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Sushi when pregnant - can I?

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wondering7777 Mon 14-Oct-19 19:54:47

I’m currently on holiday in the USA and have found a sushi restaurant with rave reviews that I would love to try. However, I’m also 11 weeks pregnant. Can I go for it or is it too much of a risk?

I know this isn’t technically an AIBU but am posting here in the hope of a quick response!

Expressedways Mon 14-Oct-19 21:30:39

I wouldn’t in the US. It’s not always frozen like it is in the U.K. and doctors advise against it. Unless you’re ok with sticking to veggie options then I’d pick somewhere else for dinner.
(And I would eat it happily in the UK, just not in the US.)

00100001 Mon 14-Oct-19 21:32:35

What's wrong with US sushi???

fishybits Mon 14-Oct-19 21:37:58

I did, it was my craving. I used to drive 2 hours to the nearest Yo Sushi and gorge myself.

Happy days 🍣🍣

fishybits Mon 14-Oct-19 21:38:23

I did, it was my craving. I used to drive 2 hours to the nearest Yo Sushi and gorge myself.

Happy days!

wondering7777 Mon 14-Oct-19 23:30:09

Could it potentially harm the baby or just me? If the latter then I think I’d be happy to take the risk. Also, I’ve never been ill from eating sushi before so why would I suddenly get food poisoning/worms from it now that I’m pregnant? confused

EstebanTheMagnificent Mon 14-Oct-19 23:45:43

Your immune system is suppressed in pregnancy and you are more susceptible to infections.

Ask the restaurant if they freeze their fish but don’t let on that you’re pregnant as they might refuse to serve you.

MissPepper8 Mon 14-Oct-19 23:50:38


It would harm both of you (So if you got sick it's a dehydration worry, not sure about the parasite side of it really.. I know it's tape and round worms you can get and then if it's frozen I assume they get killed off during this process).

It's a risk I guess but like others have said why can't you just ask if it's been frozen first? Ring or email them.

EstebanTheMagnificent Mon 14-Oct-19 23:54:23

PS regardless of whether or not it is frozen don’t have swordfish, shark, or marlin, and limit your consumption of tuna, due to high mercury levels.

GrumpyHoonMain Tue 15-Oct-19 00:31:03

Most of the parasites in sushi would harm you and the baby. You also have to watch out for listeria in the USA as they have far laxer rules around cheese production. So hard cheeses can have a lot more water content and be open for listeria infection. If in doubt ask someone before eating

GrimDamnFanjo Tue 15-Oct-19 00:45:18

Speak to the restaurant. However I would assume that an established sushi restaurant would take the prep and hygiene extremely seriously.

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