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To think she shouldn't get higher rate pip

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sunnydaysx Tue 15-Oct-19 19:10:49

My MIL receives pip because she has a bad back and asthma her daughter is down as her carer.
She hasn't had the central heating on in her home for more than 10 years and it's riddled with damp making the asthma worse...

Long story short she's not making her situation any better because she's not trying to get rid of the damp or taking most of her tablets she's meant to. Basically she's over exaggerating.

She is now writing to PIP to say she should be on the higher rate allowance because she has to keep going to hospital appointments and keeps coughing.

AIBU to think higher rate disability should be for people who actually can't move, talk, walk not somebody that can do her gardening, painting, wallpapering and just general everyday things shouldn't be entitled to it because they're playing on there illness or is it not my business?

I just think imo she shouldn't be entitled to higher rate and should be grateful she's even been awarded lower rate because she actually isn't disabled

AnneLovesGilbert Tue 15-Oct-19 19:13:14

It’s not your business. They don’t dish it out like sweets. Plenty of people have died while appealing benefits decisions.

NoSauce Tue 15-Oct-19 19:14:15

It’s none of your business, obviously.

iklboo Tue 15-Oct-19 19:14:52

I think you need to brush up on what counts as a disability.

AlphaJura Tue 15-Oct-19 19:15:30

Why isn't she putting the heating on? Is it because she can't afford it? Might be why she needs the higher rate of PIP.

It's not really any of your business but to get the higher rate they'd make her go for an assessment, get medical evidence and the interviews are notoriously tough. You have to score highly for mobility and care issues. Just because she's written to them, doesn't mean she'd get it. Many people have been declared fit when they had serious health problems so it's not easy to exaggerate.

hazell42 Tue 15-Oct-19 19:16:01

Wow, you're a peach.
None of your business.
It's a very stringent application process and if she isnt entitled she won't get it. But she IS entitled to ask for it.

Sunnydays999 Tue 15-Oct-19 19:16:18

To say she isn’t disabled is odd . She is clearly ill and struggling. How do you know the ins and outs of her illness ? If she keeps going to hospital she is clearly ill . Seems more to this and you just don’t like her

breakfastpizza Tue 15-Oct-19 19:18:12


SweetSummerchild Tue 15-Oct-19 19:20:11

She is now writing to PIP to say she should be on the higher rate

I am sure you are well aware that PIP doesn’t work like that. PIP assessments take into account medical evidence and assessors tend to take a very cynical view of what claimants ‘say’ they need. It’s quite hard to get, even with medical evidence.

If she is awarded, it will be because an assessor believes she is eligible on ‘most days’. That’s not really for you to question.

sunnydaysx Tue 15-Oct-19 19:20:16

She does cash in hand work but claims disability because she 'can't work'confused

bloodywhitecat Tue 15-Oct-19 19:20:26

Asthma certainly can be a disability, I have a 30m year old daughter who is chronically asthmatic, there are many times she cannot even get up the stairs without having to stop, she can't string two words together when she is really bad yet she holds county records for swimming and has represented our region in national triathlon events. YABU.

Butchyrestingface Tue 15-Oct-19 19:20:28

I just think imo she shouldn't be entitled to higher rate and should be grateful she's even been awarded lower rate because she actually isn't disabled

How do you work out she isn’t disabled? You a doctor? Her doctor?

Batshittery Tue 15-Oct-19 19:20:41

Mind your own business. YABU

TheQueef Tue 15-Oct-19 19:22:55

Nosey fucker aren't you?
While you are entitled to your opines, spewing them here is inviting mine and imo you are being a snidey weasel.

TheQueef Tue 15-Oct-19 19:24:14

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JanMeyer Tue 15-Oct-19 19:25:11

AIBU to think higher rate disability should be for people who actually can't move, talk, walk not somebody that can do her gardening, painting, wallpapering and just general everyday things shouldn't be entitled to it because they're playing on there illness or is it not my business?

You have no fucking clue about disability benefits that's for sure, people can get high rate PIP and be perfectly able to walk and talk. Like people with autism, learning disabilities or mental illness.
PIP isn't just for sick people you know. And don't worry, if she doesn't meet the criteria for high rate she won't get it. That is if your MIL exists at all, funny how benefit bashing posts always involve a bad back.
PIP is notoriously difficult to get, sometimes even for people with very obvious and severe disabilities. Having been through the process myself I wouldn't question someone else's award. It's not an easy process at all.

I just think imo she shouldn't be entitled to higher rate and should be grateful she's even been awarded lower rate because she actually isn't disabled

Oh yeah, and what qualifies you to make that assesment?
Seriously with your attitude and your disability spotting abilities you'd be a perfect fit for ATOS or Capita.

Broken11Girl Tue 15-Oct-19 19:25:52


DioneTheDiabolist Tue 15-Oct-19 19:26:23

You can think whatever you want about your MiL OP. Just as I can think whatever I want about you.

