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To wear this to a wedding

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Rightyoh Tue 22-Oct-19 12:17:49

Going to a wedding reception on Saturday night... wibu to wear this?

AlkaSeltz Thu 24-Oct-19 16:14:45

@Rightyoh alkaseltz that’s a whole new thread!

It does come across a bit like you're trying to draw a lot of attention to yourself with those dress choices. I was interested to know why you think you will already be the centre of attention and why you want to emphasise that

notthemum Thu 24-Oct-19 10:15:38

Bugger I missed the last pics.

AntiStuff Thu 24-Oct-19 08:41:53

@Ribrabrob Oh well done you! Except the OP did actually post pics of herself in the three she ordered, the post has now been withdrawn. Do keep up.

pigeononthegate Wed 23-Oct-19 20:33:25

Red velvet one is beautiful. I would have worn that when I was young and slim.

SheSaidNoFuckThat Wed 23-Oct-19 20:19:53

Out of the 3 new ones I prefer the red lace, tempted to order that myself

Rightyoh Wed 23-Oct-19 19:58:20

alkaseltz that’s a whole new thread!

Ribrabrob Wed 23-Oct-19 16:50:14

@DoraDont you know that’s not actually her in the photos don’t you?! grin

messolini9 Wed 23-Oct-19 16:46:26

YABU. It is lingerie.

Myshitisreal Wed 23-Oct-19 16:43:47

Op what about a wriggle dress here's a random one on ebay

Myshitisreal Wed 23-Oct-19 16:41:11

Awww I was so invested in this threat I missed pics. Have you decided on one op. Go for quirky and alternative but decent. Be true to yourself

AlkaSeltz Wed 23-Oct-19 16:06:04

Why do you think they "will all be talking about you anyway"?

RogueV Wed 23-Oct-19 15:49:59

Dress 4 😍

OkayGoooouuuuuullllll Wed 23-Oct-19 15:39:26

Oooh velvet!!

iMatter Wed 23-Oct-19 15:31:21

Velvet one definitely.

Although I'd keep all of them - they all look fantastic smile

Derbee Wed 23-Oct-19 15:25:36

They all look great on you! I’d go with the velvet as it’s flatteringly busty. grin

DoraDont Wed 23-Oct-19 14:55:38

The red velvet one flatters you the most. The first one pancakes your boobs. Third is ok too, but love the texture and colour of the dark red one.

Bloomburger Wed 23-Oct-19 14:29:03

Only if the Big Fat Gypsy kind.

Sceptre86 Wed 23-Oct-19 14:18:10

Your figure looks great in all three. I think I like the second dress best though, perfect got an autumn wedding.

Dontsweatthelittlestuff Wed 23-Oct-19 14:12:00

I like the red with the high neck best. The other two need a bit more in the boob department to give a better shape.

Rightyoh Wed 23-Oct-19 13:44:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CravingCheese Wed 23-Oct-19 12:28:47

The red lace one really is very pretty btw...

Rightyoh Wed 23-Oct-19 12:21:44

It’s from new look

kenandbarbie Wed 23-Oct-19 10:48:01

Yeah red velvet and red lace that you've ordered are lovely. Black and gold lace looks cheap though.

Pukkatea Wed 23-Oct-19 10:28:55

Sorry if this has been answered but where is the dress in your OP from? I bloody love it!

helplessneedy Wed 23-Oct-19 10:25:42

Nooooooo way and I'm under 30 😊

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