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to expect my mum to ask how I am after major surgery?

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canmummy Sun 19-Aug-07 12:27:25

I had an operation last week that was unexpected (should have been keyhole but they couldn't do it so opened me up). My mum fortunately had my older kids staying with her for a few days.

So she brought them back yesterday and not once asked how I was! No "get well soon" card, no flowers (not that I expected these but others have sent them). She even sat there and let me wait on her bringing her lunch!

It gobsmacked me a bit tbh! I thought maybe she didn't want to make a big thing of it in front of the kids (they didn't know I was going in to hospital) but not to mention it at all!?!

NAB3 Sun 19-Aug-07 12:28:31

Ring her and talk to her about it. Don't stew on it, won't be good for you after a major op. She may be of the generation that doesn't talk about those sort of things. Make sure you get enough rest.

canmummy Sun 19-Aug-07 12:34:59

I think that may be true that she just doesn't talk about these things - especially as it was a gynae op!

LucyJones Sun 19-Aug-07 12:37:44

Sounds like she didn't mention it because the kids didn't know.
Did you get any time alone with her?

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