NoIDontWatchLoveIsland Tue 15-Oct-19 19:26:39

I get what you are saying OP. Despite the notoriously stringent assessments and appalling treatment of many genuine claimants, there continue to be people who game the system, and it's perfectly possible your MIL is one (although v unlikely, it's harder and harder to get away with).

But you (and I) will get a roasting for daring to suggest this on mnet. AIBU isn't kind on these sorts of topics, get your big girl pants on and face the storm.

TheFairyCaravan Tue 15-Oct-19 19:29:26

She does cash in hand work but claims disability because she 'can't work'confused

She could be on the highest rate of PIP and still work 40 hrs a week. Claiming PIP doesn't mean you can't work.

JanMeyer Tue 15-Oct-19 19:29:55

She does cash in hand work but claims disability because she 'can't work

Anyone can claim PIP, it's not a benefit for people who can't work. A person can be eligible for PIP and able to work. PIP is meant for the extra costs of being disabled, being able to claim it enables a lot of disabled people to be able to work.
This is like playing benefits bingo, we've already got a bad back, not "really disabled," cash in hand work and an OP that seems not to understand that PIP is not an out of work benefit. Wonder what trope I'll get to cross off next. 😡😁

GingersAreLush Tue 15-Oct-19 19:30:11

PIP isn’t means tested. It’s also not a piece of piss to get awarded it. Aside from that it’s none of your business. Keep your beak out.

Amortentia Tue 15-Oct-19 19:30:55

Good luck to her if she can get it. I’ve got a disabled daughter who will probably never live independently, since moving from DLA to pip according to the DWP she’s been magically cured of her genetic condition. Were having to fight it out to get her benefits reinstated. I applaud anyone who can get anything from the DWP.

Fairylea Tue 15-Oct-19 19:31:36

Maybe she can’t afford to have her heating on and if she had the higher amount she could?

I claim pip. I don’t tell anyone I do in real life because of people like you. I have a hidden disability and on a good day you’d never think I had anything “wrong” with me. One of the things I claim for is asthma - I also have Addison’s, thyroid, pituitary issues and anaemia.

I think you just need to keep quiet to be honest.

GrumpyHoonMain Tue 15-Oct-19 19:31:47

Disability PIP is calculated based on your worst days not your best. I know people with MS and Arthritis who look like they’re in perfect health on their best days but struggle to even have a bath by themselves during their worst. I would suggest that if your DH is unwilling to care for his mum then you need to mind your own business - let her and her daughter handle it

Fairylea Tue 15-Oct-19 19:32:33

Oh and my son gets high rate dla for severe autism. He also has a blue badge. You don’t have a clue about it all really.

Dontlikeoranges Tue 15-Oct-19 19:32:56

Wow. Aren't you just a peach? As a chronic asthmatic I'd just like to say fuck you.

theunknownknown Tue 15-Oct-19 19:34:06

She does cash in hand work but claims disability because she 'can't work

Educate yourself - PIP or DLA is not awarded because you 'can't' work. Many people who are claiming can work.
It is a phenomenally difficult 'benefit' to get with a very low rate of fraud.
You'd probably judge my autistic son who gets it. And works.
People like you disgust me.

TheMonkeyWhale Tue 15-Oct-19 19:35:20

I bet higher rate PIP. I work full time. I can on a good day run 15k. On a bad day I’m in ITU in life support (56 days of ITU I think the last two years).

TheMonkeyWhale Tue 15-Oct-19 19:36:39

I am so thankful you are not on my HR team or my line manager.

RubyMurrayCat Tue 15-Oct-19 19:39:36

Pip isn't means tested and is very difficult to get.

fruitinaheapisnotabirthdaycake Tue 15-Oct-19 19:39:41

I don't think she will get higher rate pip. My dp gets pip and he has days where he is practically house bound and currently going through the wheelchair assessment process. He uses a mobility scooter when shopping and cannot walk long distances due to severe backs, leg and shoulder issues. In fact the assessing doctor was shocked that he hadn't applied for pip years ago.
He gets middle rate pip.
Higher pip is for severe severe disabilities and war injuries.

x2boys Tue 15-Oct-19 19:42:59

Just because she's written to the DWP I assume for a change in circumstances doesn't mean she will be awarded the highest rate ,it's not her or you it's the decision maker .

Hopoindown31 Tue 15-Oct-19 19:44:09

None of your business so beak out would be a good idea. It's not like the PIP assessors are renowned for their generous natures anyway.

Iwantacookie Tue 15-Oct-19 19:45:52

Do you know how scary it is to have a pip assessment. Knowing you only have a small window of time to try to convince a total stranger that all your medical letters etc are enough to qualify you for the benefit.
Then another 2-5 years later same thing again and again.
If shes been awarded pip she bloody well deserves it.

