to be so excited at a sock subscription?

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aladdinscave Fri 01-Nov-19 16:34:04

I saw on another thread a suggestion for a sock subscription as a xmas pressie and I just had a look and omg I want it!! I am now however torn between a sock subscription and a socks AND underwear subscription. If its just socks I can get it for xmas, if its for both I will have to get it myself at £10 a month (due to it being too expensive to ask as a gift).....what am I to do? grin

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exitlight Fri 01-Nov-19 16:50:37

What?! Where?! I would LOVE this!! New socks every month through the post ❤️ Do it!!

WhereDidTheOddSockGo Fri 01-Nov-19 16:53:43

grin I would LOVE a sock subscription!

Likethebattle Fri 01-Nov-19 17:07:26

I need this!

Shittiestdayinalongtime Fri 01-Nov-19 17:11:59

Ooh I love socks!!

HaveeeeYouMetTed Fri 01-Nov-19 17:12:34

Goes off to Google sock subscriptions

Streamside Fri 01-Nov-19 19:44:35

Oddballs do a great monthly subscription offer

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