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To ask you to tell me to calm the fuck down

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kiaoracymru Sun 20-Oct-19 10:54:35

I’ve been referred to the breast clinic for lumps in my boobs. I suspect they are cysts as have been worse in the last week & I am on day 21 my cycle. I can feel at least 4 in my left boob- squidgy & are fuller some days than others. One is a bit harder than the rest. They are like squidgy marbles & I seem to have more than before. That’s my rational side. I am 47

My other side is freaking out to fuck- worried I have missed something in my breast self exams, worried it’s serious & that I don’t want to leave my kids.

Aibu to ask that you please talk some sense into me confused

Sparklesocks Sun 20-Oct-19 11:04:06

I’m sorry you are scared OP, these things are very stressful and it’s normal to be worried. I’m sure it’s fine and you’re right that they’re cysts but the most important thing is that you’re getting them checked - a lot of people can’t cope with lump scares and put their heads in the sand, so well done for tackling it head on. I hope all is fine, good luck flowers

Branster Sun 20-Oct-19 11:06:53

Realistically, there’s nothing you can do until you get your results.
When is you appointment and how did you get the referral. If it was as a result of a GP appointment which you instigated, I’m certain everything would have moved very fast if they were seriously concerned.
But I wanted to let you know you are not alone and hopefully someone with more experience about this topic can give you better advice.
Sending you hugs and a virtual cup of tea.

kiaoracymru Sun 20-Oct-19 11:09:14

Appointment is end of week under the 2 week protocols - i’m driving myself mad to be honest

1WayOrAnother Sun 20-Oct-19 11:14:16

You sound like you're doing a good job of rationalising it yourself OP. You can't do anything about it before your clinic appointment. Accept that it's scary, it is. But that DOESN'T mean what you fear most will come to pass. Keep rationalising & acknowledge that anxiety feeds on itself, and is very powerful if you let it take over.

smilingElizabeth Sun 20-Oct-19 11:35:10

Try not to be too anxious otherwise you will drive yourself mad. Easier said than done I know.

I noticed breast changes back in July and was diagnosed with breast cancer in August and I've now had 2 x surgeries and am awaiting radiotherapy. Although breast cancer is fairly common the % of women who attend the breast clinic and end be up being diagnosed with cancer is small.

Also, even if it is, it's more likely to be non invasive like I've had and relatively easily treated.

Many women have cysts and lumps that turn out to be benign.

As I say, I've been there and it was a very anxious time. I ended up taking beta blockers for anxiety and that helped lot, but overall it's not been too bad and staff at the Breast clinic are lovely. Keeping busy helps to distract you from the worry. Good luck.

SprinkleDash Sun 20-Oct-19 11:35:23

The chances of it being serious are very small! Most lumps are benign. I’ve been to the hospital a good few times now for breast lumps (multiple per visit) and they’re almost always fibroadenomas with the odd cyst here and there. Well done for getting them checked out though!!

custardbear Sun 20-Oct-19 11:41:05

Far more likely to be cysts - good luck and I hope your wait isn't too long

UncomfortableSilence Sun 20-Oct-19 11:44:24

I was referred recently nothing will stop you worrying but be reassured that the majority of lumps are benign.

You will see a consultant and then have a mammogram, ultrasound and if necessary a biopsy and will leave on the day with a pretty good idea of what you'll be dealing with.

I found the wait for the biopsy results the worst part, but kept myself extra busy with work and DC.

Beamur Sun 20-Oct-19 11:47:41

You're understandably worried. I had a lump checked a while ago and it was a cyst. Had a mild irritation a few days ago and was practically planning how to deal with worse case scenario. Irritation now gone and it was a good reminder how easy it is to catastrophise.
You will feel worried and anxious, but chances are that it is harmless and even if not, this kind of cancer is generally highly treatable.
Be kind to yourself, keep busy and the very best of wishes and positivity to you!

iklboo Sun 20-Oct-19 11:51:18

I've found two lumps this week. Waiting for the breast clinic referral. Doc thinks it's nothing sinister but admitted she's not an expert. It's hard not to worry.

Bellringer Sun 20-Oct-19 11:58:56

You will be seen quickly. They are very hot on this. Even if positive, prognosis may be good. Just take it easy, probably will be nothing, and if it is the care is excellent now. Good luck.