Idontwanttotalk Tue 15-Oct-19 19:47:28

You are showing your complete ignorance of the system. It is difficult to get a PIP award. If your MIL gets it she will have provided details of the functional areas she has difficulty in and she will have provided evidence to support her claim. DWP don't just believe what people tell them.

The only way she can obtain a higher award is if she provides evidence that she has deteriorated in her functional abilities.

It will not be based on increased hospital appointments or if a cough she has is worse. It is based on the inability or reduced ability to carry out specific functions due to the illness.

However, you also have a skewed idea of disability if you think the higher award should just be for those who can't move, walk or talk. Many people with mental illnesses are classed as disabled because they cannot function in many regards.

Also, she may have other unseen or less seen illnesses that you are not aware of.

NoSauce Tue 15-Oct-19 19:49:01

Did you NC for this OP or have you just joined MN to post such a goady thread??

Breathlessness Tue 15-Oct-19 19:49:05

Jog on

puppyconfetti Tue 15-Oct-19 19:49:26

YABVVVVVU to think you can decide what enchanted rate pip should be awarded for.

Pardonwhat Tue 15-Oct-19 19:49:54

I’ve not read your post as it doesn’t matter.

The hoops that someone has to jump through to get PIP are ridiculous.

Mind your own business.

IHaveBrilloHair Tue 15-Oct-19 19:50:06

I get higher rate, I have asthma, SVT and severe osteoporosis.
I can walk, just not not far, and at my worst am in hospital, ITU/HDU if really bad, and worse it runs in families and my 18yr old has it too.
I can prove every thing I need to, but even then it's still not easy, they messed me about for months at my last renewal which is still only for three years, even though two conditions are degenerative, and the heart surgery I had this summer didn't work.
I'm sure plenty of people think I make it up, but I don't share full details with them because I don't have to, the same people I've heard bitching about my adapted house and mobility car, I have them because I need them.

Maxineputyourredshoeson Tue 15-Oct-19 19:51:01

@ fruitinaheapisnotabirthdaycake I’m genuinely not having a go, but you are mistaken. I’m in receipt of higher rate PIP, both components and my illness are not as you described. Also, there is no such thing as middle rate on PIP it’s either standard or higher rate. As I said, I’m just clarifying some points as there are lots of common misconceptions out there. I genuinely wish your husband well flowers

OP - I’m lost for words, I really am. My initial reaction was to come in all guns blazing but, what’s the point? You obviously have issues with what your MIL claims and as a previous poster said, just because she has contacted them it doesn’t mean to say she’ll get higher rate, in fact she may have her award removed completely but I guess you’d like that.

I have been ill for 6yrs and have had to fight tooth and nail for everything I’m entitled to. I’ve had numerous reports from people in real life made about me to DWP etc because I’m a youngish person with two children who looks okay. These people do not see what my life is like on a daily basis and quite honestly I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy.

Drogosnextwife Tue 15-Oct-19 19:52:21

Maybe she can't afford to put the heating on. Also do you know how much it costs to fix a damp problem? Putting the heating on doesn't fix the problem and if she's in a council house, they won't fix it because they really don't give a shit. Basically keep your beak out.

longwayoff Tue 15-Oct-19 19:53:30

You sound extremely unpleasant. Are you a doctor? No? Then do what you should. Mind your own business. And hope you never find yourself in a similar situation. I doubt her situation is what she dreamed of at your age.

lunar1 Tue 15-Oct-19 19:55:27

Who needs enemies with a DIL like you!

Walnutwhipster Tue 15-Oct-19 19:56:26

Did you just post to be a goady fucker? Under your rules I wouldn't be entitled to PIP but I'm assessed at the highest rate on both care and mobility. It's pricks like you that question why I have blue badges and use them.

fluffymuggle Tue 15-Oct-19 19:58:29

I get where you’re coming from OP - my FIL has terminal cancer and has been refused PIP because he can get to the interview.

NotACleverName Tue 15-Oct-19 19:58:45

'I really don't like my MIL' is six words, OP.

Idontwanttotalk Tue 15-Oct-19 19:59:40


"Higher pip is for severe severe disabilities and war injuries."
Whatever award you receive is based purely on your ability to carry out specific functions in terms of daily living and mobility. War injuries may mean you have reduced or no ability to carry out those specific functions but is not a reason to award the higher rate per se.

alittlequinnie Tue 15-Oct-19 20:01:02

If she isn't entitled to PIP OP then when she asks to be reassessed they will refuse her the award.

I do PIP applications as part of my job. At the moment I have 100% rate of getting the award for my clients - however, sometimes that is AFTER mandatory reconsideration AND tribunal.

Government are doing their upmost to stop PIP - if she's getting it she deserves it. You are downright nasty!

