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To expect GPs to actually CHECK if a drug they are prescribing me is contra-indicated with another I am already taking!?

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CountessDracula Wed 15-Aug-07 12:52:26

This has happened to me several times
Their computer allegedly has something that pops up and tells them except it never bloody does!!!

So this morning, a dr prescribed me a new antibiotic (over the phone). When I went to look it up (as I always do because they never check) it was clearly contra-indicated!

So I called the rabid rottweiler receptionist and explained and gto 5 mins of "ooh no the system would tell the doctor and anyway he would KNOW" until I lost patience and shouted at her to get him to call me

He has just called and apologised profusely (the system shoudl ahve warned me!) and prescribed something else...

Tigana Wed 15-Aug-07 12:56:48

bah humbug there are different systems and they don't always pick up on these things. don't always pick up on overdose prescriptions either.
GP has duty to check themselves, computer alert system is supposed to be a back up.
I would suggsts to them that they carry out a Significant Event analysis of this in order to prevent recurrence with a patient who is less likely to double-check what a Dr says.

hoxtonchick Wed 15-Aug-07 12:58:27

tossers . i had a fight with my gp receptionist on monday as she wouldn't do my repeats without trying to book me in to see someone. grrr.

ps we're going to normandy for half term .

Tigana Wed 15-Aug-07 13:03:22

hoxton...i know it's annoying...but they are supposed to see you evetry 6 months or so for rpt meds to check they are working for you and no side effects etc.
It is good practice and they have probably broken practice policy to prescribe without seeing you...

SlightlyMadSpider Wed 15-Aug-07 13:06:32

Pharamcists are often more knowledgeable about contraindications. BUT they don't have the records of what you are currently taking so you would have to tell them.

CountessDracula Wed 15-Aug-07 13:10:04

I have no prob with going to see them
I just wish they would bother to check!

CountessDracula Wed 15-Aug-07 13:10:26

I do worry for people who don't check for themselves though!

Quattrocento Wed 15-Aug-07 13:13:24

Isn't that their job? I meantersay some of us might think they were pretty well paid for their roles in any event, so yes they should check. Frankly blaming the system or systems sounds inadequate.

But as I confessed on another thread, I am not a patient person.

Tigana Wed 15-Aug-07 13:13:47

IME it is always worth telling GP what other med you are on...prompts them to think "contra-indication" ( of course, you shouldn't have to tellthem as they have the records there infront of them, but they are only human, so...)
My favourite was trip to GP for chest infection while pregnant ( 3-4 months). GP prescribed antibiotics. I asked if safe to take when pregnant
GP: " we know you are pregnant?"
Me: "yes...and it is highlighted on your computer screen right now!"

CountessDracula Wed 15-Aug-07 13:17:56


Yes I do usually but I was in bed half asleep! Hence checking it later

funnypeculiar Wed 15-Aug-07 13:21:12

I was prescribed something when 8 mths pg that specifically said 'Do not take in early or late pg due to danger of birth defect, and miscarriage. Pointed this out to GP who said "No, don't worry, they just say that to cover themselves"

flowerybeanbag Wed 15-Aug-07 13:22:29

have learnt from experience to do my own research, not assume GPs have a clue.

Tiggly Wed 15-Aug-07 13:28:16

I,ve been prescribed something to shrink my tumour and it's a good job that I am on the ball because the label that the pharmacist had put on the bottle was incorrect to the bottle they had applied it to! I could have been underdosing myself for the next 20 doses and god only knows where I would be then . I contacted the pharmacist who said, "oh yeah, bottle's right, label is wrong, take them as per the bottle, ok, bye." No appology, nothing. I've only just been discharged from hospital and still very stressed out so didn't need this.

Tigana Wed 15-Aug-07 13:37:52

tiggly . well spotted!
Dosage errors are quite tought to spot if you are a 'lay person' ime. All depends on the concentration of the active ingredient...gets too complicated for my somewhat dyscalculaic brain!

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