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to not want my DH to know my MN name?

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SouthEastLondonMummy Fri 17-Aug-07 21:20:12

he thinks I am.

Wilkie Fri 17-Aug-07 21:21:12


snowwonder Fri 17-Aug-07 21:21:50

no way this is your space, he could join if he wanted

Dropdeadfred Fri 17-Aug-07 21:22:07


meandmy Fri 17-Aug-07 21:22:18

no its privicy, although i tell my dp what im posting etc its a trust thing if im moaning about him i tell him i am iyswim

divastrop Fri 17-Aug-07 21:22:24

YABU unless you have something to hide?

Olihan Fri 17-Aug-07 21:24:33

I would assume that if you refuse to tell him he will feel you have something to hide. DH knows my posting name but I do have another name that I use if I want to post something I'd rather he didn't know about.

Why don't you want him to know?

nightowl Fri 17-Aug-07 21:25:56

no, not unreasonable. the way i see it (and i have nothing to hide) its like a chat with my girly mate...there's just some things i dont want bf to know!

yama Fri 17-Aug-07 21:27:25

I have told mine - I just hope he doesn't go snooping.

mummydoit Fri 17-Aug-07 21:27:34

Mine asked me my MN name tonight after reading the Telegraph article about MN and I wouldn't tell him. He didn't seem that bothered that I wouldn't tell him, though. I told him I only lurked and didn't post much!

Create a new MN identity, post a few very bland and boring comments and give him that name!

yama Fri 17-Aug-07 21:29:05

Thanks Mummydoit - I never thought of that.

TossClump Fri 17-Aug-07 21:31:13

Tell him your name is 'Cod.'

3andnomore Fri 17-Aug-07 21:36:10

lol at last post....

MyMILisDoloresUmbridge Fri 17-Aug-07 21:41:24

LOL TossClump! Dh knows my usual name but not this one! Although if he did know it he would agree!

MyTwopenceworth Fri 17-Aug-07 21:45:29

Nope. I haven't told my dh my mn name (although he hasn't asked) he knows all about mn, and I read him stuff, but I would not want him to read my posts, especially the ranty ones, because it's normally him I'm ranting about, and I'm usually being TOTALLY unreasonable and dramatic and mardy and selfish and.....

But it gets it all out and then I can become a grown up again. He'd be VERY hurt if he read some of my particularly ranty stuff - and I don't even mean it, in the cold light of day!

SouthEastLondonMummy Fri 17-Aug-07 21:45:35

Isn't it worse tho, to tell your DH one name and secretly have another? It's seems deceitful rather than just shifty, which is what I'm being!

HorseyWoman Fri 17-Aug-07 21:45:35

PMSL at all these men thinking their wives are Cod!

woodenchair Fri 17-Aug-07 22:06:38

think it depends on what you've posted about. If you've posted about personal things, esp about him then yanbu, at all. Everyone should have somewhere private

woodenchair Fri 17-Aug-07 22:07:36

but if pushed, you should definitely say cod. lol

SouthEastLondonMummy Fri 17-Aug-07 22:08:06

Haven't posted about him yet, but sometimes about personal things he's not comfortable with.

LOL at TossClump!

alycat Fri 17-Aug-07 22:12:12

I'm considering a change - not that it matters as I'm new and not 'known' as my DH now knows my name. He came to give business advice last night.

Then today I posted something less than complimentary about my fil...

MyMILisDoloresUmbridge Fri 17-Aug-07 22:57:30

Do think it can help if you can post anonymously under "Relationships" without your other half having to know. Have never actually felt the need to discuss dh or our relationship but it is nice to know that if you needed the support, it's there.

lucykate Fri 17-Aug-07 23:01:54

dh knows my mn name and has even posted on here as me a few times , he did tell me he'd done it but not until afterwards. it was just tame stuff though, stuff like 'my dh is sooo fantastic' etc etc, so i let him off would have been really peeved if he'd posted somehting really controvertial

MaureenMLove Fri 17-Aug-07 23:24:19

My dh knows my mn name, but couldn't give a stuff tbh. He knows that most of the time, I'm talking 'girlie rubbish', but he is always welcome to evesdrop over my shoulder. I don't discuss my relationship with him on here, I need to scream out loud about him instead, so I phone a friend! Thing is, I don't go out much, my choice, and I'm happy with that. He meet with his mates for a couple of hours every Friday and I would never ask him what he's been talking about all night. If he chooses to tell me, then fine and its the same with MN (my social life - how sad!)

hotchocscot Fri 17-Aug-07 23:29:49

i don't think YABU, even if you are not posting anything about him/your relship. I think you're entitled to your privacy if you want it. Would he open and read your post??? so why should this be different?

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