... for your information you can get the highest rate of mobility on PIP even if you have no problems walking at all - you can get it for "journey planning" for instance - so if your mental health is such that you cannot follow a map or a bus route etc you will get it - just an example of the way PIP works.

WiddlinDiddlin Tue 15-Oct-19 20:01:26

Mind your own business.

Worst case scenario, shes a fraudulent fucker, but disability benefit fraud still makes up a miniscule percentage of benefit fraud.

However people being hypervigilant nosey parkers and casting aspersions is doing real damage for all the really truly disabled people.

Best case scenario if she is pushing her luck.. she will get caught.

Any time you inform DWP of a change in your condition you can be reassessed, so if shes telling them she is worse they will want to come see her, (ideally they will do a home visit!) and she actually stands to lose the LOT.

This is a cunning plan designed to prevent people from claiming more as they wait until they are almost dying before informing DWP of any chances for fear of losing their benefits.

Jollitwiglet Tue 15-Oct-19 20:01:28

You can claim PIP and work.

I think you need to look into what PIP is and why it is awarded and keep your fucking beak out

Drogosnextwife Tue 15-Oct-19 20:01:41

I always find it strange when people complain about others in receipt of benifits, it's like they are jealous. Don't be jealous of someone on disability benifits, they really would rather they didn't have to claim. As someone who used to receive benifits, I can tell you it's not something people feel proud of, infact people feel ashamed to admit it. They shouldn't but that's the way society makes them feel. I now work, I earn an OK living. I can assure you I would much rather be working my ass off than claiming benifits again. It always makes me sad when someone comes on to complain about how much disability benifit someone they know is receiving, it's NOT something to be envious of!

Littlechocola Tue 15-Oct-19 20:02:15

I feel sorry for you op. What a way to live.

lilabet2 Tue 15-Oct-19 20:06:11

PIP is awarded for care needs (washing, dressing, preparing food, dealing with financial affairs, coping with other people) and mobility needs (two aspects: 1. getting to and from destinations without overhwelming discomfort or distress; 2. physical mobility).

If your MIL has difficulty with the above activities then she can be entitled to PIP. She doesn't need to be a double amputee or paraplegic.

Idontwanttotalk Tue 15-Oct-19 20:09:56


"I get where you’re coming from OP - my FIL has terminal cancer and has been refused PIP because he can get to the interview.'
I'm sory about your FIL. Has the decision been appealed?

At some point in his illness he will clearly get to the stage where he cannot carry out daily living functions. If a claimant is terminally ill and has, I think 6 months left to live, then I think you can make a fasttrack claim and the award will be automatic.

Not any use necessarily now but, the family may be grateful of the extra money when the time comes, to pay for additional assistance in the home.

GrimalkinsCrone Tue 15-Oct-19 20:15:23

So with your shocking, ignorant attitudes, do you work for the job centre? Or are you a PIP assessor? Or just an unpleasant person.

Raspberrytruffle Tue 15-Oct-19 20:19:13


SuperMeerkat Tue 15-Oct-19 20:20:22

None of your business. Keep your beak out.

iklboo Tue 15-Oct-19 20:20:41

Oooh. Benefits basher, drip feed AND a MIL! Do I win the thread bingo?

Elieza Tue 15-Oct-19 20:27:32

I get where you are coming from. A place that it seems unfair that someone hides the things that they can do and exaggerates the things they can’t do in order to claim benefits they wouldn’t be entitled to if they told the truth. This is benefit fraud.

As opposed to people who are being honest about their disabilities and claiming benefits. Many of who deserve so very much more.

It gets me too that the liars and cheats get away with stealing from the pot which is now much smaller once they’ve taken from it, with so many disabled people who desperately need help from it.

I feel the same.

I have a hidden disability which colours every day if my life. It’s been the best thing I’ve ever had as it’s taught me so much, and the worst thing as it nearly destroyed me. It’s a fluctuating condition which is notoriously difficult to claim benefits for so I haven’t tried. I just work part time and live on a pittance.

I have a friend who pretends to use a walking stick so they qualify for more benefits. They were out building a wall for someone as a homer last week. They could get a job but they don’t need to if they lie about the extent of their mobility issues and get extra money coming in. It’s just so wrong.

OhMsBeliever Tue 15-Oct-19 20:28:49

My son gets higher rate PIP. He can (and does) walk for miles. The thing is he's very nearly an adult, but he can't actually go out and walk all those miles alone because of his autism and learning disabilities.

So he doesn't "look" disabled, but he can't be left alone, and can't go out alone. It may look like I do nothing as his carer, as he's at school all day, but I can't work because I still need to do the school run and look after him in the holidays. No after school or holiday care for disabled teens.

But you know, go on believing anyone who can walk doesn't deserve Higher rate PIP.

LonginesPrime Tue 15-Oct-19 20:36:36

She is now writing to PIP to say she should be on the higher rate

So leave it to the professionals - it's not up you!

