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Parcel said what was inside of it

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GabrielleLee Wed 16-Oct-19 15:25:41

I ordered a pair of jeans from eBay and I received the parcel earlier today.

The parcel had a description of the jeans on the label.

Has anyone else ever experienced this before? Is it common for eBay buyers to state what is inside of a parcel to save the hassle of telling the Royal Mail?

I normally just buy from Amazon and it was my first time buying something from eBay.

I’m not bothered in all fairness, I’m just curious as to whether or not it’s common practice when buying via eBay.

Thanks, Gabrielle.

AdobeWanKenobi Wed 16-Oct-19 15:27:05

Could be many reasons. Was the P&P free or did you pay? Perhaps seller packed them to get an accurate postal cost and wrote what was in the parcel.

Bluntness100 Wed 16-Oct-19 15:28:50

Suspect the sender did it just to help with the addresses so they got it right,

INeedSleepToo Wed 16-Oct-19 15:30:03

I’m not sure I’ve ever noticed. I think some things I order will say ‘clothing’ or ‘food’ etc on them as Royal Mail do ask what’s inside. Not sure it’s ever been specified as ‘jeans’ though.

Andysbestadventure Wed 16-Oct-19 15:30:22

Basically OP wants to know if she/he orders something naughty/sexy toy/kinky/a bit grim, will the postman find out! 🤣

RushianDisney Wed 16-Oct-19 15:30:33

Some sellers prepackage their items after photographing and listing so they are ready to send out as soon as they are sold, so maybe they wrote a description on the parcel to identify it in a pile? I wouldn't think it had anything to do with the post office, they do ask what you're sending but it's not written anywhere on the package by them.

mauvaisereputation Wed 16-Oct-19 15:31:15

Was it from abroad? It's a requirement for customs.

OkayGo Wed 16-Oct-19 15:32:24

If I order something from abroad it says what it is because it goes through customs

amylou8 Wed 16-Oct-19 15:32:58

One of the courier's I use print out what is inside the packet when I print postage through eBay, the other doesn't. There's certain things you can't send, or need special warning labels on so probably just covering that.

0ooo0 Wed 16-Oct-19 15:36:31

I’ve never had this from eBay.

However I’d imagine it’s because they have a few items for sale, packaged & ready to post before the auction/sale completed & so it would identify the item inside to the seller so they can just locate & post the correct item out once sold.

Jaxhog Wed 16-Oct-19 15:41:59

Pretty common in my experience. Amazon doesn't though.

Isn't this what 'brown packaging' was for?

TwoIsNotBetterThanOne Wed 16-Oct-19 15:46:37

Whenever I've taken something I've sold on Ebay to the post office they always ask me what's inside 'for security purposes' then they write it on the front.
It's been the same for years - very surprised that you and other posters haven't encountered it before tbh.

Mephisto Wed 16-Oct-19 15:54:02

I think @RushianDisney has it.

Aridane Wed 16-Oct-19 15:55:31

Gosh - I have never had that!

Loveislandaddict Wed 16-Oct-19 15:56:59

My thought was the same as Russian. Ie. Sellers put details on the parcel so they know what’s inside them.

Two - I’ve sold things on Ebay before and have never been asked what’s inside the parcel. How do they know it’s an Ebay parcel, and not a birthday present? The only time I give a description is when you have to fill in one of those little forms when sending things abroad.

Chickenitalia Wed 16-Oct-19 15:57:45

I’ve bought and sold lots on eBay and it depends on how the postage is done, some couriers will include the descriptions. Royal Mail certainly ask at the post office now. And on occasion when I’ve bought from amazon there’s been a message at checkout that the item will be in its original box only and to tick the box if you want it to be in hidden packaging. I seem to recall that companies specialising in ‘exotic goods’ keep it hidden. Just in case that worries you 😁

VickyEadieofThigh Wed 16-Oct-19 15:58:36

The post office always asks me what's in parcels at Xmas and then writes it on a label on the back.

RhubarbsBack Wed 16-Oct-19 15:58:51

'Tis a valid concern for Christmas when buying presents. I remember buying my ds a drum set and it arrived with DRUM SET written all over it.

Dahlietta Wed 16-Oct-19 16:05:11

I've had a few things arrive from Amazon which were just the thing, in its original box, with an address label on a small sticker in the top corner confused

Bluetrews25 Wed 16-Oct-19 16:05:15

You bought your DS a drum kit????

ThatMuppetShow Wed 16-Oct-19 16:16:27

I've had a few things arrive from Amazon which were just the thing, in its original box, with an address label on a small sticker in the top corner

same here! Either amazon doesn't package AT ALL, or use a fridge-sized box to send a toothbrush. I wish they could come up with a happy medium, I have to get all the kids gifts delivered to my office but it's a pain to bring them home after.

Dahlietta Wed 16-Oct-19 16:24:34

or use a fridge-sized box to send a toothbrush.

grin So true!

tinkering Wed 16-Oct-19 16:25:32

I send things to a friend in America (I’m in the U.K.) and have to state what is inside the package on a sticky label that they put on the parcel while in the post office. When she sends things back to me, there’s a label on the parcel saying what’s inside. I sell things through eBay to people also living here in the UK and there’ no label although they do ask what is inside.

itbemay Wed 16-Oct-19 16:26:25

I do this sometimes when selling stuff on ebay but I write what the item is on the back of the postage label so it isn't visible, however sometimes I have received parcels with the contents written on the outside, its not unusual.

BrendasUmbrella Wed 16-Oct-19 16:43:37

If sent from abroad it helps with customs (sometimes).

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