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AIBU to start a thread purely to luxuriate in the fact that I FINALLY HAVE A BABY!!

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Secretlifeofme Tue 22-Oct-19 17:27:49

I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Helena today. First started trying in September 2016 and suffered three miscarriages since then. Almost gave up trying at the start of this year but got my BFP in February and today she is finally here! DH and I are over the moon to be parents at last, and I don't even care that I had an awful 26 hour labour followed by an unplanned C section because I AM A MUM!! Here is my amazing little girl!

Barmaid101 Tue 22-Oct-19 17:29:11

Congratulations, enjoy every moment!

LoueyLou Tue 22-Oct-19 17:29:33

What lovely news for you.
And such a beautiful name for her.
Massive congrats flowers

HirplesWithHaggis Tue 22-Oct-19 17:29:57

Congratulations! What a gorgeous wee soul. smile

Wearenotyourkind Tue 22-Oct-19 17:30:05

Many congratulations! Beautiful girl! Sending love to you and your family, OP 💕

VanillaSmile Tue 22-Oct-19 17:30:45

Congratulations on the birth of your long awaited little girl.

FredaFrogspawn Tue 22-Oct-19 17:30:51

Oo she is so cute!

BeesKnees4 Tue 22-Oct-19 17:30:52

Beautiful girl, lovely name 👶🏼😍

Liverbird77 Tue 22-Oct-19 17:30:57

Many, many congratulations!
Just enjoy every snuggle.
Congratulations also in making it through the labour. Women are tough! flowersbrewcake
If there was a toast emoji, I would've included that, as I lived off the stuff after giving birth!
What a beautiful little girl you have.

Flightsoffancy Tue 22-Oct-19 17:31:54

You are definitely not being unreasonable!! Congratulations she's gorgeous, and that's a lovely name. Enjoy her xxx

Dyrne Tue 22-Oct-19 17:32:46

Aww congratulations OP!! A hard won victory for you so enjoy the snuggles. flowers

I love newborn pictures - they always have some sort of variant of “what the fuck is happening here?” Expression!! grin

Goawayquickly Tue 22-Oct-19 17:32:47

Congratulations! She is beautiful and I love her name.
I hope you enjoy this new, exciting chapter.

DrVonPatak Tue 22-Oct-19 17:32:50

flowers Congratulations!

I'm still waiting for this, after 5 long years and counting, your post gave me hope and a (happy) tear to my eye.

WitheredfromtheLake Tue 22-Oct-19 17:33:13

So very pleased for you! flowers

Knittedfairies Tue 22-Oct-19 17:33:32


gingerscot Tue 22-Oct-19 17:34:03

Congratulations, she’s lovely 😍

brittlestar Tue 22-Oct-19 17:34:34

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby! Such happy news, you can rest up and cuddle, you did it you're a Mum!

avocadotofu Tue 22-Oct-19 17:35:15

She's adorable!! Congratulations, that's lovely ness thanks

mencken Tue 22-Oct-19 17:35:40

YANBU at all! How great to see such happy news! Welcome baby Helena and congratulations!

Sotiredbutcannotsleep Tue 22-Oct-19 17:36:24

Congratulations for your little miracle flowers

Phoebesfleas Tue 22-Oct-19 17:36:25

YANBU! A beautiful name for a beautiful baby. Congratulations! Wishing you a speedy recovery. Enjoy every moment flowers

Oneforposy7 Tue 22-Oct-19 17:37:07

Congratulations OP! I have a Helena too and she's now a crazy 3 year old and the light of my life. I wish you every happiness with her in the world.

Amiable Tue 22-Oct-19 17:37:07

Yay! Congratulations!

mogloveseggs Tue 22-Oct-19 17:37:47


YesItsMeIDontCare Tue 22-Oct-19 17:37:57

Congratulations! And "Welcome 😊" from one Helena to another.

(I hope she doesn't give you as much grief as this one gave her mum blush)

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