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To contact dog breeder and ask him not to sell puppy to my sister?

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BJsHair Wed 13-Nov-19 13:39:44

My sister (25) is autistic but very, very immature for her age (she still plays with teddy bears and watches cartoons). She lives alone and is not coping well. Does not work, barely leaves the house.

She gets obsessions. An example of her obsessions was the time she got obsessed with Ford Ka cars. So much so that she actively tried to buy one despite the fact that she doesn’t (and never will) drive. She just wanted it to sit in and decorate. She had no idea about insurance or road tax ... it was basically just to be a giant toy.

Anyway, I’m a dog breed enthusiast and my sister has now become obsessed with the same breed. I put years of research into the breed before I bought my first dog, organised dog training and socialisation classes before I got her and spent hours and hours on training. I’d had dogs before but not this breed. The breed is NOT a first time dog owner breed. In the wrong hands they can be dangerous. My sister is terrified of my dogs, has never owned a dog before yet is adamant that she is buying a puppy from this litter ... she’s going to pay her deposit on Friday. I’ve tried talking her out of it and my mum says I’m being selfish saying “why is it ok for you to have one but not her?”. They just don’t understand. AIBU to go directly to breeder and tell him not to sell her one?

plightofthealbatross Sat 16-Nov-19 15:58:09

I think you and the breeder did the right thing. I wish more people would think long and hard before getting a dog.

TryingToBeBold Sat 16-Nov-19 16:49:43

You and the breeder handled that so well.
I'm sure you do everything you can but does your sister have enough support living by herself? It seems she probably could easily do stuff without anyone knowing.

thornyhousewife Sat 16-Nov-19 20:48:11

OP I'm sure you've done the right thing.

You're the only one here who knows your sister, but I'm trying to think about how she is feeling tonight. I wonder if she is upset at having failed the questionnaire and naming her new toy Sam. You mentioned that your mum isn't helpful.

This thread has left me really sad for you both tbh. You obviously have a really important role in your sister's life. Do you have support, OP?

Would your sister (and you) benefit from help from elsewhere?

I just hope you're both OK.

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