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To wear leggings to DD's University Graduation?

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OneToughMudderFudder Tue 15-Oct-19 10:17:10

Big row this morning as DD wants me to wear a bloody evening dress like she is hmm.

I'd planned to wear my new knee high brown boots, camel knee length coat with a black polo neck and leggings underneath.

DH (who is wearing a suit) and DD are horrified. It's a daytime ceremony.

Who's BU?

angieloumc Sat 19-Oct-19 12:28:43

LaLoba what a bizarre statement.

AlexaAmbidextra Sat 19-Oct-19 12:44:22

I’m sure I’ve given you plenty to work with. 😂

Well no, you really haven’t. hmm

ShadowOnTheSun Sat 19-Oct-19 13:02:00

Evening dress for a daytime ceremony is over the top, but I would have been absolutely mortified if my mother showed up at my graduation in leggings and polo neck. Daughter in a gown, husband in a suit and mum in leggings? How embarrassing. Just NO.

SweetLathyrus Sat 19-Oct-19 14:21:00

Make sure whatever you wear you can peel off a few layers, I find those occasions unbearably hot!

If OP was where I think she was, no one will have seen anything other than her coat - and that's inside! And the ground was so muddy, Muck Boots would would have been most appropriate!

Was it in a cathedral OP?

Elbowedout Sun 20-Oct-19 05:25:57

@DeeCeeCherry I would have been mortified if my parents actually needed to voice the concept that decent people show appreciation for what others do for them. I can think of thousands of things I would have preferred to do than endure my graduation but my terrible Me Me Me parents wanted me to go. So I decided to demonstrate some gratitude and do something that made them happy instead of throwing a wobbler about it being my day.
In the OPs place I would probably pick a different outfit for tge sake of a quiet life but I don't think her daughter has the right to demand her mother wears something that she is uncomfortable in. Respect works both ways and there should be compromise.

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