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To think I should be able to find a heavy duvet?

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Davespecifico Sat 09-Nov-19 11:11:11

We’ve always had 13.5 tog feather and down duvets from TKMaxx and they’ve always been nice and heavy.
I’ve just got a new one from there, supposedly reduced from £210. It was thin , even when I tried to plump it out. So I got another cheaper non feather and down one and it was also very thin and cold.
So am I imagining that I can get a warm 13.5 tog?
Does anyone have any recommendations for a good heavy, preferably heavily reduced price duvet. I’d like feather and down. DP has read that silk would be good.

ScreamingCosArgosHaveNoRavens Sat 09-Nov-19 11:15:40

Following - I've just bought a supposedly 15 tog duvet and it's no warmer than my 10.5 one. sad Not cheap either - I like feather and down duvets and you have to pay extra to ensure the feathers are ethically sourced.

FiddlesticksAkimbo Sat 09-Nov-19 11:15:42

The tog rating is to do with how well it stops heat from being lost from underneath it, not how heavy it is. Some materials are better at insulating than others, so would be able to achieve the same tog rating despite being thinner. Are you saying that the duvets in question are not actually 13.5 tog? (I don't know how you'd measure.) In which case you should take them back!

MrsMaiselsMuff Sat 09-Nov-19 11:20:35

Wool duvets are excellent. Their lightest one is enough for me, so the winter one should definitely fit your criteria.

Also look at their bargain box section, sometimes you can get even warmer ones!

Littlefrog99 Sat 09-Nov-19 11:22:40

I recently bought a slumberland hotel collection duvet from Argos which is fairly heavy. It cost about £35 for a king size so reasonably priced and it makes my bed look (and feel) very luxurious.

Thehagonthehill Sat 09-Nov-19 11:31:06

Wool duvets are great ,warm but very lightweight.Op wants a thick,fluffy,heavy duvet.

lidoshuffle Sat 09-Nov-19 11:37:46

I've got a 100% down one; it's as light as a feather (ha!), 13.5 tog and beautifully warm. In summer I just don't shake it up so I can use it through the hot weather too.

Why would you want a heavy one?

GoKartMozart Sat 09-Nov-19 11:39:06

I suspect you'd be better with your 13.5tog and a gravity blanket.

AskMeHow Sat 09-Nov-19 11:41:05

I had a nice heavy 13.5 tog down and feather one from Dunelm. I know what you mean OP, it always feels extra luxurious. Sadly it is too warm now I've got a DH who radiates heat! It was only £50 or so.

I think the weight comes from feathers rather than down so I'd stay away from super luxury ones.

cansu Sat 09-Nov-19 11:42:45

I have recently bought a feather and down 13.5 tog from argos own brand. It is lovely and warm. Really recommend it.

KondoKonvert Sat 09-Nov-19 11:43:53

I also love a wool duvet and no ethical issues attached like feather and down. Soak and Sleep do a great one.

When I took it out the box, I was disappointed as it was thin, but it's so so cosy in our very cold house!

ScreamingCosArgosHaveNoRavens Sat 09-Nov-19 12:00:05

It might be a strange taste, but I love the feeling of being pinned down by a weighty duvet.

poshme Sat 09-Nov-19 12:00:49

We have 2 that popper together to make 13.5 tog. That way we can have the thinnest in summer, the medium in spring & autumn & poppered together in winter.

I love it- nice and heavy when it's cold. I think it was from John Lewis.

poshme Sat 09-Nov-19 12:01:10

Screaming I totally agree

bridgetreilly Sat 09-Nov-19 12:04:18

Weighted blankets are the best thing if you want the heaviness. Use them over any duvet. This sort of thing.

Oblomov19 Sat 09-Nov-19 12:07:57

I too like a heavy duvet. I can't find one heavy enough, so reading with interest.

Queenie8 Sat 09-Nov-19 12:08:13

The fine bedding company spundown duvet. They feel lightweight but are incredibly warm.

LtJudyHopps Sat 09-Nov-19 12:13:06
I’ve bought this one and it’s lovely - thick and heavy. I would imagine the 15 tog is even heavier.

MumW Sat 09-Nov-19 12:21:52

I replaced our very old 13.5 tog duvet with a goose feather and down duvet from M & S which I got in the sales last Christmas. It's really full and, dare I say it, too warm.
M & S duvets got a good write up in Which?.
Worth a look and then maybe waiting for an offer?.

DontCallMeShitley Sat 09-Nov-19 12:59:16

We use the man made fibre ones. First of all because of an allergy in the house, but I actually prefer them, they are not heavy but they are warm. If you want weight you can use a good quality cotton cover which I also have but don't use as I don't want weight.

I stopped buying anything with feathers due to the live plucking of the birds.

24hourshomeedderandcarer Sat 09-Nov-19 13:19:57

ive a 20 tog super king size one, bought it from simply be and we only use teddy bear bedding material sheet and covers

the bed is the most warmest and snuggliest(not a proper word i know)place in the house

all 3 bed have a 20 tog quilt

Snugglepumpkin Sat 09-Nov-19 13:25:51

I got fleece 13.5 tog duvets from Next last year (they still sell them)
They are pretty heavy & machine washable if you have a big machine.
It's £30 for a single up to £60 for a superking so not desperately expensive.
If you get one & have light coloured duvet covers, don't get the grey one or it sort of shows through making the duvet cover look a bit grubby.
The cream one is much better under light colours or dark.

VirginiaCreeper Sat 09-Nov-19 13:29:00

I'd love a duvet that pins me to the bed but isn't too hot. I've looked at weighted blankets but you can't wash them so no good to me with asthma.

YouFellAsleeep Sat 09-Nov-19 13:29:24

I recently got a feather duvet from Argos for around £30, 10.5 tog and it’s quite heavy, I actually get too hot some nights as it feels like I’m enclosed in it and have to kick it off a bit!

Dita73 Sat 09-Nov-19 13:29:40

I bought a 15tog duvet from Dunelm a few years ago. I think it was a Dorma. It was way too hot for me and I only used it for one night. The dog liked kipping on it in the spare room though

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