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Just been scammed , feel sick

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billysboy Fri 15-Nov-19 17:57:05

I feel sick , I am fitting a new kitchen for a client and they have asked for a stone worktop

A quick google search and I came up with a company that is also a member of a trade association so called them and they responded well and they came along and took templates

seemed pleasant enough and I later paid the £1k deposit into their account

I have since been given a proper runaround with no calls being returned , broken promises etc etc

A more thorough internet search of the director was not good with two other people coming up with the same experience

He is a ltd company aibu to send a letter of intent after just such a short time and ask for my deposit back ?

Fuzzywig Fri 15-Nov-19 17:59:32

Go in heavy and hard. Did you pay via a credit or debit card? Speak to them see if they can recall the payment. Speak to trading standards for advice. Are they based in the U.K.?

puds11 Fri 15-Nov-19 18:00:45

I think the problem was ‘quick google search’. It’s an awful feeling though and a lot of money. I would, if they have been uncommunicative and you have reason to believe it’s a scam. Also report it.

GuessWhoColeen Fri 15-Nov-19 18:02:47

God, yes try and call your c.card company.

billysboy Fri 15-Nov-19 18:05:37

I paid with a transfer to their bank account , I am stuck now until Monday
Hands up " to the google search " but good website , good communication , signwritten van , member of the guild of master craftsman before I handed over any money

ambereeree Fri 15-Nov-19 18:06:25

OK you paid the 1k into their account ie. Bank transfer? That's a bit more complicated.

puds11 Fri 15-Nov-19 18:06:50

They’re arseholes. I hope you manage to recover your losses and they get shut down.

MrsMaiselsMuff Fri 15-Nov-19 18:08:04

You're going to struggle to get a bank transfer back.

What is the name of the business? When did you last hear from them and when should you have received the goods?

Greatorb Fri 15-Nov-19 18:08:53

Are we talking days, weeks or months?

MarshaBradyo Fri 15-Nov-19 18:10:20

How long ago?

lifecouldbeadream Fri 15-Nov-19 18:11:32

Contact the trade association for help?

billysboy Fri 15-Nov-19 18:14:37

I paid the deposit last week on the understanding the worktops had to be fitted this week as our client with three kids moves back in on Tuesday
The original fit day was wednesday and since then I have just been given the run around with calls and texts unanswered
I just dont have a good feeling about it and thats when I hit the internet this afternoon and found previous complaints

Straycatstrut Fri 15-Nov-19 18:20:21

Call your banks fraud line. I had a similar experience a few weeks ago (a LOT less money too) and they took it really seriously, sorted it all out for me with an investigation and I got the money back the same day. Same thing had happened to 10+ others (that I knew about from trust pilot reviews) and most of them just brushed it off because they could afford to lose it, wound me right up! This is how scammers get away with it!

billysboy Fri 15-Nov-19 18:30:31

I have spoken to two other victims on facebook one got half his money back via small claims court

MaybeitsMaybelline Fri 15-Nov-19 18:35:53

I am sorry you are going through this, but our best friend is a carpenter with thirty years experience and his main employment is kitchen fitting.

He now has a very successful business and excellent reputation.

No way would he employ some randomer to fit worktops for one of his customers as his reputation depended on it.

How has this even happened?

MrsMaiselsMuff Fri 15-Nov-19 18:36:24

The problem you have is that you've paid by bank transfer, and it's a limited company, the 'owner' is not personally liable. What is the name of the company?

Jaxhog Fri 15-Nov-19 18:40:29

Go to the trade association. Or threaten to do it. They exist to maintain standards.

Tellmetruth4 Fri 15-Nov-19 18:41:57

Please pursue through all relevant authorities. Don’t give up, that’s what they want.

In the meantime, name and shame the company. This website has a wide reach.

AnchorDownDeepBreath Fri 15-Nov-19 18:43:58

Call your bank. The chances of you being able to get it back when they received the money over a week ago is slim, but it's worth a shot... otherwise Small Claims is probably the only way to go, but I wouldn't expect your client to be thrilled at having to wait for you to recover that money, as it could take a while to get a judgment and then to be able to enforce it.

MrsMaiselsMuff Fri 15-Nov-19 18:47:25

Was this the client's money or yours bb?

AnchorDownDeepBreath Fri 15-Nov-19 18:49:59

I posted that too soon - but I hope they're reasonable and the bank does as much as they can to help. Being scammed is a horrible feeling thanks

billysboy Fri 15-Nov-19 18:54:07

it was my money as I wouldnt expect the client to pay until they were satisfied with the job so its on me

I have contacted another company that I have used before but are more expensive with a view of cutting my losses and finding a solution for the client
Whilst this is happening I seek some sort of action against the original company

caringcarer Fri 15-Nov-19 18:56:55

Contact Guild of Master Tradesmen with your complaint.

Flashbackflossie Fri 15-Nov-19 18:59:35

As it’s a business transaction between two business entities rather than an ordinary customer buying from a business, basic consumer law doesn’t apply so you’re probably looking at straightforward breach of contract.

safariboot Fri 15-Nov-19 19:01:07

In general you have less protection for business-to-business stuff. You're expected to do your own due diligence. Being ripped off is shit, but all you can do is be glad it's not a bigger loss and pursue the money.

Can the trade association in question be any help? (For a start, they can confirm whether the company are even members or not.)

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