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to be outraged by Nativity casting as 'Innkeeper's wife'!!!

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PIPERHELLO Fri 15-Nov-19 09:26:18

Daughter (6) has been cast as 'someone's wife' in the Nativity play at school. 'Innkeeper's wife' to be precise.


This is fucking not OK! In 2019, to be identified as 'someone's wife'.

Normally I am pretty relaxed about all things school, and I certainly feel sorry for he teachers' workloads, but come on people!? This is 2019 - no woman should be identified by her relationship to a man!? SURELY!

Itching to call them out on this. Itching!

MinisterforCheekyFuckery Fri 15-Nov-19 09:27:23

Is this a joke? confused

KatnissMellark Fri 15-Nov-19 09:27:27


Bluewavescrashing Fri 15-Nov-19 09:27:45

I don't see the issue here I'm afraid. The play is set over 2000 years ago when women were somebody's wife.

Dontlikeoranges Fri 15-Nov-19 09:27:51

Isn't the Innkeeper's wife one of the standard roles in a nativity play?

MrsWillGardner Fri 15-Nov-19 09:27:53

You’re being ridiculous op.

Hellofromtheotherside2020 Fri 15-Nov-19 09:28:16

Chill out snowflake

User1924 Fri 15-Nov-19 09:28:36

The innkeepers wife has always been referred to as just that. Maybe you could think of a name for her, like Sandra

SleepingStandingUp Fri 15-Nov-19 09:28:45

Couldn't get het up about it Tbh. The role of innkeeper has the lines about saying no to Mary and Joseph. His wife is a subsidiary character to his, does she even have lines? Casting her as Eliza Kepinner is silly when the Innkeeper doesn't even have a name.. If they cast Mary as Jesus' Mom or Joseph's wife I'd see your point.

PIPERHELLO Fri 15-Nov-19 09:28:53

The thing is, I know all of this, but I still think that this is how casual everyday feminism gets perpetuated; by people not calling people out on this shit!

Chottie Fri 15-Nov-19 09:28:53

I don't see the problem either. Your DD has an actual role and is not one of many sheep or angels.

Finfintytint Fri 15-Nov-19 09:29:37

Not so bad. My son was usually livestock.

FenellaMaxwell Fri 15-Nov-19 09:29:44


Majorcollywobble Fri 15-Nov-19 09:29:48

I agree with you . She should be referred to as the Innkeeper ‘s significant other .
If not insist your DD is recast as a sheep.

HiJenny35 Fri 15-Nov-19 09:29:53

This has to be a joke.

SleepingStandingUp Fri 15-Nov-19 09:29:53

However I suggest you write to the school and withdraw your child from the school play in principal. Enty of kids will happily fill her spot.

AloeVeraLynn Fri 15-Nov-19 09:29:59

Good grief. I feel sorry for teachers sometimes having to manage parents like this.

Happyspud Fri 15-Nov-19 09:30:06

I don’t think you’re ridiculous at all. They could both be ‘Innkeeper’ or ‘Innkeeper couple’.

How do people think this paints small children’s view of women? It’s all part of it. All of these little everyday positionings of women.

PIPERHELLO Fri 15-Nov-19 09:30:36

haha re. Sandra!

Part of me knew I would get this reaction, and I highly doubt I will say anything. But on a vaguely seriously note, do you not see a vague point here? It just bothers me that in the core learning place for our kids, this stuff just goes on with no one batting and eyelid.

keyboardwarriornot Fri 15-Nov-19 09:30:51

This is my first ever post. I am itching to tell you that you are being unbelievably ridiculous!

LagunaBubbles Fri 15-Nov-19 09:31:23

this is how casual everyday feminism gets perpetuated; by people not calling people out on this shit!

Oh ffs really! hmm

MrsMaiselsMuff Fri 15-Nov-19 09:31:31

Perhaps you could suggest she is known as "the innkeeper's equally important partner in life and business"?

Or you could just get over yourself.

PIPERHELLO Fri 15-Nov-19 09:31:33

Yes @Happyspud this is exactly my point!!

Mickhasnotorso Fri 15-Nov-19 09:31:39

My first thought upon seeing this thread title was "ooh 3 exclamation marks, this is gonna be good"

Janus Fri 15-Nov-19 09:31:55

I feel sorry for teachers too reading your ridiculous post.

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