Livelovebehappy Tue 15-Oct-19 21:21:35

Going through the assessment for higher rate pip is gruelling and difficult to get, which is as it should be to ensure only the most needy get it. So I really wouldn’t worry about your mil falsely getting it. It would be pretty much impossible!

TestingTestingWonTooFree Tue 15-Oct-19 21:31:16

Disability PIP is calculated based on your worst days not your best.
That’s not right. If anything, it’s based on average days.

Anyway, not to worry OP, the assessor will probably take it all away and her plan will have backfired hmm

Mumanddad7 Tue 15-Oct-19 21:36:41

You really ought to mind your own damn business. Why not try helping them by educating yourself on these issues and then advise them accordingly??

So glad I dont have anyone like you in my life 'helping' me.

SinkGirl Tue 15-Oct-19 21:42:52

If she gets PIP at all, she’s disabled. I know many people with severe chronic illnesses who’ve been refused. I know someone with cerebral palsy who visibly struggles to walk who was refused. She must have medical evidence and a medical assessment must have been convinced that she is severely impacted to get even lower rate PIP.

She won’t get higher rate unless it’s warranted, and asking them to review her award could mean it’s taken away altogether.

JenniferM1989 Tue 15-Oct-19 22:02:52

It's not strictly true what people are saying about how she must have went through vigorous assessments in order to get PIP. If she's a long time claimant, she would have gotten DLA before and may well have been moved over to PIP without an assessment as many were. It's totally new claimants for PIP that tend to get put through the mill with these assessments but also some long time claimants of DLA too, it just depends who they pick to assess.

It was well known that it was notoriously easy to claim DLA and many people were able to convince a GP they were basically at deaths door and the GP would would write a line. There was thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people on DLA for life with the story of the bad back. This is no more with new claimants now that PIP is here. It also means that some people who are genuine, aren't getting an award either. Don't be fooled though, some of these bad back chancers have slipped through the net and are now on PIP.

To me, if her asthma is that bad, she should turn the heating on. Perhaps she can't afford to? If she isn't getting the state pension yet or the fuel allowance and lives off PIP and the cash in hand job, she probably doesn't have the extra money for the heating. I think it's unlikely she would choose to have it off when it would make her ill. She does have a recognised condition though which is asthma and depending on how severe it is, it makes her disabled. That along with a back problem makes her eligible. At least she isn't just saying oh I've a bad back and this renders me totally unable, she does have another condition as well. She also has to think ahead about retirement when she won't be able to work cash in hand because she will be totally unable as a pensioner with asthma and a back problem.

Just leave her be. She isn't taking anything from anyone and she isn't faking an illness in any way. If she's a woman in her 50's or 60's with asthma and a bad back, she is entitled to it

SinkGirl Tue 15-Oct-19 22:13:54

If she's a long time claimant, she would have gotten DLA before and may well have been moved over to PIP without an assessment as many were

She would have been reassessed by now. Lifetime DLA awards were stopped. Everyone I know who was on DLA has been reassessed for PIP, even those who had lifetime DLA awards, and some of them were refused PIP completely.

JanMeyer Tue 15-Oct-19 22:16:20

There was thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people on DLA for life with the story of the bad back. This is no more with new claimants now that PIP is here.

Thanks to people like you who believe that bullshit there's also thousands of people with lifelong conditions such as autism (people like me) who lost the security that a lifetime award of DLA provided. Now we get reassessed every two/three/five years. You know, just in case my autism gets magically cured and I suddenly gain the ability to live independently 😡😡
And it doesn't just affect the person getting DLA/PIP either when Atos miraculously cure them of their lifelong condition. I lose PIP, (i got it back after a tribunal) my mother loses carer's allowance and income support. Our entire lives get fucked up just because some Capita "assessor" lied through their teeth about my autism. Oh but it's ok because the DWP apologised afterwards 😡 All they had to do was tell the fucking truth in the first place.

People love to bang on about how "loads of people were on DLA for life" and PIP has stopped that, completely ignoring the fact that not every person claiming DLA had a lifetime award. The way people talj you'd think 2/3/5 year DLA awards didn't exist - they did.
But then again most of the people running their mouth about this subject know fuck all about it. People like you and your "hundreds of thousands pretending to have a bad back."

Graphista Tue 15-Oct-19 22:29:27

Ugh benefits bashers!

It's incredibly hard to claim disability benefits, in my experience it has been for the last decade. Certainly everyone I know has not been automatically switched to pip from DLA and I've just spent a month of 3-4 hours a day completing my own application for pip which I'm now nervously awaiting the result of.

I'm housebound agoraphobic among other things so couldn't attend an assessment and even a home assessment would be problematic at best.

