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My husband thinks I am. In fact, he thinks I'm bonkers.

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MyTwopenceworth Wed 15-Aug-07 11:46:35

We just found a mouse in the hallway.

Brain of Britain there decided to try to herd it towards the front door, I said "close the living room door first", but oh no, and, of course, the mouse legged it into the living room instead of going outside.

This has nothing to do with my AIBU, I just wanted to say


But I digress.

So. Mouse is in living room. Currently uncatchable. We now have to go and buy one of those green mousecatchers, to get mouse for later release a billion miles away

In the meantime.

Feeling sorry for it.

I fed it.


Or insane, or any of dh's rather choice words?

beansprout Wed 15-Aug-07 11:47:52

Nothing wrong with feeding a mouse if you are happy to have lots of mice in your house!! If you aren't though, best just get it out!!

MaureenMLove Wed 15-Aug-07 11:47:55

Crazy woman!

TooTicky Wed 15-Aug-07 11:49:11

The mouse god will look upon you kindly.

Be sure to wash out the trap straight away after releasing mouse as if you forget about it and leave it for a few weeks, the smell when you do open it will disable your nose and your eyes.

mummydoit Wed 15-Aug-07 11:51:03

Not insane, just making sure it's not going to leave of its own free will. Don't feed it and it might get hungry and leave your house to find food elsewhere. Feed it and it's definitely not going to go anywhere. If you're happy to pamper it, catch it humanely and chauffeur it to pastures new, then go for it! Don't feed it too well, though, as it might tell all its friends and they'll come en masse for a feast .

KerryMumbledore Wed 15-Aug-07 11:53:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

harleyd Wed 15-Aug-07 11:54:45

u have just made your house mouse heaven. he will be on the blower to all his mousie mates telling them of the kind lady who gave him lunch. btw what did you feed it?

onlyWotz Wed 15-Aug-07 11:55:32

do you have cats?

MerlinsBeard Wed 15-Aug-07 11:57:36

if there is 1 mouse there are more without a doubt. the constantly wee you know? stop feeding it and fill in anygaps quick!!

flowerybeanbag Wed 15-Aug-07 11:59:01

there are bound to be a mouse dp and mouse dcs somewhere...

MyTwopenceworth Wed 15-Aug-07 11:59:19

I do have a cat bloody thing just lay on the windowsill, watching all this with one eye open.

I do intend to go to B&Q this afternoon to get a trap, I'm not keeping the mouse! I just felt bad that it would be hungry while it was here.

I put some cereal, peanut butter and a carot batton on a saucer and shoved it under the sofa!!

Boco Wed 15-Aug-07 12:01:55

I do things like this. I made a lego mousetrap once, with a oneway swing door so it could get in and not out. It had a window and a roof and everything. My stepdad was using the horrible traps and i would weep with grief everytime something got splatted. Anyway, the mouse went in and ate the cheese, then ate his way out of my lego house.

KerryMumbledore Wed 15-Aug-07 12:02:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

flowerybeanbag Wed 15-Aug-07 12:02:55

pmsl at boco's lego trap and mtpw's helpful cat!

Boco Wed 15-Aug-07 12:03:19

KM, are gonads a good mouse repellent then?

KerryMumbledore Wed 15-Aug-07 12:05:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WinkyWinkola Wed 15-Aug-07 14:04:40

We had mice. One ran down my old dad's leg whilst he was snoozing in the front room.

We tried traps, both humane and brutal but they only kill one at a time.

Then we tried this: QGgodyxmQLA

and we've not seen a mouse since.

I should write copy for ads!

sandyballs Wed 15-Aug-07 14:07:03

Boco - were you a child or was this recently

EmilyDavidson Wed 15-Aug-07 14:10:34

I can kind of understnd why you think one wee mouse is cute ,but one leads to scores of the little fleabags ,all scurrying about under your bed,sitting (and squitting!) in your cereal etc .
Do yourself a favour and deal with it severely now

funnypeculiar Wed 15-Aug-07 14:12:21

pmsl - that's exactly the kind of thing I'd do.
And so glad you've fed the mouse nice, improving healthy things

funnypeculiar Wed 15-Aug-07 14:13:12

Aha, and isn't the mouse less likely to eat 'inappropriate' things (eg the inside of your sofa) whilst happy & well fed? So actually, a Very Smart Thing to do.

harpsichordcarrier Wed 15-Aug-07 14:14:06

lol you are bonkers MTPW.
smack it over the head with a brick

HappyDaddy Wed 15-Aug-07 14:14:56

This does make me laugh, while you're bein all nice to the mouse it's thinking "wicked, I'm going to eat the whole house and bring all my mousey friends". You care about him being hungry, but he doesn't care about shitting in your food.

FioFio Wed 15-Aug-07 14:16:38

Message withdrawn

funnypeculiar Wed 15-Aug-07 14:18:54

But she IS going to get rid of it - just humanely, rather than with brick.
Surely you don't think the mouse is smart enough, when transported out of the house to far off field, to remember the house number/street name, and bring all his mates back. Or use his little mouse GPS or something?

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