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To be irritated that the kids club have totally taken over the playground in the local park?

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ricepuddingpaddington Thu 16-Aug-07 15:51:31

Every dry afternoon this hols they are there.
Loads of them (I counted 27 today)in their little red caps, supervised by 4 women. (I'd feel about this ratio if I were paying for my child to be in the club but that's adifferent issue.)
Makes it impossible for my dds (aged 4 and 2) to use the equipment - the kids are not nasty to the dds, just bigger, boisterous and LOADS of them, swarming over everything.

I appreciate their parents pay council tax just as I do. I understand that outdoor activity much better than being stuck inside all hols. But it is really restricting access for the other local kids.

AIBU? (You can say yes if you like )

margoandjerry Thu 16-Aug-07 15:54:00

Yes, a bit. Lots of children want to use the park so it's busy. Not a surprising situation, surely?

motherinferior Thu 16-Aug-07 15:54:11

Er, I think you are, I'm afraid. I do realise that it's pretty glum for you, but school holiday cover is a nightmare, and being in the park is nice for them, and tbh if there wasn't a scheme they'd probably most of them be in the park anyway.

Rhubarb Thu 16-Aug-07 15:54:35

tear gas

Greensleeves Thu 16-Aug-07 15:55:22


stink bombs?

Nemo2007 Thu 16-Aug-07 15:55:36

yes you are unreasonable howver I can completely sympathise with you.

haggisaggis Thu 16-Aug-07 15:55:43

THink you are being a bit unreasonable, as they are entitled to be there. However why don't you speak to the helpers as if it's like my kids club they will be following a timetable so will only be there at certain times of the day - so maybe you could arrange to go at a different time?

ricepuddingpaddington Thu 16-Aug-07 15:56:07

lol at sabotage

ChippyMinton Thu 16-Aug-07 15:57:00

It's a playground. For kids. Doesn't matter who brings them.
Your pre-schoolers presumably use it the rest of the year when the big kids are in school?

Rhubarb Thu 16-Aug-07 15:57:09

I hate it when kids infest the playground. All I want is to be able to swig my vodka, grunt, dribble, peuk and swear in the park in peace but then little brats come along and start playing in it! ffs!

ricepuddingpaddington Thu 16-Aug-07 16:00:22

Its the pack mentality that peeves, I think. Cos they are all a gang together they are much louder and more intimidating for my (pretty confident) dds than if the same kids were there in groups of 2 or 3.

But Ok, I accept that mn has spoken, I am BU.

ricepuddingpaddington Thu 16-Aug-07 16:01:38

i know Rhubarb! I fancied a little light
ASBO stuff and a grope. And the kids were in the way.

hatwoman Thu 16-Aug-07 16:01:58

agree with haggis - they're unlikely to be there all day, just find out when they'll be gone

motherinferior Thu 16-Aug-07 16:02:58

And the other thing is that one day you may well be one of those people grasping with huge relief at the availability of said schemes.

mm22bys Thu 16-Aug-07 16:03:24


I wanted to go for a swim when I had some rare baby-free time last week. Of course the local kids had use of the pool for the whole day....

Yet when I did want to take my DS swimming, I would ring up and check if it was OK, was told it was fine, and whenever I actually took him down, of course it was always a "one-off" and I couldn't swim with him after all!

ricepuddingpaddington Thu 16-Aug-07 16:03:39

MI - unlikely. I'm a teacher.

motherinferior Thu 16-Aug-07 16:04:36

You'll need to do preparation over the summer holidays, though. Teaching friends use childcare too!

purpleflower Thu 16-Aug-07 16:08:12

Surely it would be worse if they werent with the playscheme though because then you would have loads of parents in the way aswell.

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