In addition I hope you're not going around in real life telling people she's working 'cash in hand' unless you are absolutely certain that you are correct that she's paying no tax or NI and neither is her employer as accusations like that can close businesses. Being paid in cash DOESN'T necessarily mean it's "cash in hand".

Plus even if she's on ESA which is the income based/means tested disability benefit she could be working too as there's "permitted work" which means people on that benefit can work a little (there's a cap on hours/earnings) in certain jobs.

I've actually been discussing the possibility of doing some work myself with my advisor as a result of doing the pip form. She got to know me quite well as a result and has made some suggestions based on my work background and current circumstances and she's sent me some links to peruse including the permitted work guidelines

So before you malign this woman (who your husband at least must love whatever your issues with her) be 100% sure you have your facts straight certainly before opening your gob in real life.

It's really none of your business and you're likely only seeing part of her circumstances anyway.

Nobody apart from my mum, dd and best friend knows the full extent of my issues, much of which are very embarrassing nor does ANYONE know my full financial circumstances aside from when necessary bloody dwp it's nobody's business!

She may not be able to afford the heating on, another possibility is that depending on the exact presentation of the asthma, the damp and what type of heating it may exacerbate the asthma and THATS why she's not turning it on.

One place I lived it was supposedly central heating but it was these weird connected "blowers" in each room which really dried the whole place out and exacerbated mine and dds asthma. I ended up not using the central heating but getting a calor gas for the living room and halogens for the bedrooms. Hated it.

So check before you mouth off.

JenniferM1989 Tue 15-Oct-19 22:32:21

JanMayer, you may have autism but it doesn't give you the right to speak to people like shit, put words in their mouth and make up your own version of what they wrote.

I stated a fact. People were claiming DLA falsely, ALOT of people. Does this mean I condone the change and the scrutiny of PIP because I stated that fact? No, I don't condone it. I have a son with autism so keep your assumptions about who I am and what I know to yourself.

SamMit19 Tue 15-Oct-19 22:40:07

As someone with an 'invisible' disability, in receipt of PIP, I completely agree that is absolutely none of your business. God forbid you are ever in the situation where you are in severe pain and someone who should be supporting you is taking to the Internet to voice her disbelief in your condition.

JanMeyer Tue 15-Oct-19 22:57:36

I stated a fact. People were claiming DLA falsely, ALOT of people

Yeah, according to you and the Tories. And I'll speak to you anyway I please. You have a disabled child and you spread mistruths about disability benefits, says a lot about you. And I didn't make any assumptions, did I? You came out with the daily mail "hundreds of thousands of people with bad backs faking it to get DLA" crap. You said that. No assumption necessary to judge what kind of person you are.

Pilky48 Tue 15-Oct-19 23:05:35

My daughter is a chronic asthmatic. She is on steroid inhalers and was admitted to hospital as her lungs collapsed . She is also red raw with eczema. She also suffers bad depression
She isn't entitled to PIP. Sickens me that people cant lie about how bad their illness is to defraud the government

Andsoltbegins Tue 15-Oct-19 23:12:11

I know someone who does similar. Outright lies. Wastes nhs resources with fake ‘funny turns’ and feels they need to have an admission or an ambulance called every few weeks to keep up the pretence. It’s got to the point where it’s absolutely completely ridiculous.
For all the lies and the gloating about it and how she laughed and did the impression of how she behaved at her interview (deliberate slurring and limping using crutches etc) is clearly someone so mentall I’ll and deranged who has made a career from faking illness and it’s awful.
Others who know within the family have said to me why don’t I call as I have what they call evidence (photos family videos etc etc) and I won’t. I don’t because it’s so bad what’s been going on but she has children and I think she would be made an example of.
I have tried to suggest it’s not the best way and that’s the most I’m prepared to do and now keep my distance as I’m sure at some point it will all be found out
You need to just set it aside OP there’s nothing you cannot should do in this situation

JaceLancs Tue 15-Oct-19 23:15:15

So many myths on here
Your MIL will be assessed as will everyone claiming PIP and will probably be asked to go for a medical
The report along with her claim form and any medical evidence will form the basis for her claim - not what you think
I work full time and claim PIP - you wouldn’t know my disabilities from seeing me
PIP allows me to pay for extra help I need and therapy - it allows me to work, maintain my dignity and respect and be a useful member of society
I also help people who are worse off than me
What is your claim to fame OP?

EnthusiasmIsDisturbed Tue 15-Oct-19 23:47:32

You obviously have no idea how difficult it is to get PIP she isn’t going to have her payments increased just best she feels they should be.

She will need to provide support from either a nurse or doctor for her increased claim and then often assessed by an independent assessor

The paperwork is really in-depth and as much as someone might lie on an application a professional isn’t going to so they would be caught out

Obviously she is entitled to PIP and she maybe entitled to higher payments

IfOnlyOurEyesSawSouls Tue 15-Oct-19 23:56:33

I have higher PIP.

