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To have been in Mumsnet for 12 hours in a row?

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IsabelWatchingItRainInMacondo Sat 18-Aug-07 20:51:42

only interrupted by a couple of short trips to the kitchen to get myself something to eat?

MamaMaiasaura Sat 18-Aug-07 20:52:38

lol.. you are truely addicted!

Beauregard Sat 18-Aug-07 20:52:42

bigmouthstrikesagain Sat 18-Aug-07 20:54:13

I have left puter on in the kitchen so have probably racked up about the same - kids and dh horribly neglected but well fed

lucykate Sat 18-Aug-07 20:54:16

that is actually a bit sad, go and get yourself one of those real lives immediately

Isababel Sat 18-Aug-07 20:56:02

I'm having such a rest of my real life that I'm still in my pijamas

BUT... will get a shower before going to bed!

dressedupnowheretogo Sat 18-Aug-07 20:56:26

nah i do it reglar

MamaMaiasaura Sat 18-Aug-07 20:57:00

i havent even been up for 12 hours.. only for 8 hours

Isababel Sat 18-Aug-07 20:57:46

Thank you! it alwasy help to know I'm not the only one.

bigmouthstrikesagain Sat 18-Aug-07 20:58:56

dig the new name Isabel

Isababel Sat 18-Aug-07 20:59:06

I'm not truly addicted, I'm truly bored (not of Musmnet, obviously)

Isababel Sat 18-Aug-07 20:59:38

Oh no I like it!

bigmouthstrikesagain Sat 18-Aug-07 21:05:31

so do I [confused emoticon]

Isababel Sat 18-Aug-07 21:09:34

The name, Big mouth, the name! I'm not able to speak properly in any language I speak.

Isababel Sat 18-Aug-07 21:35:08


Isababel Sun 19-Aug-07 10:31:18

Well... went to sleep yesterday after 14 hrs in Mumsnet and... I have a hangover today (well deserved I suppose). My head hurts and I feel nauseas.

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