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To ask school staff whether they can share this info re a teacher?

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thenasdo Thu 14-Nov-19 18:38:54

Am hoping there's some posters on here who work in schools and could shed some light on what may be going on.

DD is in Year 10, she has had the same form teacher since she started Year 7. She has always liked said teacher, and teacher makes special effort to get to know each student and support them if they have anything going on. The past few months DD has had a few issues with a group, ostracizing and bullying her.

Said teacher has been a great support to DD, while pastoral care in the school have brushed her off. Pastoral care seems to think that by Year 10 DD should be coping herself and they are still caught up helping the new Year 7's adjust. DD has only been able to cope going into school becuase this teacher offers her a safe space to go to at lunchtimes and talks to her etc.

However since Monday last week the teacher hasn't been in. The form has had a string of subsitutes. Other staff are being shifty about the teacher's absense and there seems to be some deliberate secrecy. She still has her name up on the school's website so it doesn't look as though she's been sacked. I am quite concerned though as this teachher has been DD's only source of support within the school.

If I were to contact the school and ask why she hasn't been in, would I be likely to get an answer?

LolaSmiles Fri 15-Nov-19 20:16:10

As a teacher you should know yourself that it's not a healthy pastoral relationship to nurture a relationship with a student (especially a vulnerable one) where they become dependent.
If a member of staff being off is causing this many issues for a student then it's fairly reasonable to suggest that theres probably some error of judgement, however well intentioned.

As I said, we all develop pastoral relationships. We often will click with students and them with us. But we shouldn't be putting ourselves and children in a position where they are dependent on us like it appears in the OP. It's not good for the students.

Shalom23 Fri 15-Nov-19 22:10:02

You actually don't care about this teacher. Your only concern is yourself and your daughter. Back off and mind your own business.

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