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To think 'what the HELL is wrong with you?'

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gwackywacky Wed 16-Oct-19 13:58:24

Re the makers of skittles. As in stop filling the packet with yellow orange and green ones, nobody wants that shit we're here for the red and purples. Why do they continue to do this?

Vilanelle Wed 16-Oct-19 13:59:23

Now I want skittles

QueenWhatevs Wed 16-Oct-19 14:01:22

Skittles are rank.

IamMadameX Wed 16-Oct-19 14:02:01

I love all skittles, infact the original ones are my least favourite ones now cause they keep bringing out new flavours

Skittle dips sound so wrong, sweets wrapped in yoghurt but my god I'm addicted

gwackywacky Wed 16-Oct-19 14:02:27

Skittles are the bomb - the way they juicily explode into your mouth, oooh BABY!

MrsTumbletap Wed 16-Oct-19 14:03:56

It's all about the reds and purples!

Same with pinballs, give me the greens!!!

FudgeBrownie2019 Wed 16-Oct-19 14:04:12

I only eat the green and yellow ones. The other colours are wrong and filthy.

AudacityOfHope Wed 16-Oct-19 14:04:33

Skittles are inexplicable.

The worst moment is when you go to a meeting and think they've put out jars of m&m's, grab a handful, and ewww fruity wet plaster in your mouth.

HouseworkAvoider10 Wed 16-Oct-19 14:04:48

I'll take the orange ones.

RolytheRhino Wed 16-Oct-19 14:05:04

I'm torn. Clearly you're correct regarding the reds, but purples are an abomination and I'd much rather have a nice green or orange.

gwackywacky Wed 16-Oct-19 14:05:36

High fiving you tumbletap. My dream would be a double sized skittles with the red and purple fused into one sensational flavour burst. I've finished my packet now, DP bought the kid sized packs :-I

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Wed 16-Oct-19 14:06:02

Yellow and green are my favourites.

AppropriateAdult Wed 16-Oct-19 14:06:13

The worst moment is when you go to a meeting and think they've put out jars of m&m's, grab a handful, and ewww fruity wet plaster in your mouth.

Where is this utopia you work? Are they hiring?

doodlejump1980 Wed 16-Oct-19 14:06:17

I always chomp my cheek when I’m eating skittles and the green ones make me choke on the acidity of them. But yes yes to the red and purple ones. Have you tried adding some to vodka and letting them sit for a week? Magic!! Skittles Vodka 😬

Drivemecrazy1974 Wed 16-Oct-19 14:06:30

I agree. In other news, Skittles make my teeth squeak for some bizarre reason! But, yes, definitely, should fill the bags with reds and purples, not green, orange and bloody yellow.
I couldn't even eat the Penguin bars that were in yellow or green wrappers when I was a kid, think this has developed into a kind of a 'thing' now I'm an adult!!

NeutralJanet Wed 16-Oct-19 14:06:47

Sweet heat skittles are the best, fight me.

gwackywacky Wed 16-Oct-19 14:07:01

@FudgeBrownie2019 You seem to be firmly alone in liking the yellow. Green and orange I will begrudgingly eat, yellow really angers me though. Not juicy or tart enough. Just a simpering tame lemonish flavour.

gwackywacky Wed 16-Oct-19 14:07:52

@Drivemecrazy1974 Holy shit me too! I also avoid citrus coloured wrappers even when its totally irrelevant

Digitalash Wed 16-Oct-19 14:08:32

Red and purple skittles are the only skittles the world needs. I hate it when I have a bag and get 3 red and the rest rubbish yellow and green sad

Digitalash Wed 16-Oct-19 14:08:59

So much so I don't buy skittles anymore because I can't handle the disappointment.

DaveMyHat Wed 16-Oct-19 14:09:04

Green are the best ones, followed by reds. Yellow are just about acceptable. Purple should not be there.

BrylcreamBeret Wed 16-Oct-19 14:09:17

The yogurt coated Skittles are vomit inducing. Who knew such a tiny thing could elicit such a reaction from a grown adult? grin

DaveMyHat Wed 16-Oct-19 14:10:22

I won't eat the purple ones.

SchrodingersMeowth Wed 16-Oct-19 14:10:39

I have a love/hate relationship with skittles. Tasty but they tear my mouth to shreds! It’s so sore!

Is this just me!?!

DaveMyHat Wed 16-Oct-19 14:11:50

Orange I forgot about. They're about half a mm better thAn yellow.

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