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To have jogged past dogs from behind??

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cmac76 Fri 18-Oct-19 10:34:19

I know the topic of dogs/walkers/joggers is covered a lot on here but in this instance I'm wondering if I should have behaved differently so would appreciate opinions especially from other dog owners.

I have just come back from a jog in a nature reserve which is very popular with lots of people - dog owners, joggers, walkers, families etc. I was approaching a woman who was walking in the same direction as me (so I was jogging behind her) and she had 3 dogs off leads - one really large dog and 2 smaller ones. As I was approaching she moved over to one side to let me pass so I assumed all was fine and carried on past her. As I got further on I could hear her shouting so I turned around and could see all the dogs chasing me! I stopped still and all 3 surrounded me barking up at me so I couldn't move.

She carried on shouting but none of them came back to her so I asked her could she please put them on the lead and this is where she kicked off at me shouting that I should never run behind 'a pack of dogs' and 'would I run behind a horse?' I was very wtf at this point and unfortunately did raise my voice back which I do regret as it escalated and of course the dogs probably picked up on this and carried on barking at me. I pointed out how they are not horses, how I should be allowed to go out for a jog in a public place and how her dogs were not well trained if they couldn't be recalled - she got so irate at me and started to get quite close and in my face shouting that they were well trained and not dangerous as they were literally still barking at me and I couldn't move. She also yelled at me, "who the fuck do I think I I think I own the fucking place"

Eventually she put their leads on and I carried on but felt I had to warn some mums coming in the other direction who had toddlers running loose as they were about to cross paths with her.

So Aibu for jogging behind dogs? Should I stop?? I know I was being unreasonable for getting into a shouting match with her but she was so irate from the moment I asked her to put her dogs on the lead. Am I making a mountain out if a molehill? They didn't actually bite me - just barked at me but I felt scared especially as there were 3 of them.

Seahorseshoe Sat 19-Oct-19 07:29:32

I'd have poo'ed my pants. I'm terrified of dogs.

RhinoskinhaveI Sat 19-Oct-19 11:10:45

'He's just a puppy'
this is said as if he is a helpless baby who couldn't hurt a fly.
He may be a puppy but he's a large puppy with teeth and a strong jaw, he may be juvenile, ie not yet fully adult, but his human equivalent would be an out of control teenager, not a helpless baby!

RhinoskinhaveI Sat 19-Oct-19 11:15:15

As the person sitting on the large hazard the onus is on us
Yes the people who are are out in public places with their animals should be deferring to the humans and making sure their animals do not inconvenience the humans.
Too often dog owners behave as if the needs and wants of the dog come before those of humans.

Lhastingsmua Sat 19-Oct-19 11:17:18

When people lose control and are in the wrong, they can act aggressive and defensively. I don’t think you did anything wrong, she was just panicking because she couldn’t cal her dogs back and you weren’t prepared to accept her bullshit.

missbattenburg Sat 19-Oct-19 11:17:49

I am so looking forward to Bonfire Night.

It is the one night of the year when I feel I am getting my own back on entitled dog owners like this one

Yeah. Fuck all the wildlife and farm animals and dogs whose owners are responsible and cats and their owners and people who suffer PTSD.

As long as you feel you've evened the score against some twat in a park then it's all good.

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