIN on"- lasted about 3 minutes before there were shit jokes and high pitched noises and it irritated me

1Morewineplease Fri 15-Nov-19 21:03:11

Don’t watch it. Too cringeworthy.
It has become a bit of a sleb backslapper and a bit political.
Children have been in need for so very long and, despite whichever government is in power, they are still in need.
Charity should not be supporting the obligations of the state. Charity should only be complementing what should already be in place.
That being said, I shall continue to contribute, but in a curmudgeonly way.

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