I can move , talk & walk . I work bloody hard at it , it's exhausting . I look "fine" , I certainly don't feel it.

You sound so very ignorant i pity you.

Plumnora Tue 15-Oct-19 23:57:24

Yes. I think YABU. Why are young so bothered? Why isn’t she switching the heating on? Is it because she’s cant afford it?? Have you offered to help her? If it makes you feel better, she’s almost certainly going to ne refused the higher rate. I know someone with MS who is currently fighting to get PIP after being told they are not entitled to it. I get that your mil might not be an easy person to get on with with and it may be frustrating to see, but if you can’t be kind, at least try and understand.

Nat6999 Wed 16-Oct-19 02:10:04

If you saw me sat down or in my car you wouldn't think anything was wrong with me. But see me stood up or trying to walk & you would see that I limp badly, walk slowly, have poor balance & can't walk more than about 10 feet without stopping. You don't see the fact that it can take me an hour to get out of bed, go to the toilet & get washed, then another hour to get dressed & brush my hair. You don't see the strong painkillers I have to take every day, the sleeping tablets, the antidepressants, the nights I can't sleep from pain & intrusive thoughts. What I am trying to say is that all you know is that your mil has a bad back & asthma, you don't really know how much they affect her, you don't see how long it takes her to get up & ready in a morning or what medication she takes & if the doctor has warned her that her condition is likely to get worse, you only know what you have been told. The DWP don't award PIP for nothing, any claimant has to go through a rigorous assessment process, jump through many hoops before it is awarded. People like you are disgusting, you accuse innocent people whose only crime is to suffer poor health & disability of faking their condition. I would love you to have to go through the assessment process whilst still having to manage often severe health conditions which is even harder with the decline of the NHS. You make me sick to the back teeth.

WagtailRobin Wed 16-Oct-19 02:16:18

She can claim PIP and still be in full time employment, PIP (and the legacy benefit of DLA) doesn't prevent people from working, it isn't that type of benefit.

Nevertheless, I think you're coming across really "catty", it isn't any of your business and I don't understand why you'd meddle in your husband's mother's financial affairs, you may not like her but out of respect for your husband stay out of it, that would be my opinion anyway.

Have you nothing to occupy your own life with?

SimplySteveRedux Wed 16-Oct-19 03:15:55

* for your information you can get the highest rate of mobility on PIP even if you have no problems walking at all*

Quite - DP is blind and received higher mobility due to this.

And as someone with over 50 inpatient attendances, numerous chronic issues, and a wheelchair user, I'd like to add my own "fuck you" to the naysayers detailing how "easy" PIP is to get.

Banaleaf Wed 16-Oct-19 03:25:01

YABU, she has been assessed by someone a lot more qualified than you, and believe me it's very difficult to get PIP anyway, so if your MIL has been awarded it then she had met the criteria for it.

Banaleaf Wed 16-Oct-19 03:44:33

@JanMeyer you speak to people like this normally? I think not. Wind your neck in

JanMeyer Wed 16-Oct-19 06:04:37


If someone is talking bullshit about DLA, then yes I'd speak to them that way, whether in real life or online. I'm always going to call out people who spout daily mail headlines and their mythical "hundreds of thousands of people faking it to get DLA" crap. Always. And I'm not going to apologise for that, nor for my bluntness. My autism makes me very blunt and direct and in a normal social situation I do my best to moderate that. But not towards people who talk bullshit about autism or disability benefits. Why should I be pleasant or polite to such people?

curatalo Wed 16-Oct-19 09:52:41

Do you see her everyday? Do you know her struggles? I too receive pip and at times I can do some gardening and maybe paint. But most days, the days ppl don't see me I'm in agony. My nieghbors might say the same with me because they only see me on good days. Let me tell you unless you walk in her shoes keep your nose outta her beeswax. Why don't you offer help instead of trying to stitch her up

user1495029371 Wed 16-Oct-19 10:19:13

Sorry but this is 100% none of your business! People who get the higher rate of pip actually need it. My neighbour gets the higher rate and he can walk, talk even do cartwheels....He has the higher rate because at 51 years old he is waiting for a liver transplant and has an auto immune disease not being funny but keep your nose out of things that don't concern you

Cryalot2 Wed 16-Oct-19 10:30:06

I only wish pip was so easy to get. I was turned down for mobility I used a stick and had a fall in with the interviewer. A week later I was given a rollator!
People wrongly assume that I get high rate mobility when I get none.
Yes it does get to me when I see ones playing the systeme . Have a wheelchair swearing they cannot move unaided. Reality the kids use wheelchair as a gocart and they drive arround in a paid for car , smoking and drinking and doing things I could never because of my health.

