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to expect dh not to ignore me!

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MeImAllSmiles Sun 19-Aug-07 13:05:32

We have just come back from holiday, last two days dh had the hump, tired, hot etc (just like the rest of us) but he has to take it one step further and turn into a tyrant! Everything seems to be my fault, ie sooo many people at the airport wtf, he is bossing the children round like mad and just ignoring me, I get the occasional grunt just to soften the atmosphere!! Just having a rant, soz.

LilyLoo Sun 19-Aug-07 13:06:30

men ! There worse than the kids

belgo Sun 19-Aug-07 13:07:32

tell him to go out or go upstairs until he's in a better mood.

MeImAllSmiles Sun 19-Aug-07 13:07:39

Don't I know it!!

MeImAllSmiles Sun 19-Aug-07 13:08:10

belgo, thing is he denies anything is wrong and it would end up in an argument.

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