JulieRat Sun 20-Oct-19 12:00:58

I have lumpy breasts and they've definitely got worse recently (I'm late 40s like you). I've had multiple breast clinic appointments, scans and a biopsy and all has been fine. I know obviously they do need checking and you will worry, but FWIW your lumps sound very like my harmless fibrocystic ones. flowers

Summercamping Sun 20-Oct-19 12:01:10

Very hard not to worry, but the odds are in your favour. Very likely to be cysts

aweedropofsancerre Sun 20-Oct-19 12:05:13

My advice is try and not do 'google' research. No one can say what it or what it is likely to be. Hope all goes well at your appointment.

userxx Sun 20-Oct-19 12:06:13

Sounds like what I had and it was cysts. I was referred to the breast clinic and once they knew they were harmless they drained them there and then. You could watch on a screen, I wouldn't recommend it 🤢

weeblefeet Sun 20-Oct-19 12:08:02

I've been through this twice, cysts both times, squidgy, tender lumps that I could move. I had to have a mammogram and an ultrasound both times and then have them drained. They're likely to come back too. Try not to worry, they're most likely harmless.

MaybeitsMaybelline Sun 20-Oct-19 12:11:16

Your wont necessarily have a mammogram OP especially if you are under 40. Ultrasound sure and bio yes but due to the density of you never breast tissue mammograms are not a great screening test.

weeblefeet Sun 20-Oct-19 12:12:52

Op is 47

Baguetteaboutit Sun 20-Oct-19 12:16:01

It's really stressful. I was at the breast clinic a fortnight ago. I only had to wait for just over a wee for my appointment but in that week I googled the shit out of breast cancer, outcomes and statistics all set against how I could keep things ok for the kids, I wouldn't recommend that but you've got more sense than I do if you can resist.

I think the best you can do is resign yourself to the wait knowing that the wait is shit. Best of luck flowers

GrumpiestCat Sun 20-Oct-19 12:17:24

Breast cancer care is some of the best I've ever witnessed in the NHS and outcomes continue to improve, so there are lots of things on your side here.

When my mum had it it wasn't even a lump as such, more a thickening under part of the skin. With what you're describing I'd be thinking it was cysts or blocked ducts too - but obviously you're right to get yourself properly checked out. Best of luck OP x

DonKeyshot Sun 20-Oct-19 12:18:06

Why not join the "lacies" in the newly created Patience Inn on the Cancer Support Thread in General Health?

The core group of those in the club no-one wants to join know first hand the stresses and strains of waiting.. for tests, for results, for treatment - and for the next gin grin

Many of them have, or have had, breast cancer, not of course that you have this cursed disease, and they're experienced handholders who will do their utmost to put your mind at rest until your appointment.

Do drop in - they'll be pleased to welcome you to their new venue smile

nrpmum Sun 20-Oct-19 12:20:18

You are probably more scared of the unknown. Even if you do have breast cancer the treatment and outcome is so good now.

Be kind to yourself though. It's natural to be frightened.

swingofthings Sun 20-Oct-19 12:22:43

Been there when I was 45. It was horrible when I first felt this long lumpy bump. Still I thought the GP would reassure me there and then, so was shocked when I was referred to the 2ww. Still then I thought the consultant would laugh and say that my GP was silly to have referred me but he didn't and sent me for mammogram and ultrasound. The ultrasound was the lowest part as I was waiting for the words 'need to do a puncture for a biopsy' and when she made some strange noises and then said she had to go and ask the consultant to come and have a look, I thought that's it, but he said 'that's interesting indeed' and then left she said it was all ok, just that my breast was full of cystic activity as she defined it.

It was the first time in my life I faced the reality that we can't take our health for granted. It does get a bit easier when it happens again as you feel a bit more prepared for the possible of bad news.

It is only afterwards that I opened up to friends, to find out that at least one in two of my friends of similar age had exactly the same. Cysts at the start of the perimenopause are so common. Crossing all my fingers for you.

kiaoracymru Sun 20-Oct-19 12:27:10

I read that cysts etc are more likely between the age of 45-50 too due to perimenopause- I def feel like there have been hormonal changes but I hadn’t really thought much of it as they often get a lot smaller after my period. The doc had a feel when I was on day 15 of my cycle & I def feel like they get bigger after ovulation?

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