SerendipityJane Wed 16-Oct-19 10:33:45

PIP is awarded for extra costs of being lucky enough to have some form of disability. It has nothing whatsoever to do with how much a person has in savings or does or does not earn.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is a thick, ignorant busybody who would be far better of concentrating on making themselves a decent human being, rather than sticking their warty goady noses into other humans lives.

My advice to the OP is to go out and try and make someones life better for a change. The world is waiting.

elliejjtiny Wed 16-Oct-19 10:35:14

I don't know much about PIP but I think it's similar to DLA which I do know quite a bit about.

A bad back and asthma can mean a huge variety of things. You can have the odd twinge in your back and occasionally have to use a blue inhaler. Or you could be paralysed with a spinal injury and on continuous oxygen. I don't know where on that spectrum your MIL is so no idea what, if any PIP she should be getting.
You don't get PIP just by asking for it, if only it was that simple. My six year old has a cleft lip/palate, glue ear, speech delay, learning difficulties, rumination syndrome, ehlers danlos syndrome, hydrocephalus and hypotonia. He has had over 20 operations and spent more than 30 nights in hospital. He is not disabled enough to get any DLA at all.

SuperMumTum Wed 16-Oct-19 10:36:19

None of your business obviously.

myrtleWilson Wed 16-Oct-19 10:45:06

Benefit bashing, Mil bashing and no posting history, well colour me surprised

IHaveBrilloHair Wed 16-Oct-19 10:47:10

I have a wheelchair, can't remember the last time I used it.
I got so sick of stares, comments, of it being a Pita, and the fact that a lot of time I've no one to push me, I just don't go out if I need it, yet to people who see me about, but don't know me, they'd swear blind I don't need it and use my "paid for", car instead.
No one knows I cancelled a night out last week, I've no idea if I'll make my night out tonight, or trip out on Sunday, (had to cancel last Sunday too, lungs were fine heart went mad)
People see very little of my day to day health, sometimes I tell no one, and because I live alone, no one sees.
Oh, and I'm currently chatting online to my Dd who is, at 18, seeing her asthma consultant and is terrified she'll end up like me, at least I got to 31 before I got ill.
A life on disability benefits isn't great, that said, sometimes I have fun, and do nice things and I have the bitchy comments about that too, and how the taxpayer funds them, can't win really.

IHaveBrilloHair Wed 16-Oct-19 10:50:17

My bad back came from breaking five bones in it, and damaging a six, caused by high dose steroids I took for years to treat my brittle asthma.
Fuck knows where the SVT came from!

SerendipityJane Wed 16-Oct-19 10:51:41

If someone is talking bullshit about DLA, then yes I'd speak to them that way, whether in real life or online. I'm always going to call out people who spout daily mail headlines and their mythical "hundreds of thousands of people faking it to get DLA" crap.

Feel free to save and repost this graphic wherever you need, asking people who read it to answer the question it asks.

Just before you tell them to fuck off ... sort of:

Why don't you have a look at this ... and then fuck off ?

(Notice how much unclaimed benefits are running at ...)

AmIAWeed Wed 16-Oct-19 11:04:42

@SerendipityJane that infographic is really interesting - from my own perspective due to a miscalculation in tax credits and how they were handled I ended up with my parents taking out a loan and me repaying for 3 years. When that loan was paid I cancelled my tax credits claim even though I was still entitled as I was terrified of the same issue happening again.
I wonder how many others don't claim out of fear of them being paid wrong?
Of course if everyone who should claim did there would be a deficit.
I would much rather the outrage of people is aimed at companies not paying their taxes and a tightening up on laws around ltd companies going bankrupt when owing thousands in tax. Get rid of the loop holes and come down hard

ffswhatnext Wed 16-Oct-19 11:15:19

I was amazed when I was awarded Esa. I didn't think I qualified. It was my work coach who suggested it along with PIP.
It wasn't just me saying right, I want those now.
They didn't just read the claim and say oh ok.
They accessed my medical files. They talked to me and after I left I convinced myself that I was right, I wasn't eligible.
People who look at me when I am out would be outraged if they knew I get the higher amount. Because to look at me, there is nothing wrong.

You don't know what is going on in peoples lives. I don't tell people all about me.

SerendipityJane Wed 16-Oct-19 11:37:33

@SerendipityJane that infographic is really interesting

Not to hordes of MNetters who have ignored it when it's been posted, refused to answer the question it asks, and then carry on about how everybody on benefits is on the fiddle.

I posted it in a similar thread a few weeks ago. Nobody answered the question then, either. And there were hundreds of posts after it.

People don't want to learn. People don't want to be educated. They just want to judge, and have confirmation in that judgement. Even (or especially) when they are wrong.

headinhands Wed 16-Oct-19 11:53:40

AIBU to think higher rate disability should be for people who actually can't move, talk,

How did you arrive at this conclusion? What's the actual criteria as opposed to what a mumsnetter thinks? Just out of interest, how did you vote on the referendum? 😂

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