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Just lost our dream house-heartbroken

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Auramigraine Wed 16-Oct-19 15:49:01

Been watching this house being built from foundations, perfect area, price, house etc. Was negotiating with the developers over the price on Saturday, Couldn’t get there until today to sign reservation paperwork, email today, someone reserved it on Sunday!! We’ve been enquiring about it since June, they know that house is the one we have been after all along. AIBU to think what a shitty thing to do?

Now been sat in tears and no other houses to buy that even remotely come close.

Any success stories of finding something better to cheer me up?

Andysbestadventure Wed 16-Oct-19 15:51:11

Is it a new build? I'd be glad you didn't get it tbh. Infact I'd be celebrating.

Allthepinkunicorns Wed 16-Oct-19 15:54:52

Be thankful you didn't lose any money on it. Our dream home fell through and we had already paid solicitors fees, surveys etc etc. The house just wasn't meant to be and another dream home will come along soon. And yeah the sellers are not nice to do that to you and I wouldn't entertain buying from them in the future.

Teenangels Wed 16-Oct-19 15:54:52

AIBU Unfortunately the others got there before you, if you had wanted it so badly you could have reserved it earlier.
The company will go on a first come first serve basis, you have been watching it go up, you could have acted before now. Sorry

ChicCroissant Wed 16-Oct-19 16:01:04

Well you can take the aspects of that property that you liked and apply it to your property search now, OP. You won't get exactly the same (and it's not a good idea to look for a replica as it will never match up) but you'll know what is important to you.

I don't think the builders/vendors WBU though, it can't have been perfect if you were still negotiating and you've been looking at it for so long. You've just developed an idea in your head of what it would be like to live there (easier said than done to let that go, I know).

We lost a house we wanted to buy after our own buyers dropped out at a very late stage - we'd paid for surveys - and although it was bigger than the house we eventually bought instead, the traffic outside was terrible and it would have solid queues during rush hour. We would have struggled to get in and out of it!

HairyFloppins Wed 16-Oct-19 16:03:47

I would be devastated too, but I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason and I'm sure you will find another house, probably a much better one.

EnriqueTheRingBearingLizard Wed 16-Oct-19 16:05:41

From the Developer's point of view the fact that you've been enquiring for months but not committed just reinforced the fact that they needed to secure a signature for reservation when they could. Unless they only just opened reservations?

Either way, it's first come first served I'm afraid. These things usually happen for a good reason in the end though. You never know what's going to come up.

Do you have anything to sell?

BrokenWing Wed 16-Oct-19 16:05:55

The sellers are not being unreasonable, they can't risk losing a sale and need to go with however actually commits first. You were dragging your feet and they had no way of knowing you would 100% follow through.

GreigLaidlawsbarofsoap Wed 16-Oct-19 16:13:20

I have an acquaintance who works for a big (national) housebuilder. She says the number of "nosey Parker's" (her words) they have who make enquiries, make all the right noises but never actually follow through are in the hundreds every week on her current popular site. So yes they will go for whoever signs first, that's just business, sorry.

It must be gutting but hopefully there will be something better down the line.

Personally I would never buy new build, off the plan again. Had a nightmare with first one. Current home bought at 2/3 years old when all the snagging had been sorted, they had paid the price for fancy kitchen etc then decided to move. We got a good deal as they wanted to move quickly. Hope you find a real bargain to make up for this one.

Auramigraine Wed 16-Oct-19 16:16:04

Thanks all, for people saying I’m dragging my feet/should have reserved. We enquired way before it was up for reserve, we offered to early reserve it and the sales people knew we were interested in it so said no need we know your interested so would let us know when it was ready for reserve which is where we are up to now.
However, I am a believer in what’s meant to be will be so I’m hoping (praying) something better comes along.

Auramigraine Wed 16-Oct-19 16:17:31

Thank you, I originally did want a 2nd hand newbuild but nothing came along, here’s hoping one will now!

Auramigraine Wed 16-Oct-19 16:17:59

Oops o mean to tag @GreigLaidlawsbarofsoap

Crunchymum Wed 16-Oct-19 16:18:19

Couldn’t get there until today

Today is Wednesday, someone else reserved on Sunday?

Did you ask when reservations opened?

JuneFromBethesda Wed 16-Oct-19 16:18:51

It's worth letting the developers know that you're willing to buy if the current sale doesn't go through.

We saw a house we loved, part of a very small development (13 houses). We couldn't make an offer until our flat was under offer but as soon as it was, we called the developers ... to be told that the last house in the development had gone the previous day.

We asked to be kept informed if any came on the market again; one of the sales fell through and we ended up buying the house.

I appreciate your situation is slightly different as there's only one house, not 13, but you never know, you might be lucky.

Winteriscomingfast Wed 16-Oct-19 16:19:08

but you didn't reserve it?

the people who did may well have also had the same previous conversations with the sales people?

Bluntness100 Wed 16-Oct-19 16:19:55

A second hand new build? Who calls a house second hand. Jeez mine is four hundred years old, what's that then, some form of charity shop find? 🤣

LaurieMarlow Wed 16-Oct-19 16:20:40

There’ll be other houses. Onwards and upwards.

ThatMuppetShow Wed 16-Oct-19 16:23:21

A second hand new build? Who calls a house second hand. Jeez mine is four hundred years old, what's that then, some form of charity shop find?

grin grin grin

Alsohuman Wed 16-Oct-19 16:23:43

@Bluntness100, ours is the same age, it must be about 30th hand by now!

beachandcocktails Wed 16-Oct-19 16:25:07

It's pretty shitty of them given that you'd even offered to reserve early, and they'd said there was no need. However (you'll want to slap me for this, sorry) I do believe in the saying "what's meant for you won't pass you by". But I know how annoying it is to hear that, sorry!

We missed out on a house that seemed perfect for us a few months ago. I was absolutely gutted at the time but now we've found one (we move at the end of this month) which will be better for us in many ways so I'm actually glad now that we didn't get that other house. I'm sure it will end up the same for you. Good luck smile

BrendasUmbrella Wed 16-Oct-19 16:27:25

As June said, let them know you are interested, if the other people pull out you may still get it.

But if you were negotiating on the price and the other people just came along with the asking price, that's probably why they went with them.

Auramigraine Wed 16-Oct-19 16:27:32

@beachandcocktails thank you ❤️

BarbaraStrozzi Wed 16-Oct-19 16:28:44

Having just lost over a grand in legal fees/survey fees when my buyers pulled out... honestly OP, it could be worse.

And I would seriously look for a house that's had time to bed in. Newbuilds, your odds are about 50/50 as to whether they're okay or complete snag-fests that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. Also (unless you have money to burn) the rooms are tiny.

TatianaLarina Wed 16-Oct-19 16:30:18

I hate new builds so I think you’ve dodged a bullet. There are lots of lovely properties out there.

Auramigraine Wed 16-Oct-19 16:31:04

@BarbaraStrozzi sorry to hear that, that’s really crap of them, I bet your furious. Thanks for the advice flowers

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